Technologies in Apple Watch

Technologies in Apple Watch

Apple Watch this year came up with new models and technologies in Apple Watch Series 6 model. This model is powered by the Apple S6 processor offering 20% better speed than the previous model.

This time, Apple offers VO2 Max and Blood Oxygen functions where users have the opportunity to monitor their health condition. In addition, this latest model also supports surfing.

In terms of design, this Apple model still maintains the same model with bezel retention along with TouchID. The eighth generation Apple iPad is available with prices starting from $ 329 (~ RM1,449).

Apple iPad Air

A news that makes Apple fans excited is definitely the presence of the Apple iPad Air with a 10.9-inch screen size that comes with a big change. This model powered by Apple A14 offers 40% speed compared to previous models.

In terms of design, this model is still present with TouchID technology but placed on the power button which indirectly allows Apple to produce the Apple iPad Air with a thinner bezel. In addition, a total of five colors are offered for the iPad Air along with different storage.

The Apple iPad Air will be offered at a price of RM2599 starting next month. Based on the massive updates made along with the accessory support offered, the Apple iPad Air is seen as a product that will be a hit with many.

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Announcement of the latest OS update offer

Tim Cook also announced the launch dates of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS 7 and TVOS 14. Users using Apple products with the latest OS support are ready for the update starting tomorrow. And the latest OS update is expected to increase performance by a lot. So if it is available, we implore you to get the latest update immediately.

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Apple Say Goodbye Headphone Jack

Apple Say Goodbye Headphone Jack

Apple say goodbye headphone jack because Apple now uses the Lightning port. Perhaps many of us think this decision is less relevant but Apple says they have the principle of ‘courage’ where to dare to make changes.

It is said that the use of lightning port will produce clearer and better quality audio. Given that the 3.5mm headphone jack has been in use for a long time, we can say this change is quite justified.

Apple also introduced 3 Beats products with wireless support as well as Apple Airpod. A wireless earphone with Siri support. The futuristic design displayed may be one of the reasons this product is going to be a craze for many.

Apple announced the price for an Apple AirPods is $ 159 which is equivalent to ~ RM645.00. For those of you who bought an iPhone 7, Apple EarPods are also included as usual with lightning port support.

That’s just a little bit of what was announced by Apple through the Apple Keynote event that took place this morning.

Apple chose Sia as the top artist of the week at Apple Music as the closing event in conjunction with Apple Keynote 2016.

Are you excited about the latest announcement from Apple? Share with us whether you are excited about the Super Mario Run game, iPhone 7 or maybe Apple AirPods.

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It has become a habit every year that Apple will launch their latest models including the iPhone in September. This year with the advent of the COVID-19 outbreak; Apple seems to be coming up with an online launch through two different events.

In conjunction with the Apple Event that took place today; Apple has launched the latest models of Apple Watch and iPad. Tim Cook’s initial announcement at the beginning of the event also confirmed that the latest iPhone series will be launched at another event.

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Apple Watch Have Special Function

Apple Watch Have Special Function

Nike also said that their Apple Watch have special function, namely motivation. Yes, the motivation needed for every runner to get out running. The Apple Watch also records your performance and the last date you ran to remind you to keep playing.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple finally announced the Apple iPhone 7. As every year, the tagline ‘best it’s ever made’ was once again mentioned by Tim Cook.

In terms of design, not much change can be seen. The biggest change is probably the line antenna placed on the top and bottom surfaces of the iPhone this time around.

One interesting thing to me about the iPhone 7 is definitely the camera. iPhone 7 comes with a 12 megapixel camera along with a front camera with 7 megapixels. Selfie legs must be looking forward to getting the latest iPhone.

Not content with the use of the latest more sophisticated lenses, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with a ‘plus one more camera’ on the back. The dual-lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus allows the phone to zoom in well without compromising on quality.

The 5 colors announced on the Apple iPhone 7 this time are Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black and Jet Black. The Black color comes with a matte surface while the iPhone 7 Jet Black surface is more glossy, premium and glossy

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Since 16 GB is no longer relevant, Apple has put 32 GB of storage as the base model on the latest iPhone. The 3 storage size variations announced are 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

Despite coming with the latest technology as well as a larger storage size; the price of the Apple iPhone 7 is still maintained at the same selling price; as the previous Apple iPhone 6S. To say Apple products are cheaper is certainly not however a good move for one of their flagship phones.

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Update of the Smartwatch

Update of the Smartwatch

For an update of the smartwatch, I can say Apple made a lot of changes albeit a bit limited due to the small screen size. Apple promises a more attractive user interface as well as a focus on health and sports.

Functions such as Apple Fitness and Apple Health are among those emphasized by Apple. In addition, Apple also introduced ‘a new way of messaging’ which allows you to type messages more easily using the Apple Watch. Forget qwerty, just write directly on the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch will detect your writing easily.

