OS X Mountain Lion Applications And Functions

OS X Mountain Lion Applications And Functions

OS X Mountain Lion Applications And Functions. Among the functions emphasized in this Mountain Lion is the iCloud function, which will store and update all emails, calendars, contacts, reminders, documents, and user notes no matter anywhere between iOS and Mac devices. When a user adds, changes, or removes something on a Mac; the same thing will also be done on the user’s iOS device automatically. Things like this also save users time in managing an application task. With just an Apple ID sign in, it’s all managed and done by iCloud.

Notification Center

A drastic change that can be witnessed in Mountain Lion is the presence of the Notification Center function, a function that users can usually see in Apple devices. The presence of this function allows users to view a task such as calendar and tweets from Twitter easily without opening any application. In addition, users can also write tweets directly from this function and this is very useful to users who like to update their Twitter. This function can be activated by pressing the Notification Center icon located at the right end of the Menu Bar.

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With the advancement of the social networking arena as well as cloud computing; Apple took the initiative to implement this functionality in Mountain Lion. Users can share such photos, videos, as well as user personal files through applications such as Mail, Messages, and AirDrop. In addition, this function also makes it easier for users to share website links directly; from Safari without performing any copy and paste actions.


The increasingly popular iMessages function on the iPhone, iPad; and even iPod touch is now available in Macs as well, dubbed the Messages app. Through Messages, users can communicate between iOS and Mac devices easily; and the process of sending photos, videos, documents, and contacts can also done in this application. What’s more interesting, the Messages function also allows users to do FaceTime directly from the application without opening the FaceTime application available in OS X.

OS X Mountain Lion Installation

OS X Mountain Lion Installation

OS X Mountain Lion Installation. The installation done in this review uses 8GB USB flash storage with clean install method. What’s interesting about OS X, to make flash storage a bootable drive for OS X installation, users only need to use the Disk Utility that is already pre -existing in the user’s OS X. The downloaded .DMG OS X Mountain Lion format file will be mounted first and will be processed through the method of delete flash storage (reformatted to Mac OS X Journal) and then through the process of restoring the DMG file that has been mounted earlier. Easy enough.

After making the USB flash storage as a bootable drive, this MacBook was restarted and before the MacBook displayed the Apple logo, the option button (alt) was held so that the boot process from the USB flash storage could be carried out. After selecting USB flash storage as the place to boot, the authors were taken to the OS X Mountain Lion setup room for the installation process. This installation process takes about 30 minutes before this MacBook is ready for use.
User Interface

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The OS X operating system is already known for its neat and elegant style. The arrangement of several elements such as Dock and Menu Bar makes OS X look elegantly enchanting when viewed from the retina of the user’s eyes. In the Mountain Lion version, just like the previous version, the galaxy -like type of background image is still retained.


Finder is a type of explorer application that comes in OS X to make it easier for users to organize all the files on the Mac. On the Mountain Lion version, the Finder interface is still the same as the previous version.


Through Mountain Lion, the Dock now comes with a fairly solid interface; in line with the latest design trends that emphasize a simple, neat interface, and less glass and reflection effects.


Starting from the Lion version, Launchpad was created as a place to launch an application easily and quickly. This unique Launchpad interface gives users an iPad-like experience of using an iOS device. Now, Launchpad comes with a larger icon display and comes with a search function.

OS X Mountain Lion Brief Review

OS X Mountain Lion Brief Review

OS X Mountain Lion Brief Review. In the minutes of life on earth, many changes we can witness in the last two decades. The rapidly evolving horizon of human thought, has led us to the advancement of the increasingly glorious world of computing. Sequence from that, the world’s giant company, Apple, brought OS X Mountain Lion, came up with a new face embroidered with determination.

The beauty of Mountain Lion’s life illustration this time was carefully sketched by Apple by presenting several new functions, a large number of which were adapted from their iOS. According to statistics, as we know, this influential world giant company has brought as many as 200 new functions on OS X Mountain Lion. Among the functions that are given attention is the cloud computing function, called iCloud, which is seen as quite significant in this dotcom era society.

Clearly aware of this fact; OS X Mountain Lion is seen to be able to combine a fairly solid combination of efforts. Apart from the innovation in terms of functionality, also given focus in the development of OS X is the smart integration between Apple devices. Apple smart devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and even the iPod touch can now interact perfectly with Mountain Lion. Remembering the author with a poet’s words, “time is like a tide, no one can withstand it”; I, Arib Ismail as the author in this review will explain some of the functions; and changes brought by OS X Mountain Lion.

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Lastly in this review, the installation of OS X Mountain Lion was done on an old MacBook; a 13 “MacBook model in early 2009. Although this MacBook model is more than 3 years old, Apple still includes support for it; and this to some extent raises some the question of all consumers of Apple products. Judging from Apple’s product marketing strategy, devices over 3 years old may no longer support any of the latest updates. Whatever the toss is made on this older model MacBook; the OS X Mountain Lion looks to remain dashing without being compromised in terms of performance. The following are the specifications of the MacBook used in this review.

Apple iPhone 4S Brief Review

Apple iPhone 4S Brief Review

Apple iPhone 4S Brief Review. The Apple iPhone 4S was already launched by Apple last October, a day before Steve Jobs passed away. Now, after more than 2 months of its launch, finally the iPhone 4S will arrive in Malaysia and be launched jointly by Celcom, DiGi and Maxis on the same day, which is on 16 December.


