Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android

Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android

As one of the best cellphone brands in the world, the advantages of iPhone compared to Android cellphones are of course many. What are the advantages of the iPhone compared to Android? Here is the list:

1. Build Quality and Better Design

The iPhone design has always had its own characteristics. Since the iPhone’s display is always consistent, it isn’t difficult to remotely recognize the iPhone. The quality of iPhone products is also not playing games. Because they are made to high quality standards, iPhone products are extremely rare for manufacturing defects to be found. The advantage of the iPhone in terms of design is that it has always been a trend setter for many Android phones. You certainly remember that after Apple launched the iPhone X as the world’s first pony-sailing cellphone, all Android phones followed this trend in droves.

2. Higher Performance

Chipsets made by Apple for iPhones are always the best compared to chipsets or processors for Android phones. Even Apple’s latest chipset, the Apple A12 Bionic, is able to outperform the Snapdragon 845 processor which is usually used on flagship class Android phones. Apple chips have always led the iPhone to be king of the fastest cellphones for several years. The toughness of the Chipset made by Apple is proven by the performance of older iPhones that are not easy to slow even though they have been used for years.

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3. Better iPhone Camera Results

It is undeniable that one of the advantages of the iPhone is in the camera sector. The camera is one of the factors that Apple pays the most attention to when creating the iPhone. Because the camera gets a large enough portion of attention from the manufacturer, therefore the quality of iPhone camera shots is always one of the best. It is even interesting that even though on paper the Android camera specifications are higher, but when juxtaposed with the iPhone camera it still feels less than perfect.

4. Have the most up to date collection of applications

Although the number of iPhone users is not as much as Android; developers or developers usually prefer to release the latest version of the application for iPhone users first. One of the reasons is because app revenue on the AppStore is better than on the Play Store owned by Android. In addition, the reason why applications update faster on the App Store is because developers find it easier to adjust the appearance of the application because the iPhone screen size varies less than Android.

5. Safer

Installing applications on an Android cellphone is much easier than an iPhone. Even though it’s easier, it actually hurts the cellphone users themselves. Because you can install applications without the Play Store, Android cellphone users are more vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. This is very different from the iPhone. The advantages of the iPhone which are quite striking are in terms of security. To install applications on the iPhone, you can only go through the App Store. This one-stop application download system is also supported by continuous monitoring; to prevent the entry of applications that contain viruses or malware.

New iPhone 12 Pro Max Details

iPhone 12 Pro and Max Details

AppleĀ launched the new iPhone 12 Pro and Max, with their corresponding top-of-the-range versions.

The new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are finally released. In this new series of terminals, Apple has taken care of many details and we want to help you recognize them.

iPhone 12 Pro and Max Details:

IPhone 12 Pro Max Design

On the design of the iPhone they have totally flat edges that do not have a metallic chrome.
Color is maintained on all sides of the terminal. In this way, the equipment presents an extremely elegant appearance and attractive to the eye.

The rest of the different characteristics remain intact, such as the famous notch or the rear camera system. It maintain the same triangular arrangement, adding a LIDAR sensor in the lower corner.

About the colors available for the iPhone 12 Pro Max we find the colors silver and gold, but there is a variation in the color traditionally known as space gray that has been called graphite.

The biggest color novelty has been the new Pacific Blue color, a new color that will delight the buyer and attract many new ones for its beauty and finish.

Strength and Durability

One of the strengths of the new iPhone is the resistance of the materials with which they are built.

The new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max have been built with Ceramic Shield, this material is the one chosen by Apple for the front of its terminals.

At the back, the textured matt glass and a stainless steel structure stand out. Both materials are suitable for the use of wireless charging and 5G communications.

Although these materials make the iPhone 12 Pro Max an almost unbreakable mobile, their thing is to continue protecting it with cases and tempered glass. It will guarantee optimal protection against falls or friction.

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New 5G communications

After many complaints from users and “FAN Lovers” of the company. It was not until this new iPhone 12 Pro Max terminal, when Apple has incorporated the latest 5G technology to its models.

Thanks to the agreement signed with Qualcomm. Apple has finally installed the necessary modem as well as the antennas that are on the edges of both devices.

This ensures that you have the best possible coverage at all times. The problem really comes when it comes to infrastructure, Spain does not have the 5G network deployed throughout the territory. They have started to deploy the antennas, but there is still much ground to cover.

Thoroughbred A14 Bionic Processor for iPhone 12 Pro

Apple has taken out the artillery and has installed its latest processor called A14 Bionic in its iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It has an ARM structure of 5 nm, this being the first chip to be designed at 5 nm. This fact guarantees an improvement in the general performance of the device. And in the autonomy as well to compensate for the extra expense made by 5G connectivity.

This new processor is 50% larger compared to the predecessor A13 chip.


Apple Fear of Number 13

Apple Fear of Number 13

The number “13” has so far been a bad myth. Many think the number 13 brings bad luck. This myth is reportedly believed by Apple. Apple fear of number 13.

Yes, a technology company as big as Apple is reportedly not going to name their newest smartphone with the label iPhone 13. The news is that the technology giant from Cupertino, California, United States believes in the unlucky myth of using the number 13.

Reporting from Cult of Mac, Apple will name its new cellphone with the iPhone 12s. And due to Triskaidekaphobia reasons, Apple will release the iPhone 14 as its successor next year.

Triskaidekaphobia itself is a feeling of excessive fear of the number 13. Those who suffer from this phobia consider 13 as a sacred number that has magical power and leads to bad luck.


But this news does not make sense. Because as a modern company, it’s hard to imagine Apple still believing in superstition.

Moreover, they released the iPhone 4, this figure for some Chinese and Japanese people is considered unlucky. In fact, what happened later, the cellphone became one of the best-selling iPhones. Previously they also released iOS 13 in 2019.

The same report adds, regardless of whether or not the unlucky myth is true, if the number 13 is not embedded in the latest iPhone. According to Jon Prosser it is more because the iPhone 12 does not bring a significant update. Where Apple will return to the tradition it did many years ago.

Yes, Apple always embeds the code ‘s’ on its phones which only brings a slight improvement. Usually, Apple just adds a faster processor but the device design is still the same. Examples are the iPhone 4 followed by 4s, iPhone 5 by 5s, iPhone 6 by 6s and even the iPhone X has the XS.

To know the naming of the latest iPhone, we have to be patient waiting for it to be revealed at its release later. The successor to the iPhone 12 is predicted to swing next September.