Apple also introduced the latest application, Breathe. An app that reminds you to breathe. Sorry, this is not sarcasm and was also mentioned in the Apple event. Breathe will remind you to take some time to take a deep breath so that users are always relaxed and healthy.

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Another interesting news for Nintendo fans, Pokemon GO will be present for the Apple Watch. Through this application, it will display the distance that needs to be traveled to hatch an egg.

Niantic also stressed that the use of Apple Watch will make you no longer need to look at a smartphone to find out Pokestop more easily.

For those of you who have an Apple Watch, the latest OS from Apple will find you on September 13.

Apple Watch Series 2

Faster processor, GPS and waterproof functions are among the latest on the Apple Watch Series 2. Like its operating system, the Apple Watch Series 2 also focuses on athletes where the latest smartwatch from Apple is perfect for swimmers.

Several applications are provided to help swimmers and runners to find out about some info.

If you feel the Apple Watch Series 2 is not ‘sporty’ enough for you, Apple has also introduced the Apple Watch Nike+. The combination of bright and sporty colors will show the user’s image as an athlete.

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The Apple Keynote Thing

The Apple Keynote Thing

The apple keynote thing that happens throughout is formed. After a flurry of rumors received finally the iPhone 7 was launched. Arguably almost 90% of the rumors released previously are true including the announcement of new colors and no more use of headphone jacks.

However, Apple Keynote is no longer just about the iPhone. Tim Cook also shared some new things about Apple’s latest operating system as well as Apple’s latest products.

The event began with a karaoke carpool with Tim Cook as Apple CEO. The event continued with some gimmicks from Tim Cook and Pharrell Williams as well as a discussion about Apple Music.

It’s time for Tim Cook to announce 5 things or Apple products throughout the event.

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Super Mario Will Come For iOS

Among the unexpected by anyone. In fact, there have been no previous rumors discussing Nintendo’s Apple collaboration .

Apple chose Nintendo’s iconic character Super Mario as the latest game for iOS users and will start this December. Why Mario? Because everybody loves Mario.

Following the phenomenon of Nintendo’s newly launched game Pokemon GO getting tremendous response, Apple expects a similar reaction to the Super Mario Run game.

From the demo shown, it brings a game with a classic design like Mario 2D before. For iOS users, you will be able to play and compete with your friends on the Super Mario Run game starting this December when it launches.

Apple Watch OS 3

The use of smart watches may still be lacking in our country, but it has also received tremendous response in the US. Tim Cook preceded the introduction of the Apple Watch OS 3 by proudly announcing the sale of the Apple Watch successfully surpassing several watch companies that have long been established in the industry.

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Epic and Apple Feud

Epic and Apple Feud

Epic and Apple feud has been going on for a while. Although there is still no final result in this trial, it turns out that this topic is still often discussed by many people in cyberspace.

One of them is the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, who finally expressed his point of view on the feud between Epic and Apple. In a short tweet, Elon expressed his disapproval of what the Apple Store was doing and said that what Epic Games was doing was right.

Elon cites the Apple App Store as proof of the existence of global taxes on the internet. This refers to the fees that game developers, such as Epic Games, have to pay Apple as long as their battle-royale game, Fortnite, is in the Apple Store.

The entrepreneur who is also in the crypto world explained that he actually likes Apple products and uses them. However, he does feel that a 30% tax without any benefits is unreasonable.

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Not only that, the next day Elon also continued his tweet discussing Android with his Google Play Store. Uniquely, Epic has previously made a similar lawsuit with Apple to Google.

He explained that the existence of Android should be able to provide competitive pressure that makes Apple lower the costs charged. But Android instead does the same practice that makes both of them monopolize the mobile application market together.

Some of Elon Musk’s followers have even suggested that Elon create his own ‘app store’ and even Tesla Phone which will later have its own rules and regulations that are different from Apple and Google.

One fan had an even crazier idea by saying that the best way to surpass Apple and Google is to create an open mobile infrastructure that integrates cryptocurrencies at the operating system level.

This is indeed not impossible for this eccentric billionaire. Elon Musk often tries new things to expand his business, including his latest entry into the world of cryptocurrency. It’s possible that the Tesla Phone will become a reality in the future.

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New iPhone Release

New iPhone Release

Apple is preparing a new iPhone release: what is already known. Tech giant Apple in September should announce the release of a new generation of iPhone smartphones. This is reported by the WSJ with reference to analysts.

The new iPhone won’t have a lot of changes, but it will have a good impact on the company’s bottom line, Bloomberg said. Mainly new items will concern the camera and processor. The design of the smartphone will not undergo major changes, except for a small notch at the top of the screen, writes Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

Improved camera and processor

The new Apple iPhone Pro and Pro Max will have an improved camera with support for portrait mode (automatic background blur) video. The quality of the video will also improve. Bloomberg noted that the smartphone will receive a new artificial intelligence-based filter system for applying different styles when taking photos. fast A15 chip.