As everyone knows, the Apple iPhone 4S does not bring drastic changes in terms of design. Among the changes that are visible are the position of the buttons on the side that is slightly lower than the iPhone 4, in addition to the change on the side groove line on the iPhone (antenna?). This means, it is likely that some of the protective cases developed for the iPhone 4 may not be fully usable as there are some changes in the position of the buttons on the sides.

Operating System – iOS 5

The iPhone 4S is powered by iOS 5 that Apple has introduced before, bringing a number of additions to it, including iMessage support, NewsStand, and some additional changes which you can follow on our previous iOS 5 reviews.

However, one of the comments received from global users of the iPhone 4S is the extremely short battery life. It is likely that this can be overcome by an operating system update that will be introduced by Apple. Since we were unable to fully test it during the day, we are unable to provide full comment in relation to this matter.

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One of the drastic improvements brought by the iPhone 4S is the camera on it; which captures higher quality pictures than before, allowing you to share higher quality pictures with your friends; besides making it easier for you to capture sweet moments quickly on quality. High even though there were no separate cameras at the time.

In terms of specifications, it brings an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p recording support on it.

Faster Than Ever

As everyone may know, apart from the camera, the iPhone 4S also brings an update on its processing; which is now generated using a dual-core A5 processing chip. Apart from processing, it also brings better graphics support, allowing you to surf the web quickly; as well as use applications and games without problems through it.

iPhone SE 2020 Verdicts

iPhone SE 2020 Verdicts

iPhone SE 2020 Verdicts. Ending this iPhone SE review is by telling you, who is this device for and is it worth owning? The answer is simple, the iPhone SE is an iOS device that is suitable as a gift for seniors who want to facilitate conversations via Face Time or iMessage. It is also the cheapest and most powerful new iPhone device and suitable for Android users to try out this ecosystem without sacrificing money in excess of RM3000. If you want to try out the iOS system, wear an Apple Watch and want to own Apple AirPods – this iPhone SE is an ideal device as a second device if Android is the primary device.

It is also well worth owning. Priced as low as RM1999 only, you have a very powerful Apple device, a pretty great camera, a size that many love, and packed with additional features and functions. Where can you find an Android device priced at RM1999 that has IP67 waterproof, wireless charging and a 5 -year update? Nothing! So this is the solution.

I was also previously an Android user, when switching to iOS I realized why this iOS is fun to use. Doesn’t mean I hate Android, because Android is still my everyday device. I use this iPhone SE because I want to use the Apple Watch and try out the Apple TV+, iOS 14, and the fun of the concept “it already works enough, doesn’t need any improvements”.

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Smartphones with the most powerful processors on the market right now.
The premium finish is very comfortable in the palm of the hand.
Launch applications very fast.
The best software update support in the industry. Vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed very quickly.
Satisfactory high setting initial performance.
Beautiful camera for casual use and social media.
Affordable prices for powerful devices.


The LCD screen is not bright enough and difficult to see.
Applications running in the background will need to reload after a few minutes
Fast charger is not provided with purchase.
No good zoom capabilities, macro, ultra wide angle and night mode.
The bezel is so thick that it hurts the eyes.
The battery is very small and weak.

iPhone SE 2020 Audio Quality

iPhone SE 2020 Audio Quality

iPhone SE 2020 Audio Quality. The iPhone 7 is the first iPhone to use a stereo audio system through spatial technology. This function is continued on the iPhone SE 2020 with the ability to play audio at a good maximum level. While not strong enough, it is still satisfying. The audio quality is also good, not noisy, not broken and everything will please the user.

The disadvantage on this Apple device is of course no audio jack port, so only the use of wireless audio accessories only. For example AirPods Pro, AirPods 2, PowerBeats or any other TWS.

For voice calls on this device, it can be heard very clearly without any issues. The sound will be clearly audible without serious noise problems.

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What do you expect if you have this small sized device? Big battery? Do not expect. Save that dream. This battery of less than 2000mAh is very difficult for our lives. One day of use, requires at least two charges. Yes, you can try to save – 100% in the morning, but in the evening it will be 10%. Only if you do not use this device it may last for 2 days.

The active screen time (SOT) on iOS needs to be calculated manually from the time it is full until the battery starts to run low. Early in use, the battery cycle is still in the process of learning how to use. So 6 hours SOT is no problem. But after many apps are inserted, many apps are opened and many days of use-SOT will last around 3-4 hours only. Honestly we say this is great. Why?

We compared it to the Pixel 4 which has a larger battery – its SOT is also around 3 hours of SOT. So, for this iPhone SE there is actually no problem kalai for light and casual use. The charging used in our test is Power Delivery, because we want a fast charging process. Even so, this 1861mAh battery still takes close to 2 hours.

iPhone SE 2020 Picture and Video Quality

iPhone SE 2020 Picture and Video Quality

iPhone SE 2020 Picture and Video Quality. In a review of the iPhone 11, we said the camera capabilities of this device had already improved in the latest update at the time. Again with their built-in Deep Fusion capabilities. The colors on the images are more vivid, the details on objects like hair and skin are now very meticulous. But different for the iPhone SE 2020, because the picture quality is not as great. It may suffice for some individuals, but for the pro or serious user in mobile device photography – the iPhone SE camera is not for you.