“There are pretty healthy rumors about the camera, and they are true. I believe this will be an argument in favor of Apple’s sales this time,” Munster said.

With the new iPhone, Apple will expand its 5G network to more countries in Asia and Europe, said Adam Weirs, an analyst at Juniper Research. Analyst Monness Crespi Hardt agrees with Apple’s plans to expand 5G in the new smartphone.

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iPhone mini

In addition to the standard and premium models, the company intends to release the iPhone mini again; despite the weak sales of the iPhone 12 mini. This was stated by an Apple analyst and managing partner of venture capital firm Loup Ventures Gene Munster. Juniper Research analyst Adam Weirs agreed with him. At the same time, in the coming years, the tech giant will abandon the mini in favor of the standard; and premium versions, added Weirs of Juniper Research.

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Pornographic Detection on Ios

Pornographic Detection on Ios

Apple introduced a feature to pornographic detection on ios, ipados and macos to combat child sexual abuse. The problem of sexual abuse is very serious and since the PKP was implement more than 500 days ago the number of cases has reportedly increase. In addition, the problem of sending ugly pornographic images also increase with women being sent images of private parts. This is an issue that has been lingering for a long time without any serious efforts being made to combat it.

Apple today announce they will introduce pornographic image detection features on the Message and iCloud apps to combat the spread of Child Sexual Abuse (CSAM) Content on all of their release devices. The machine learning system is built on the iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey operating systems that will be provide later.

This machine learning system will analyze the image to ensure; that it is not pornographic material when given to child users via Message. A warning will be give to users with blurred images. Parents, in turn, will receive notifications of potentially pornographic content receive by their children; that are include in the family account use.

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Next the images on the Apple device will be scan by the same machine learning system to detect images of child sexual abuse; that have been report to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) of the United States. When an image matching the NCMEC database is find on a user’s device; and their iCloud the authorities will be contact. According to Apple this machine learning system; and image matching of sexual abuse is enough with errors will only happen once for every trillion users.

Finally if an Apple device user goes through a search to report CSAM via Siri and Search; the device will provide accurate information. Users who perform a CSAM search will aware of illegally sought content; and provide suggestions on how help can be receive to treat this unnatural sexual desire.

At this time all of the above features will only be provide to users of iOS 15; iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey devices in the United States first. Apple insists user privacy still guard because searches are done entirely in devices with no data access by Apple. Only reports of child sexual abuse content will be report to authorities; if a match is find with the NCMEC database.

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New iPad Battery

New iPad Battery

Although the New iPad battery is a bit thick and contributes to the weight gain, it’s not a significant difference.

Retina Display: How much is the difference with the previous iPad?

I use an iPad 1 and sometimes even use someone else’s iPad 2. The difference is very noticeable on the New iPad with Retina Display display. The writing is sharper and does not have any visible pixels. This is because Apple has compacted their screen by 264PPI (Pixels Per Inch), which is double that of the previous model. If you have an iPhone 4/4S, the quality of this display is equivalent to the display of that device.

However, with the Retina Display function on the New iPad this is forcing developers of apps and publications specifically for the iPad to increase their file size. If they do not increase their image capacity (in terms of PPI), their image is less vivid and there is likely to be blur in their image.

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ISight 5 MegaPixel Camera: Is it as good as it says?

Undoubtedly, the New Apple iPad camera is more powerful than the iPad 2. Capable of recording at 1080p and 30FPS resolution including with a vibration damper function, this camera is a long -awaited update. What is unfortunate is why Apple didn’t include such a camera on the iPad 2 that would add value to the model?

1080p video recording capability was demonstrated by us on Google Zeitgeist news last week. However, like some other devices, it also contains a little “noise” on it. This iSight camera seems to be able to capture pictures and videos in low lighting environments.

Apart from the functions already mentioned, this New iPad camera is also capable of capturing HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures and comes with a face detector. Since the iPad is an Apple device, you cannot change the recording and light exposure settings. I tried to convert from 1080p to 720p but there was no such option.

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New iPad Experience

New iPad Experience

Today is a full week of me using a new iPad experience bought through a friend in Hong Kong. The New iPad purchased is a 16GB WiFi model and also contains iOS 5.1. The New iPad is also a third generation iPad and indirectly the iPad device is three years old since it was introduced in 2010.

This is my second Apple iPad after the iPad 1 I bought last year. Actually I wanted to buy an iPad 2 last year when it was announced but upon seeing its specs that only use low quality cameras, I canceled my plan and bought the iPad 1. When the New iPad was announced that would bring a camera with a 5Megapixel imaging chip, I kept wanting to buy it .

The question is, is it worth owning given that there are now so many tablet options on the market? That’s what I’m going to review today and let’s take a look at the specs of the New iPad.

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The New iPad features a 1GHz dual-core Cortex A9X processor that is also fitted with a chipset known as the A5X. This chipset powers four -core graphics power. The 9.7 -inch screen used is the same as the previous model but brings Retina display support, which raises their pixel resolution by 2048 x 1536. The RAM memory capacity is also increased to 1GB. With a faster processor, this New iPad is still able to operate at the same period; as the previous model only the battery thickness is added slightly but not significantly.

For the New Apple iPad imaging technology, Apple loaded the iSight camera, with a 5-Megapixel sensor and auto-focusing support. There is also a vibration damper (stabilization) to help users take pictures and record videos without vibration. The recorded video has a 1080p standard and is recorded at a speed of 30FPS.

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The iPhone 11 Battery

The iPhone 11 Battery

The iPhone 11 battery‘s 3110 mAh provides a usage life comparable to the Note 10+ which comes with a 4300 mAh battery. There is more than satisfactory fast charging support. However, Apple is a bit stingy because it refuses to provide an 18W fast charger with every purchase.

In a perfect world everyone wants a powerful Ferrari complete with extra functions of luxury class. But in the real world the majority of consumers do not have a bank account like a Bossku. So if a Ferrari is unaffordable, a Tesla is more than enough. Still able to accelerate as fast as a Ferrari without having to force you to mortgage inheritance land. The iPhone 11 Pro is a Ferrari while the iPhone 11 is a Tesla. Both are still more expensive than a MyVi but if you can afford a Tesla why stay with a MyVi?

The Apple iPhone 11 is sold in Malaysia at a starting price of RM3399 each. We recommend this device to those who want the camera and processor capabilities comparable to the iPhone 11 Pro Max without having to pay RM4899 for the most basic model.


Smartphones with the most powerful processors on the market right now.
The premium finish is very comfortable in the palm of the hand.
Launch applications very fast.
Excellent camera capabilities for photography and videography.
The best software update support in the industry. Vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed very quickly.
Good battery life even with small capacity that is enough for casual usage.

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LCD screens on flagship devices in 2019 are unforgivable.
There are still multi-tasking issues after five updates are given.
Fast charger is not provided with purchase.
Camera bulge is too big.
Digital zoom is not as good as optical zoom.

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The iPhone 11 Combination

The iPhone 11 Combination

The iPhone 11 combination of a large LCD screen that has a small battery when compared to comparable flagship devices gives the battery performance actually quite amazing. During the two -week review period, on heavy use the device can last up to 13 hours with SOT for only 7.5 hours. Battery life is increased to 22 hours with an SOT of around 9.5 hours on more moderate use.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max which has a larger battery is capable of providing an SOT that is only an hour longer and a usage time that is two hours longer. The iPhone 11 didn’t dominate the battery charts this year but is on par with other flagship Android devices with larger battery capacity. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ equipped with a 4300 mAh battery has a comparable device life.

The recharging period is around 90 minutes if using an 18W fast charger which needs to be purchased separately. To reduce the selling price of the Apple iPhone 11, Apple only provides a 5W charger with every purchase.


As the best flagship device, the iPhone 11 is well suited to be compared to the OnePlus 7T and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in the affordable flagship device segment.

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Why is this device the choice of the majority of Apple fans? First of all because it is the most affordable Apple flagship device on the market. It also offers excellent camera, battery and software capabilities. Some may say LCD screens are no longer suitable for 2019 flagship devices. We agree with this statement but for the majority of users who have never used an OLED screen device; the difference in screen description and HDR support will not be feel.

From our experience the camera and battery capabilities are much more important than the screen or audio. In this category the iPhone 11 passed with flying colors. After the Deep Fusion function was give through iOS 13.1; the pictures taken were absolutely stunning even just using a 12-Megapixel sensor. At the same time the iPhone still dominates the video recording capabilities; as there is no problem of uneven frame rate and even audio.

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Chip on iPhone 11

Chip on iPhone 11

The performance of the Apple A13 Bionic chip on iPhone 11 is the same as that used on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It recorded 1335 marks for single-core test and 2953 marks for multi-core test. in the Geekbench 5 test. In the Antutu 3D test it scored 470,297 marks. With 2019 nearing its end, as far as we know no flagship device with a more up -to -date chip will be launched. As such the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max will remain the most powerful smartphones in the Malaysian market for 2019.

The most powerful Android device in the Malaysian market is the Asus ROG Phone 2 with a Snapdragon 855+ chip. The smartphone, designed specifically for the first, scored 753 marks in the single -core test, 2770 marks in the Geekbench 5 multi -core test and 395,739 marks in the Antutu 3D test.