See a sample of the handsome image below, the skin color looks natural. It’s pretty good, sharp colors, precise details – but it doesn’t preserve the details around the subject consistently. The ambiguity of the bokeh effect is untidy and sometimes neat. But a regular selfie sample, it looks a little better. The bokeh effect on the background looks beautiful, only it is not neat and unsatisfactory.

Another drawback lies in the zoom capability. Digital zoom up to 5X gives a blurred image. This is a drawback found on this device. If there was a zoom lens, it could definitely already be the killer of the pinnacle device. The digital zoom on a single lens will not be able to match any optical zoom capability.

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Wide Angle

Because this device does not have an ultra wide angle mode, so no samples can be provided. But we replaced it with random subject samples that we captured. See, the color science used is different from most competing devices. Colors are inconsistent, but details are preserved.

Most frustrating is the night mode that is not included on this device. While many competing devices in the same price category already have this functionality built -in. also cannot be activated manually by the user. This makes the picture quality at night or dark atmosphere disappointing.

The video recording however provides satisfactory quality. The microphone captures audio well, the colors are also sharp with great detail. Believe it or not some of the videos on our YouTube channel use only the iPhone SE camera to record.

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The iOS inside iPhone SE 2020

The iOS inside iPhone SE 2020

The iOS inside iPhone SE 2020. Is iOS 13 the best smart device operating system ever produced? At first not, because iOS 13 is among the most problematic iOS. Imagine in a short time already a lot of updates given. That is an annoying thing. As a user of both the Android and iOS operating systems, Android to this day still has more space of freedom. As long as this device does not receive the iOS 14 update, as long as this iOS 13 will feel boring and bland. We’ve been testing iOS 14 for a while, but due to a lot of bugs – we had to go back to iOS 13. In the upcoming iOS 14 there will be some interesting customization options. Others so far are just the same.

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This is the part that is sure to get people excited. The camera capability on the iPhone is the most popular. It is the only device that promises great picture and video quality when published on social media sites. Yes there are some capable Android devices, but they are inconsistent and as great as the iPhone. Not only that, is this iPhone SE a competitor to devices like the Pixel 3a? Or Pixel 3?

Apple is getting smarter and smarter at producing artificial intelligence systems on cameras, by following in Google’s footsteps using in-depth post-process techniques. Before that, let’s take a look at the iPhone SE 2020’s camera interface first;

Using an outdated single lens system, which is 12 Megapixel f/1.8. There is no optical zoom support, no ultra wide angle support, instead only a digital zoom system up to 5X is provided. But it has a superb portrait mode that is complemented with Depth Control capability, and more. But the function of manually controlling the camera has not been provided until now. Manual controls can be used through third -party applications that need to be purchased separately.

Lastly we would like to state that the iPhone SE 2020 supports video recording at the highest settings of 4K 60FPS and slow motion 240FPS at 1080P resolution. The front camera is only capable of recording video at the FHD 30FPS setting.

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iPhone SE 2020 Interface Design

iPhone SE 2020 Interface Design

iPhone SE 2020 Interface Design. iOS remains iOS. That’s all it seems. Year after year, the only significant changes are in the icon design and layout. For the interface, high praise is given to Android because of its extensive customization capabilities and many usable launchers. For the iPhone, what you buy is what you receive. Because this is the iPhone SE which has Touch ID and a thick bezel – access to the Control Center is slightly different from the iPhone X and above. The iPhone SE needs to be scrolled from bottom to top as opposed to the iPhone X which scrolls from top to bottom.

The functions and features in iOS seem to remain the same since iOS 12. Only with a few improvements. iOS 13 running on the iPhone SE has almost all the features and functions of iOS 13 available on the iPhone 11 and above. This means that no matter how cheap or expensive an iPhone you have, many of the same functions and features are retained.

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Setting Sort

In the settings it is sorted, except on applications that continue lengthwise down alphabetically. Everything is easily accessible and searchable, if there is a problem just use the search bar. The Control Center, on the other hand, remains the same, the layout is well -known; there are some icons that can be added for quick access and remain unable to go directly to the settings if you press a function for a few seconds. AirDrop, is also still available in this device.

A more powerful photo and video editing system has also been introduce since iOS 13. So, there is no need to download third-party apps like Pixlr; which is Photoshop Express for editing work. iOS 13 is also starting to offer functions that were only found on Android; such as bluetooth and WiFi that can be accessed more easily through the Action Center. Press the Bluetooth and WiFi icons to select the device you want to tether and the best WiFi network. Video recording resolution as well as frame setting can also be done directly from the camera app. Previously all this could only be done by pressing the Settings icon first.

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iPhone SE 2020 Boring Design

iPhone SE 2020 Boring Design

iPhone SE 2020 Boring Design. The design of this device is not unique at all. The size is nice in the hand, but the extreme smallness doesn’t provide an interesting user experience. On the front as described earlier, has a thick bezel. His forehead has a selfie camera, earpiece and ambient sensor and his chin is the location of Touch ID. On the back, a small lens will be clearly visible next to the microphone and also the LED flash. The Apple logo is in the center of the device parallel to the iPhone 11 lineup. The right side is Apple’s famous silent button, the volume up button and the left series is the power button. There was nothing at the top, while at the bottom was the silence of the lightning port earlier along with the speaker lattice.