IPhone 11 users can enjoy smooth screen scrolling, no time lag, launch apps extremely fast and enjoy the latest updates at the highest settings,

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Processing power was indeed won by the iPhone this year but in terms of multi-tasking we were disappointed. It’s time Apple used a RAM size higher than 4GB. The problem of apps being refreshed after only four launches can still be seen especially when using third party apps. The update provided by Apple failed to resolve this annoyance. In more chronic cases, Chrome will refresh after we open the camera and Instagram apps. Not surprisingly, rumors have been heard that the iPhone 12 will be equipped with 6GB of RAM.

The multi-tasking king on smartphones is still held by the Galaxy Note 10+; and Galaxy Fold as they both come with 12GB of memory that is three times as large. That much memory is more than enough to satisfy most tech enthusiast.

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iPhone 11 Zoom Capability

iPhone 11 Zoom Capability

Another drawback lies in the iPhone 11 zoom capability. Digital zoom up to 5X gives a blurred image. The iPhone 11’s digital zoom quality is only slightly better than the iPhone XR. It just can’t match the 10X hybrid zoom quality on the P30 Pro. The zoom champion on smartphones is still held by Huawei devices.

Ultra wide angle picture recording is good with image distortion not as bad as on the Note 10. There are not many negative comments we can give here only night mode cannot be used with ultra wide angle lens. Why it is not supported is a mystery. Samsung and Huawei devices support night mode on all lenses used.

Night mode also cannot be activated manually by the user. The camera software will set when this mode can be activated based on the description of the environment. But the iPhone 11 isn’t marketed as a Pro device so we’re not too disappointed as was the case with the 11 Pro Max.

Night mode is finally supported on Apple devices but this first generation software is still not mature enough to match the night mode of Huawei devices. The pictures taken are still a bit dark and have significant noise problems.

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The stereo speaker system is used with Dolby Atmos and spatial support. Although the two speakers are not facing forward, the quality of the audio produced is still balanced. The sound is loud and bright. At maximum strength the sound produced is slightly bursting. The sound is a bit chaotic with less steady bass and less crunchy treble. But the audio quality of physical speakers on smartphones is typically indeed less than satisfactory. In our opinion, the Razer Phone 2 speakers are still the best ever produced.

The Apple audio experience using wireless headphones is the opposite. The audio quality is several times better. The bass rumble is intense, the treble is crisp and all the audio is well separated. Again we used the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones as they are the best on the market right now and made sure the tests were consistent. Almost all codecs are supported except LDAC.

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iPhone 11 Dual Camera

iPhone 11 Dual Camera

The 12+12 Megapixel f/1.8+f/2.4 main iPhone 11 dual camera uses a wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lens. No optical zoom support is included instead only a digital zoom system up to 5X is provided. Its ultra -wide -angle lens has a 13mm viewing angle. At Apple’s expense ultra -wide -angle lenses are more useful than optical ones. The front camera is a 12-Megapixel f/2.2 with a wide angle lens.

The iOS 13.2.3 camera app is minimalist with easy -to -understand interface elements. The built-in functions are Panorama, Portrait, Video, Slo-mo and Timelapse. No settings change the resolution of pictures taken. Users can only select a 16: 9, 4: 3 or 1: 1 screen ratio via a somewhat hidden additional menu. The same menu provides a choice of timer, flash, Live Photo and filter functions. After the iOS 13.1 update, the menu to change the video resolution and frame rate is placed directly on the camera interface.

But the function of manually controlling the Apple camera has not been provided until now. Manual controls can be used through third -party applications that need to be provided separately.

Lastly we would like to state that the iPhone 11 supports video recording at the highest settings of 4K 60FPS and slow motion 240FPS at 1080P resolution. The front camera is also capable of recording video at 4K 60FPS settings if necessary.

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Picture Quality

In the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max review, we said the camera capabilities of this device are slightly below the P30 Pro. The image is not sharp enough and the color production is less pronounced. With Deep Fusion already activated, our opinion on the camera capabilities of the 2019 iPhone has changed completely.

The colors on the images are more vivid, the details on objects like hair and skin are now very meticulous. This you can see in our handsome selfie picture below. If there is a shortcoming we can say about the picture below is that edge detection in bokeh mode is still not perfect. The bokeh capability of the Mate 30 Pro on our savings is still ahead.

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Button on iPhone 11

Button on iPhone 11

The power button on iPhone 11 is retained on the right side and two voice buttons on the left side. All three are made of metal material. The size of the mute switch is now smaller by around 25% and its position is lowered slightly downwards. Its small size is a problem for consumers even on the official framework of Apple product. Fingers had to dig in to move the switch. The nano -sized SIM tray is also still on the right side. It should be noted that models sold in Malaysia only support one physical SIM and one eSIM. The physical dual-SIM model is sold in China only.

The Lightning’s charging port is located on the bottom of the two -speaker audio lattice. Only the right lattice works with the left lattice just a cosmetic decoration. But don’t worry because the stereo audio system with Dolby Atmos included is just a second speaker placed in a large screen notch.