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Performance & Benchmarks

Believe it or not, this little device has amazing performance. No heating issues, no time lag issues and everything went really well. Remember, the device only has 3GB of RAM. The first play was no problem, did not heat up and went very smoothly. The first tests tested were PUBG and CODM, we appreciated each play session. The performance of this device is not only strong at first, but for daily work is also quite great and interesting. Good animated transitions, no problems opening, closing and switching between also runs smoothly and fast.

Yes, it has no multi-task support. But with fast animations and small device size it simplifies daily tasks. For example switching between WhatsApp and Safari.

IPhone SE 2020 users can enjoy smooth screen scrolling, no time lag, launch apps extremely fast and enjoy the latest updates at the highest settings. The processing power has been won by the iPhone since last year. This small RAM problem is in terms of applications running in the background. It is common knowledge that the iPhone does not need to remove applications that have been opened and it will still work fine. But due to RAM, which is small, applications that have been opened need to be reloaded and this will sometimes interfere with work and be very annoying.

For the benchmark, it is not as great as the iPhone 11. The benchmark score is also low and in our test AnTuTu only got a score in the range of 300K while in the AnTuTu chart list it recorded a score that could reach up to 400K. For our test the AnTuTu score was 364423. But the Geekbench 5 score remained high at 1327 for multi core and 2508 for single core.

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iPhone SE 2020 is Not Unique

iPhone SE 2020 is Not Unique

iPhone SE 2020 is Not Unique. The iPhone SE also borrows the design of the iPhone 8, so the screen has a very thick and annoying bezel. It makes the size of the device seem large with a very small screen size. Yes, it probably won’t be any problem – but for some people it’s annoying. The good thing here is, this screen uses a 16: 9 ratio – so it’s easy to use with one hand. In addition, this small screen with a thick bezel will reduce the attractive screen usage experience. This is because it is too small and not very satisfying.

Even so, the screen quality is still very good. The color is beautiful, the black is a bit dark, and although there is no HDR – the color is quite vivid and the details are quite precise. As far as simple use or watching a short video, it is enough. Just outside and in the sunlight, the screen is hard to see well.

The brain to this iPhone SE is a powerful chip from Apple, the A13 Bionic with a third -generation Neural Engine. It is the same chip used on the iPhone 11 line. This means, it has almost comparable power to the Snapdragon 865 chip. The memory used on this device is 3GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage options up to 256GB based on NVMe. The device also has IP67 waterproof and dustproof protection which is not available on most new Android devices in the same price category.

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The Camera

The iPhone SE 2020’s camera is a 12MP main lens on the back, with an f/1.8 lens aperture, supports 5x digital zoom and supports a neat and beautiful portrait mode. The selfie camera is 7MP with f/2.2 lens aperture, and also has portrait mode support. More details about the camera will be described in a paragraph specific to the camera only.

For the battery, it uses 1861mAh which is very small and weak. Charging this device is through the Lightning port and the charger in the box provided is 5W only. But the device still supports fast charging 18W Power Delivery which users can purchase separately. Another charging method that can be used on this device is through wireless charging. Complementing the specifications of this device is a sim card slot that supports one nano -sized SIM card and the second SIM it supports is in eSIM format.

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iPhone SE 2020 Brief Review

iPhone SE 2020 Brief Review

iPhone SE 2020 Brief Review. The iPhone is often known as a premium smartphone and is sold at ridiculous prices. Many say that the spec-to-price of the device is inappropriate. But do you know that Apple doesn’t care about high RAM, design similar to other devices, or even user freedom. Apple often focuses on a good and stable user experience.

Do not believe? As you can imagine, the iPhone 11 Pro Max which only has 4GB of RAM and is matched to the A13 chip has a benchmark score approaching Android devices that have 12GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 865 (Oppo Find X2 Pro). If it is true that the processor chip on this Android device is powerful, why the need for high RAM? Why not just use 4GB of RAM like Apple?

I am sure you will be stunned by the fact that I have stated this. But that is the truth. You have to accept the fact that what Apple produces turns out to be among the best, not the greatest – but fairly stable. Since last year, Apple has proven that they can sell iPhones at a cheaper price. The iPhone 11 series was much cheaper than the iPhone XS when it launched.

Now the iPhone SE 2020 was launched a few months ago. It’s the cheapest first new iPhone that Apple has to offer. The interior of the iPhone 11, the exterior of the iPhone 8, the price of the iPhone SE 2016 and the performance is comparable to any flagship Android device. So in this article, we will state the pros and cons of this device so that you can decide whether it is worth it or not to own.

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Specifications & Design

The iPhone SE 2020 uses a 4.7-inch Retina HD LCD screen, 1334 x 750 resolution, supports True Tone and a wide P3 color gamut. In line with other iPhone models, the iPhone SE no longer has 3D Touch support and it has been replaced with Haptic Touch. For brightness, it only supports a maximum of 65 nits only. Oh yes, because it’s an LCD screen – no built -in fingerprint scanner. Although it is a new iPhone launched in 2020; this iPhone SE also does not have any face scanner sensor for Face ID. Instead it returns the home button with a built -in physical fingerprint scanner called Touch ID.