Rumors of using a USB-C port on the iPhone did not materialize this year. We are a small number of iPhone users who are frustrated Apple retains the Lightning port because we want to charge the MacBook Air, powerbank, iPad Pro and iPhone using only one charger when doing tasks outside the office. At this time carrying two chargers and two cables is harassing.

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Reviews are done after the device is updated to iOS 13.2.3. This is the fifth update given since the iPhone 11 was marketed to patch various serious bugs and security vulnerabilities that we have reported. Sorry to be informed after each update, new issues will be reported on third party applications. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to this day still have various post -update issues.

Since first reviewing the iPhone three years ago, iOS 13 has been the most problematic operating system ever used. Apple users have a reputation for raving their chests while claiming iOS is the most stable and safe operating system to use. But since iOS 12, this is no longer the truth but turned into fake news. Apple’s hardcore fans can only be proud their idol company still has the ability to update the fastest software in the industry.

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Apple iPhone 11 Features

Apple iPhone 11 Features

This year’s Apple iPhone 11 features Face ID system is also much faster with the ability to detect faces earlier and at greater angles due to the use of an ultra-wide angle lens on the front. However, Face ID can only be used when the device is in a vertical position. Why the Face ID system of the iPad Pro is not used on the iPhone 11 is still a mystery. We can only hope on the iPhone 12 someday, unlocking when the horizontal device is activated because Huawei, Samsung, Oppo and other Android device manufacturers have no problem doing so.

The camera bulge on the back is the most striking design on the Apple iPhone 11 besides the large Face ID notch on the front. The large camera lens along with the flash is placed in a rectangular notch that protrudes strongly out of the back panel of the device.

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This boxed design element has received criticism since it was popularized by the Mate 20 Pro but since Apple made it cool, other manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei have also used it. Like the big notch, the large square camera bulge will also be a 2020 design trend. Personally we don’t like this design because the device can’t be placed flat on a table surface. The frame needs to be purchased to prevent these two oversized camera lenses from being scratched.

The use of a frame is also recommended as the back panel of the iPhone 11 is slippery; so it traps dirt easily and makes it extremely slippery. This is not a problem on the iPhone 11 Pro; and 11 Pro Max due to the use of a matte glass back panel.

The glass panels are matched to a frame made of aluminum. The sides of the frame are rounded to make the device very comfortable in the user’s hand. There is no problem with this aluminum frame; only it is less durable than the stainless steel on the Pro model. If you use a frame, it is completely invisible.

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Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11

It’s impossible not to see couples giving away Apple iPhone 11 gifts to lovers on social media sites since the device was launched. It’s like a weird bending Olympics but it’s okay every time the iPhone 11 gift thread hits on social media. This raises the question of why this device is an option instead of the 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro or Note 10+ which are all sold at a more expensive price.

Through this review we will give the reasons why the iPhone 11 is the device of choice for Apple fans not only in our country Malaysia but also globally. We will also answer the question of why this device is so worth owning by the majority of users out there.

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The iPhone 11 is equipped with a 6.1 ″ LCD screen with Liquid Retina resolution. This is the same technology as the XR; and this means it has a lower pixel density than the two Pro models on the market.

Unlike the majority of Android devices on the market; this screen does not come with a built -in screen fingerprint scanner system. Instead the Face ID system introduced on the iPhone X is recycled complete; with a very large notch on the forehead part of the device.

Even though it’s just an LCD screen, the iPhone 11 can still display FHD resolution content; and support 120Hz touch detection like both Pro models. One difference this year is that Apple no longer includes a 3D system on all models. So users just have to be satisfy with the Haptic Touch. Normally more premium models will receive more advanced functionality; but this year premium models lost 3D Touch to equalize functionality on all iPhone 11 models. Another thing is that the maximum description is up to 625 nits only (;compared to the average 800 nits on the 11 Pro); without support HDR. In the video above we error saying HDR is supported on the iPhone 11.

iPhone SE 2016 Battery

iPhone SE 2016 Battery

As usual, Apple iPhone SE 2016 Battery and the power bank parted ways. This is an era where all iPhones use batteries around 2000mAh or lower. But this unit we use is an original battery since 2016 again and has never been replaced. So it is necessary to understand, that the battery of this iPhone is already unhealthy and incorrect.

The battery percentage in the setting displays 87%, which should be even better. But it may have been eaten away by age, it didn’t last as long as it used to. With the latest operating system that has a variety of functions and features, the battery of this iPhone SE is not able to last even half a day.

Over two days of use, the active screen time is approaching four hours only. This means, one day is about 2 hours. Within a day too, this device needs to be charged at least twice. Never mind the small battery and 5W charging. Charging time takes about 2 hours. Blink, SOT is the same as Pixel 4. Wow, surprising.

Bench mark

The Apple benchmark score is certainly low for this year. But even low, it still works well. We tested with the use of FaceTime, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Safari, it is able to operate well. Can’t make a variety of complaints, be aware that this device is old. For a device that still survives even after a long time. It’s very good.

AnTuTu recorded a score of 137819. While Geekbench 5 recorded a score of 520/929 for single-core and multi-core.

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So, ending this 2016 Apple iPhone SE review is by answering the question – is this device still useful and worth using in 2020? The answer is simple, yes – but not as an everyday device. As far as for light use or a second device, it is already sufficient. For example, you are a hardcore Android user but your friends have already switched to iOS-use this device as a medium for FaceTime and iMessage.

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iPhone SE 2016 Camera

iPhone SE 2016 Camera

Here it is difficult for me to explain, in 2016, yes, this iPhone SE 2016 camera is beautiful. Even until last year or two ago, on social media apps it remained among the best compared to modern Android flagship devices. But, at that time the camera system did not use machine learning technology or artificial intelligence. Only use regular post-processes. So of course back then it looked beautiful and neat.

But if used this year, Subhanallah! Despite a lot of light, the noise was clearly visible. Focus a little on the run. Selfie not to mention, bad. But what remains is, the color. The color results on the Apple iPhone SE 2016 are still consistent, which is to focus on natural colors. True, it has the latest iOS 13, so shouldn’t it have the same features and functionality as other iPhones? Not all of them are like that, some even require the power of a more powerful processing chip. Although this iPhone SE has the latest software, but the interior is old.

That’s okay, because the camera results are still good enough to be published on social media. Moreover Instagram Story, Snapchat and others. If that’s not enough, use third-party apps like Moment, Photoshop Camera and more for additional filter and control options.

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Only starting on the iPhone 7 and above, Apple started using stereo speakers. On the iPhone 6S Plus and below including the iPhone SE everything is mono speakers. It’s capable of delivering loud and fairly loud audio, but for this year’s use it’s not tasty enough.

Just want to listen to music or watch videos in the room while lying down, no problem. If you want a more immersive experience, just use a set of earphones.

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iPhone SE 2016 Software

iPhone SE 2016 Software

The features included in iPhone SE 2016 Software:

AirDrop – The function of transferring files between Apple devices to Apple devices quickly. It is this function that makes many Android manufacturers start to come up with their own variations.

AssistiveTouch – A function that is actually intended for people with disabilities. It activates a floating button that brings some access to applications or settings quickly.

Dark Mode – Dark mode from Apple. No matter OLED or LCD device, it can also be used. This dark mode is quite smart as it can be applied to almost the entire system including background images.

FaceTime – Video call function from Apple users to Apple users. It uses the Internet and is one of Apple’s popular video calling platforms. Google also came up with an alternative, the Google Duo.

FaceTime Audio – Voice call function without using credit. It uses the Internet, like FaceTime, only this is audio only and no video.

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The Apps

Health – Health apps from Apple like Google Fit, but smarter. There is footprint monitoring, can make menstrual monitoring, mental intelligence function and more.

Low Power Mode – Makes the power on the iPhone lower. The purpose is to save battery and also reduce performance.

Screen Time – Like Digital Wellbeing, but can monitor between all Apple devices. There is also Do Not Disturb, Bedtime. It can display how to use the device.

Shortcuts – Applications that make it easy for users to do various things easily. Using simple code writing, a variety of activities can be performed. Download videos, WhatsApp without saving numbers as contacts, integration with Siri and much more.

Touch ID – Apple’s once great and fast security system. It is a fingerprint scanner built into the home screen button. Stay fast until today.

Most of the iOS 13 functions available on the iPhone 11, are also included on this iPhone SE. These are among the most satisfying things when using an iPhone.

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iPhone SE 2016 Design

iPhone SE 2016 Design

The iPhone SE 2016 design uses a rectangular frame similar to the iPhone 5. It is very small and very easy to use one hand. Quite annoying, because after a few years familiar with screens over 5.0-inches up to approaching 7-inches. Typing errors are also common, especially for those with large bodies. On the front of the device will appear a 4.0-inch screen along with thick bezels on the top and bottom. On the forehead there are several sensors, earpieces, and a selfie camera. On the chin is a Touch ID sensor that also serves as a button to the main screen.

On the back is the Apple logo, LED flash and microphone. This device uses a relatively good aluminum construction material and feels solid. Although a bit awkward, but the size is really cute and heartwarming. At the top is the power button, at the bottom is the speaker lattice and audio jack port. The right side is the nano SIM card slot and lastly on the left are the voice level buttons and notification control buttons. This design is indeed an iconic iPhone design that many remember. There are rumors that the iPhone 12 will return a design like this. Interesting isn’t it?

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Apple iOS is ready to be the operating system for all iPhones. There is no other operating system running on an iPhone. The interface is also more or less the same from then to now, distinguishing it is the finish, function, features and iconographic design.