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iPad Air 2020 Slow Charging

iPad Air 2020 Slow Charging

iPad Air 2020 Slow Charging. The time for this iPad to be fully charged is around 2 hours. Depending on the situation of the iPad itself such as the temperature and the apps running in the background, it can take to reach over 2 hours. But thankfully it lasts 2-3 days, so this slow fast charging is acceptable and forgivable.

Also keep in mind, the unit we use is a WiFi version. So the battery life is longer than the cellular version. But in the experience of using previous versions of iPad air with cellular, the iPad Air 2020 cellular version will probably have good battery life as well.


As said before, the apple iPad will remain the best tablet and tablet that we will recommend for the purpose of better use. If you are looking for something specific like specifically for work in the office, Microsoft Surface is a good choice, just multimedia and entertainment is Samsung and for editing, satisfied work, battery, good stylus support – iPad Air 2020 is the best.

The iPad Air has a comfortable design, a powerful chip that guarantees high performance, a long -lasting battery, a pretty pretty camera for FaceTime as well as a nice web version web browser support. The disadvantage here is, the keyboard and stylus have to be provided separately. The iPad will simply require the use of a full touch screen. To make this overall user experience even better, Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 2 must be included once.

The disadvantage of this iPad Air is seen to be similar to the iPhone, which is a problem of file managers not being smart enough and sloppily used. Others you will definitely be satisfied and happy.

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The screen is beautiful, spacious, quite bright and smooth.
Great crazy performance.
Nice stereo speakers.
Unique rectangular design and Pro look.
Long lasting battery.
USB-C, Power Delivery


No good file manager.
The keyboard and stylus are sold separately.
Still with 60Hz.
Charging speed is only 20W.
Physical fingerprint scanners are quite ancient.

Image Quality of iPad Air 2020

Image Quality of iPad Air 2020

Image quality of iPad Air 2020 is not impressive if intended for taking pictures. It’s so basic. But for video calls, it can display pretty clear HD quality, not so much noise and comfortable to use.

For audio, though, it has four lattice speakers – this tablet only has stereo speakers. Not the same as the iPad Pro which has four speakers. Even so, the audio quality is satisfactory, quite loud and interesting. Just to enjoy a movie or drama alone or with 2-3 family members-it is enough.

It’s pretty tasty, it’s clear enough and will give you a good experience. For the microphone, when doing FaceTime – the audio quality is also excellent. The microphone on the iPad Air is able to capture sound well, bright and loud. It did not break and there was almost no noise.

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The power of this iPad Air is also on the battery. If you want a powerful tablet, long -lasting battery and can’t afford the Pro – this is the tablet of your choice. This iPad Air battery was not disclosed by Apple. It is only listed as 28.6Wh only.

Yet in our use of basic video editing, watching Netflix and YouTube continuously, playing first, surfing the web, writing articles and FaceTime or Zoom in one charge-it can last for two days with an active screen time of around 9-10 hours. SOT on iOS apple devices needs to be calculated manually. The highest we reached was approaching 11 hours.

The worst battery we used was a 5 hour SOT, but that was within three days of use. In our opinion, 3 days still there is a very good battery. The fast charging system used is 20W, which is 2W faster than the iPad Pro. Honestly we say, as if there is no difference and it is not fast at all.

The iPadOS Problems

The iPadOS Problems

The iPadOS problems. iPadOS problem seems serious at first, there is no good file manager app. The available Files application is not mature enough and difficult to use. Fixed file management will be won by Android. The second is that the calculator app is only limited to third party apps. Other than that, it will provide a pretty good experience.

Not to forget Apple ecosystem, if you have AirPods Pro tethered to an iPhone – it can easily be used on an iPad just like that. Then, if you have an iPhone, call and message notifications can be directly received and answered from the iPad.

Benchmark Score

The benchmark score for the iPad Air 2020 is a pretty crazy and high score. On the old AnTuTu web, the highest score was 647,919 for the Asus ROG Phone 3. With a 5nm A14 Bionic chip, matched with 4GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage on our unit, it received a score of 653,748. This is a rather high score.

We didn’t compare it to the iPad Pro score because the iPad Pro uses a custom -built processor chip for more professional use. The iPad Air is a cheaper tablet with lower specifications than the iPad Pro.

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The Geekbench 5 score was 1,580 for a single core and 4,139 for a multi-core. This is also a very high score. This score is in line with our daily use experience which is pretty good and fast enough. Then, even though there’s no Don’t Kill My App app for iOS/iPadOS to test memory usage in the background-we’re sure it has a 95% -100% score if any. As we said earlier, although there are many applications open it can be handled well without any time delay.

Camera And Audio

For the camera, using this iPad Air is not the same as using a smartphone. We don’t carry this tablet anywhere we go. Just from the office, go home or hang out in cafes. The use of the camera on this tablet is more to video calls as well as teleconferencing. That’s what we use a lot on selfie cameras for FaceTime.

Immersive Experience of iPad Air 2020

Immersive Experience of iPad Air 2020

Immersive Experience of iPad Air 2020. Playing for the first time on the iPad Air will also provide an immersive experience. The first performance is very fast. PUBG Mobile with the highest settings can be played very well. Although in the background there are many applications open, the first can still be played without any time delay. Although the Asphalt 9 is the first car that has been around for a long time, it can also display beautiful quality. Even so, this iPad Air in our opinion is a tablet that is more suitable to be used as a work tablet.

Not to forget also that the web browser in this iPad Air is a desktop type. But, it is limited to Safari only. What you see on a MacBook, that’s Safari you get on an iPad. It is very different from the use of other web browsers that are still for mobile devices and press the option to change to desktop mode. Safari on the iPad is a mobile apple web browser with a true desktop experience.

Holding this iPad Air in the hand is also great. It is not so heavy and not so slippery. Large hands will easily operate this tablet, small hands may be a little difficult. But the important thing is this design is a very good design and easy to use.

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It runs the iPadOS 14 operating system, which is based on iOS 14. Since the iPad OS was launched, it is the best tablet operating system ever present in the world. Apple is showcasing an interface design that is slightly different from iOS, such as the use of neat widgets and will be in a special space in the screen series. Icon sizes can be changed from small or large, as well as fast animations.

The use of Siri is also good with the icons displayed on the bottom side. It’s neater, prettier and more elegant. Receiving iMessage and FaceTime notifications is also more beautiful and tidy by appearing in the form of pop-ups. The use of search is also more perfect and faster. This makes no matter how many applications are installed or not, it is easy to access.

iPad Air 2020 Beautiful Design

iPad Air 2020 Beautiful Design

iPad Air 2020 Beautiful Design. The tablet also has a stereo speaker system above and below, the power button on the top, on the side there is a volume button and below there is also a USB-C port. The iPad Air 2020 finally follows the iPad Pro and MacBook which use a USB-C charging system.

This iPad Air design is a favorite design. It is comfortable to use, easy to operate and no matter which direction it is held it will not interfere. It’s just, depending on each other’s tastes-we’re more comfortable with using two hands in a horizontal rather than vertical way.
Usage Experience

The iPad Air was originally a tablet with a crazy thin design. But over time, a slim design isn’t what Apple is after. On the other hand are internal specifications as well as efficient design for prolonged use. We will start with the screen first. Liquid Retina is the screen technology we see available on the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. It is an LCD technology from Apple, which can provide True Tone support as well as a wide color gamut.

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The Resolution

Despite the LCD and 1640 x 2360 resolution, it can still play 4K 60FPS YouTube videos without any problems. The screen is also quite bright, comfortable to use no matter where the location. The colors produced are also sharp, bright and cheerful. When watching videos that focus a lot on the subject, this screen has no problem displaying good details. The tablet also has no touch issues and even though it’s only 60Hz, it’s pretty fast and smooth.

For performance, this iPad Air has absolutely no problem opening hundreds of applications simultaneously. Even though there is only 4GB of RAM, the memory management is very good. Running three applications simultaneously is also able to operate very smoothly without any problems. If this is an Android tablet with 4GB of RAM, it is definitely time consuming to open only two applications. With this capability, the iPad Air is ideal as a productivity tablet. One window opens music, another window is an email app and a small window can use a calculator.

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iPad Air 2020 Brief Review

iPad Air 2020 Brief Review

iPad Air 2020 Brief Review. To this day, if anyone asks us what the best tablet is to own – we would recommend the iPad. No matter the basic iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro, the iPad is the king of all tablets. No Android tablet can compete with the iPad, because the operating system that Apple offers, the iPadOS, is great.

There is no denying that the iPad also has its disadvantages. But, overall the iPad is capable of performing a variety of tasks smoothly, the battery lasts a very long time, although the LCD screen is still beautiful and bright, and let’s not forget also the Apple Pencil’s precise support. We’ve tested the iPad Air 2020 by making it a daily tablet. We were a bit surprised by the capabilities of this tablet. If you want to know if this tablet is worth owning and whether you should buy this iPad – this is our review article.

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Chipset Capability

The iPad Air is the world’s first tablet with a 5nm chip. It’s also Apple’s first product with a new chip, which is why Apple usually launches a new chip on the iPhone first. With the generation of this chip, it can be said that there is a powerful tablet so far. The iPad Air also uses a flat rectangular design similar to the iPad Pro. This makes the bezel on the screen even. The design of this screen is also in our opinion is good, the bezel is thin enough for a tablet without accidental touch problems occur.

Although the bezel is similar to the iPad Pro, it doesn’t load any face scanning technology. Instead just include a selfie camera. For security, Apple introduced an all -new Touch ID built into the power button. The screen is also LCD and 60Hz, a flat type with good touch and also a large enough size for simple tasks.

iPhone 12 Review Conclusion

iPhone 12 Review Conclusion

iPhone 12 Review Conclusion. This iPhone 12 is undeniably a pretty powerful iPhone. In the beginning I wanted to use the Pro version, but I don’t take pictures and videos often so the iPhone 12 is enough. After using it for over two weeks, I am very satisfied. Haven’t used the Pro yet, otherwise I’m sure I’ll join Apple’s camp.

There is no denying that the iPhone 12 is not a perfect device and has many shortcomings compared to the Android flagship devices I have used. Only for those who have never used an iPhone, if you try to use it you will definitely like its performance, camera and screen.

Most shocking is the very pretty camera and the very great battery life. This iPhone 12 is a landmark device without gimmicks, Apple provides what users are sure to use. No macro lenses, depth sensors, or additional features to check. Instead it is what you buy that you get and you will definitely be happy.