The iPhone SE 2016 runs the latest stable iOS 13.4.1 operating system. Amazingly, it’s been four years still having official update support. Try to find an Android 2016 device that still has official update support to this day. Definitely nothing! So, if you compare the prices of the iPhone and Android at the time – clearly here the iPhone SE is king!

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iPhone SE Unit

iPhone SE Unit

The iPhone SE unit we use is already four years old, so the screen has a slight yellowish effect if opening any white or bright colored content. Interestingly, it is quite comfortable to use this device while lying down and holding it with one hand.

Next up, this little Apple iPhone is powered by a 1.84GHz dual-core Apple A9 chip with a PowerVR GT7600 GPU. For memory, it uses 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage up to 128GB. This processing chip is a 14nm build which was standard at the time. This iPhone SE unit when launched, runs iOS 9. To date, the device has already received four major updates – namely iOS 13. Imagine, four years on, still receiving the latest operating system.

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Performance for basic use is very smooth and fast. No matter what task is done, opening the Safari web browser, iMessage, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter all runs smoothly and quickly as if there is no difference at all. Problems only start to be felt when too many apps are opened, the work of removing apps or swapping apps will make this device slow.

The system also sometimes crashes and just by turning off the device, it can return to normal. Other, the use is satisfactory. Just typing work, scrolling is hard. Yes, it is really easy to use with one hand. But with big hands, typing sometimes often makes mistakes. This device can be gripped simply in the palm of the hand hiding the device.

This incoming problem is forgivable, as it is getting old. But when there are no problems, it works fine.

For the camera this device uses only one lens for the main camera, which is 12 MP, f/2.2, 29mm (standard), 1/3 ″, 1.22µm, PDAF. Meanwhile, the selfie camera is from a 1.2 MP, f/2.4, 31mm lens. At first glance, this camera is still able to be used well. The details of this camera with its capabilities we will explain in another paragraph.

Complementing the device’s specifications are a 3.5mm audio jack port, mono speakers, Touch ID physical fingerprint scanner, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC (Apple Pay only) and a 1624mAh battery that uses a 5W charging system via a lightning port.

Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE

Today we are going to review the new smartphone released by apple called Apple iPhone SE. Believe it or not, Apple was among the early brands to come up with the killer device of the flagship? In 2015, the iPhone 6S was launched. It was Apple’s flagship device at the time and less than a year after the iPhone SE was introduced. The iPhone SE uses the iPhone 5/5S design but uses the iPhone 6S interior. The selling price is twice as cheap. Year after year, Apple no longer launches devices like this. Instead all of their devices are sold at increasingly expensive prices since the iPhone X.

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The Launch

Last week, Apple made a surprise by launching the new iPhone SE. It uses the design of the iPhone 8, but the interior is an iPhone 11. The iPhone SE 2020 uses a 4.7-inch screen which is larger than the iPhone SE 2016 which only has a 4.0-inch screen. The 2016 iPhone SE is already four years old and is still receiving official updates. So, is this old iPhone SE still usable and is it relevant to use until its life ends? This is a review of the 2016 iPhone SE, which we use for 2020.

The Apple iPhone SE uses a 4.0-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 640 x 1136. There is nothing special on their screen like True Tone, HDR, or others. It’s just a basic LCD panel that supports a touch screen to control the device. The device also has a thick bezel on the forehead and chin and a 16: 9 screen ratio.

This screen is too small to use in 2020. The brightness is also insufficient and completely unsatisfactory. Watching videos on YouTube also hurts the eyes and blinks. This is because our eyes are already familiar with OLED and LCD screens that have higher resolution. By suddenly using a small device, our eyes were startled. However, the colors displayed are still beautiful and good.

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Support in iPhone 11 Pro Max

Support in iPhone 11 Pro Max

Lastly is that there is no 3D Touch support in iPhone 11 Pro Max which we as professional users feel is very necessary as we have been using it since the iPhone 7 and also on the MacBook Pro. His loss was deeply felt. In our opinion a Pro device should be included with more functions given rather than discarded because it is not used by the majority of users.

With the sale price starting at RM5299, it is beyond the means of the majority of consumers. The first question is is it worth it? As a MacBook owner. The Mac Mini and iPad the answer we gave was yes because it complements the Apple ecosystem we have been using. It’s the best iPhone you can buy right now. Be aware the best usually also comes with the most expensive. This is natural. The price may be expensive but typically an iPhone can be used for four years with the best software support in the industry. If all is taken into account, the price paid is actually worth it.

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But if you’re not tie to the Apple ecosystem the answer is different. You will never understand why Apple AirDrop is such a useful function. You may also feel that Face ID does not provide additional functionality compared to the 2D face unlock system. All we can say is that if you’ve never used an Apple product; you won’t understand why there are fans willing to auction off a kidney to own it.

Even so we only recommend the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max to those who have never owned an iPhone X and above. If you want a device that will last for four years with fast software support; no other device can match the iPhone.

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