The last iPhone I used before the iPhone 12 was the iPhone SE and the flagship Android device I was using was the Huawei P40 Pro+. Switching to an iPhone 12 is a wise choice. The starting price of this device is RM3,899. Quite expensive for a 64GB storage startup whereas the Pro version starts with 128GB. The model I recommend is 128GB with a price of RM4,099. Yes, it is quite expensive but it is a value that makes you not regret with the purchase of this device.

For those who are using an age -old iPhone like the iPhone XS and below or a flagship Android device like the OnePlus 7T Pro and below – you’ll feel how much fun it is to use this apple device. It was so beautiful and made me feel happy.

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Very fast performance without any problems
OLED screen that supports Dolby Vision HDR display
Excellent use of flat screen
Unique and comfortable boxy design
The 12MP camera is good enough for a device that has two lenses
Durable battery despite its small size


Screen in the dim sun
The build quality is rather poor on the frame part
Unbalanced speakers
Charging is limited to 20W wired
iOS 14 is still limited to customization
The starting price is quite expensive

iPhone 12 Audio Quality

iPhone 12 Audio Quality

iPhone 12 Audio Quality. Since the iPhone 7, Apple has used a speaker system that loads one audio drive in the earpiece and one underneath. The iPhone 12’s speakers, though stereo and not loud enough – are unbalanced. The bottom is stronger than the top.

The audio quality is quite good and interesting. It has adequate bass value, it is bright from the vocal part and is not noisy if there is a noisy sound. The voice level system on the iPhone is not my favorite and so far only Samsung’s flagship device in my opinion has the best speaker system.

Although the battery size of the iPhone 12 is 2815mAh, which is smaller than the iPhone 11 which has a battery capacity of 3110mAh, apple device still has good battery life. The use of 5nm chips and OLED screens contributes a lot from these savings due to less power consumption. While using this iPhone 12, if used in extreme such as NFC, Bluetooth, Hotspot, AirDrop, GPS and WiFi, screen brightness at maximum level, 100%sound level, a lot of permu play and a lot of using applications – iPhone 12 can last a full day.

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Night Charging

I charge at night and unplug at dawn, when it is already 100%. Use as I mentioned above gives durability until 12 am with a balance of around 5%-15%. If less use of the device, such as during working hours-I will have a battery balance of around 10%-25%.

Active screen time (SOT) is a bit of a problem, iOS has to make a manual count which is very tedious. The easy way I found was to make sure the battery was full by 12am and use as usual. But the SOT I get for extreme users is 5-6 hours; and casual use reaches 7-8 hours of SOT without any problems.

The charging support on this device is a 20W USB-PD which in my opinion is slow. The iPhone 12 still takes more than an hour to charge; while many flagship Android devices now take less than 45 minutes. MagSafe wireless charging can only be tried in a short period of time – but the 15W power is still lower. So I had to be thankful for the 20W wired charging power.

Video Recording Is a Quality of iPhone 12

Video Recording Is a Quality of iPhone 12

Video recording is a quality of iPhone 12. It supports Dolby Vision HDR video recording. Not only that, although there is no Sensor-Shift on this device like there is on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, video recording on the iPhone 12 is still pretty stable. Not many flagship Android devices use a dual-camera system and have photography or videography as good as the iPhone. Although Google calls the Pixel 5 their flagship device, the fact is that it is just an overpriced middle-class device. But recording video will make the apple device heat up a bit so that it makes you want to use the frame or continue not to touch the device.

The portrait capability in the iPhone is still not as good as Android devices, let alone the Pixel. But the result is a result that makes you feel like it’s okay and won’t even feel disappointed. No longer limited to humans, but taking pictures of objects such as drinks with straws, the straws are inseparable and will still be obscured.

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Selfie Camera Quality

The selfie camera is also surprisingly quite satisfying. It has regular options and a wider view. So if you want to take a group selfie, it won’t be a problem. The result is also no matter ordinary or portrait preserves the details well and also has a sharp color result.

Ultra wide angle images are also among the best on the iPhone. With good color science unlike most competing devices, other color main lenses and ultra wide angle lenses are different. The result of the image with a wide view on the iPhone 12 will definitely make you think, what is the magic of Apple to get such a beautiful result. But, the effect of distortion on an image like this is still messy and the result of the image looks wide.

iPhone 12 Telephones And GPS Performance

iPhone 12 Telephones And GPS Performance

iPhone 12 Telephones And GPS Performance. The iPhone 12 is the first iPhone with 5G support. But because in Malaysia there is no 5G support, do not buy iPhone-iPhone 12 because of 5G. Even so, the 4G mobile data usage on this device is pretty good. Signal retrieval is fast, there are no problems with 4G going down to 3G and the use of voLTE is very good with Maxis.

Making a phone call is also pretty obvious. But when the device is in the ear it feels a little weird. It had an uncomfortable feeling that was hard for me to explain. But this iPhone 12 microphone is good enough and if you need to make phone calls for a long period of time, this iPhone 12 is a good device.

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GPS usage is also fast and the Google Maps app locks in the location precisely. I tried to switch to the full Apple ecosystem by using Apple Maps, but this overly stupid map app made me easily get lost.

Only a dual-camera system is used and no additional gimmicks or sensors are required. Apple has learned what Google is doing, which is a handful in terms of hardware but let alone great software. The interface of the camera app is also simple and easy to understand. For the zoom part, it only supports digitally with a zoom at the 5x level. The others are 1x and 0.5x.

The downside I found on this iPhone 12 is, the camera app doesn’t support night mode manually and will only appear automatically.

The iPhone to this day is known for its realistic picture results, beautiful colors, well -preserved details as well as having a good lens transition between the main lens to the ultra wide angle lens. The resulting image is quite sharp, there are no focus problems and most importantly the post-process is as fast as lightning. Heating problems when taking photos are also absent. iPhone maintain their tradition in natural as well as fun photographic capabilities.

iPhone 12 Benchmarks Test and Comparation

iPhone 12 Benchmarks Test and Comparation

iPhone 12 Benchmarks Test and Comparation. iPhone XS is the iPhone with the last Face ID there is 3D Touch. The use of press and hold on the screen feels like using Android and is less interesting when you can’t press and hold longer for shortcut access to other functions. So when using this device that has a big screen makes me miss the functionality. The iPhone SE2 that I used before has a small screen, so I did not pay any attention to the existence of the function earlier.

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Bench mark

The benchmark score on the iPhone 12 was obtained through AnTuTu and Geekbench 5. AnTuTu recorded an overall score of 641,724, which is among the highest scores. When compared to Android devices, the Asus ROG Phone 3 is the only device that can reach a value of 600K. That’s 16GB RAM vs 4GB RAM.

In AnTuTu it also recorded a high CPU score of 182,294 and a GPU score of 246,917. The 5nm chip proved to be quite powerful and powerful for a flagship apple device. Hopefully someday Android devices with Snapdragon 875 or Exynos 2100 will have better scores. Or if you want to beat the iPhone 12, the device powered by Exynos 1080, which is the middle class, will definitely create a new history.

Geekbench 5 recorded a score of 1606/4138 for single-core and multi-core. This is also a very high score as Android devices are usually limited to 1000/3000 and below only.

Keep in mind, I had a lot of fun with this score because it matched my daily use experience. True, benchmark scores are mere numbers and actual use is even more important. Since I had no serious issues throughout using this device, I am very satisfied with it.

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Discussion of iPhone 12 Screens

Discussion of iPhone 12 Screens

Discussion of iPhone 12 screens again, the OLED on this device is among the good ones in terms of color display. It supports Dolby Vision HDR, True Tone and a wide color gamut. This 6.1-inch size even feels small in my big hands-it still provides a good video watching experience. Only when under sunlight; the screen of this device is so dim and makes me feel dissatisfied with the screen of this device.

OLED remains OLED and the black color is quite dark and deep on this device. the colors produced are beautiful, the clear details as well as this flat screen do not interfere with my daily use.

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For someone who is already accustomed to using a lot of Android devices, the thing I miss missing in this iPhone 12 is the freedom of customization. iOS 14 though already has support for hiding apps, app trays and widgets – it’s still limited. This iOS 14 customization option is like the old generation Android era, again in the icon section. Users are free to change icons using Shortcut applications and many other third -party applications.

This widget in iOS 14 in my opinion is the best use of widgets. It’s like Windows Phone a bit because the widget size can be changed to three different sizes. With a wider screen, this iPhone 12 will display a neat home screen and look beautiful always. For now there are still many apps that do not have widget support, but the apps that I myself often use like Spotify, Apple TV, Spark are all already available.

Like Android, iOS 14 also supports dark theme mode; and with the OLED screen the use of this theme will further save the device battery. iOS 14 is so simple and sometimes when I feel bored; iOS 14 makes me feel more bored because there is not much to do. The thing I messed up the most was, the app settings had to go to settings and find the app directly. It is not accessible on the home screen.

What Is iPhone 12 Building Material?

What Is iPhone 12 Building Material?

What is iPhone 12 building material? aluminum for the frame and glass on the front and back. The finish of this build looks quite good, but the use of aluminum may not be so good. Unbeknownst to me, my iPhone 12 already has a dented effect compared to the Pixel 4 XL which I often measles into a bag full of keys and coins. But interestingly, this aluminum finish is matte and it gives a pretty good grip. Our unit is white, so traces of fingerprint dirt on the back panel are not visible.
Usage Experience

This iPhone 12 gives me a satisfaction that I have never felt. This Apple A14 Bionic chip is indeed different from the others. The chip is a six -core chip and is matched with 4GB of RAM memory as well as internal storage that reaches up to 512GB. Throughout using this device, there were absolutely no time lag issues that I encountered. No matter how many apps are open, switching between apps is fast and smooth.

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The animated transitions also look very good and feel satisfying. Scrolling the screen no matter which direction is fast. Slightly disappointingly age-old Android includes multi-tasking functionality, the iPhone is still lacking. So if open many applications can but can not run two applications simultaneously in my opinion that is a disadvantage.

Playing for the first time on this device is also a lot of fun. I am a person who rarely plays first on a smartphone. But I made this iPhone 12 look like my own gaming device because playing Asphalt 9 and PUBG Mobile on high settings is no problem. Directly no serious heating problems, system outages or time delays. Even when playing first and I pause to open WhatsApp for a while is also easy to do.

As a user who is already familiar with Android devices that use high refresh rate screens, I feel apprehensive when wanting to use this iPhone 12. This is because Apple phone is still stubborn and uses only 60Hz screens. Due to the high touch response rate on this device, it makes touch activity fast enough and I don’t miss a device that supports 90Hz or 120Hz at all.