The Apple Rumors

The Apple Rumors

Through the Apple rumors shared, Apple is expected to introduce a 12-inch Macbook with a 12-core Apple Silicon 5nm processor on October 27. The price that is expected to be announced will definitely please many, which is as low as $ 799 (RM3,358.60). As a comparison, the Macbook Air model with the lowest price is now offered at RM4,399.

In addition, some models from the other Macbook series are also expected to experience a decrease in price through the use of Apple Silicon processor. If it is true that Apple managed to lower the price of the Macbook, it is certain that people, especially old Macbook users will choose to upgrade to this latest model.

Apple iPhone 9 will be sold for less than RM2,000? Mention of Apple products; is certainly enough to know where the company’s products are actually present at a premium price.

However, Apple is said to be releasing an affordable model; as early as March next year through the Apple iPhone 9 model. It will be featured as the second generation iPhone SE; this latest model is said to be offered with the same processor as the iPhone 11 Pro, the Apple A13 Bionic.

In terms of design, it is understood that the Apple iPhone 9 will use the iPhone 8 frame; to maintain the features of a small smartphone. In other words, this model will come with a 4.7-inch screen size. TouchID function is among those available on this model.

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Exciting News

Another thing that makes people excited is the price that will be offered on the latest model from Apple. According to Ming-Chi Kuo of Mac Rumors, the Apple iPhone 9 is expected to start offering for as low as $ 399 (RM1,670.01) for 64GB of storage space.

The price announced based on these rumors to us is seen; as very low considering that the iPhone 8 offered now with the Apple A11 processor alone reaches RM2,199. It is quite interesting to see how Apple wants to reduce costs in increasing sales of the iPhone 9 equipped with the Apple A13 processor.

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Price of Apple Earphone

Price of Apple Earphone

Yes, you are not wrong the sale price of Apple earphone is $ 1,590 (~ RM7090). This Apple wireless earphone is a hit only because of the delivery guarantee before Christmas. We are not sure if this is intentional or not, what is certain is that this news once again managed to provide free marketing for Apple. Tim Cook must be proud.

For those of you who are interested, reservations can be made on Apple’s website. Your Apple AirPods are expected to arrive as early as next week. We can’t wait to see if Apple AirPods can be a trendsetter for other wireless earphones or not.

The Apple iPhone XS Max will go on sale on October 26. It seems that the wait of Malaysian consumers to get the latest Apple iPhone model will end soon. The model, which was first offered in several other countries earlier, can be ordered starting October 19.

The official sale date of this model throughout the Apple network throughout Malaysia will begin on October 26. The following is the price list for the Apple iPhone XR, XS and XS Max:

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It seems that it is no longer a secret that the price of the latest model Apple iPhone is getting more expensive by offering more sophisticated specifications and functions. For those of you who are interested in being the first to get the latest Apple iPhone model, you can pre -order in advance before getting it on October 26.

Apple is expected to introduce the Macbook with the lowest price in history. Mention of Apple is sure that many are quite familiar with the brand that regularly produces products at this premium price. Offering Apple Mac Pro with a price of up to RM218,974 between one of them.

In the meantime, lately it can be seen that Apple also seems to be releasing more affordable products; for consumers such as the iPhone SE.

In conjunction with Apple’s efforts to produce its own processing chips without relying anymore on Apple, the brand is reportedly ready to offer the Macbook at the lowest price in the company’s history.

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Highest Specs of Apple Mac

Highest Specs of Apple Mac

As is no longer a surprise when the highest specs of Apple Mac Pro with the participation of a 28-core Intel Xenon W 4.4 Ghz processor, two 128GB Radeon Pro Vega II Duos graphics cards, 1.5TB of RAM and 4TB of SSD storage space are offered at a high price.

In addition, users also have the opportunity to add Apple Afterburner software to double the speed for video editing for $ 2,000 (~ RM8,326.00).

The Apple Mac Pro which was initially offered at a price of $ 6,000 (~ RM24,978.00) is already available with the highest specifications as mentioned above at a price of $ 52,599 (~ RM218,974). A very high price for a desktop.

If you want the best specifications you can get from the Apple desktop, the latest Mac Pro model with these latest specifications is among those you can get at this premium price.

Based on our survey, this selection of specifications has just been offered on Apple site in the United States while Apple’s Malaysia site has yet to offer it to the public.

It was hot recently when rumors surfaced that Apple was ready to offer the iPhone 9 for less than RM2,000. Also shared, the new product that Apple just launched last month is the 16-inch Apple Macbook Pro.

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The Bid

Due to impatience, this Apple Airpods was bid at a price of RM7,000. It seems that the wait to get the latest wireless earphones from Apple is finally over. The Apple AirPods which were initially expected to arrive in October 2016 have taken some time; before confirming its sale which has now opened. Welcome to the wireless world, Apple fans.

For the Malaysian market, the selling price of Apple AirPods is RM849. A ‘premium’ price for a hipster and futuristic earphone. For Apple fans in Malaysia, getting Apple AirPods may not be a problem other than the price.

Another story in the U.S. where the price of Apple AirPods soared so high. Due to high demand, ordering Apple AirPods will take some time before it is accepted by users.

As a result, Apple AirPods have been resold at ridiculous prices with fast shipping. Here are the prices that can be seen on ebay.

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Announced Apple Price Tag

Announced Apple Price Tag

The announced Apple price tag is also based on the sale price in the United States. The slightly higher price is among those expected when it first enters Malaysia where the iPhone X which was previously offered for $ 999 in the United States has been offered in Malaysia at a price of RM4,857.

What do you think about this latest model of iPhone? Is your tube enough to be the first to get an iPhone XS Max?

For selling an iPhone without a charger, Apple was fined RM8 million in Brazil. As everyone knows, Apple no longer offers a charger with every iPhone purchase in the past year. This is because, Apple wants to reduce electronic pollution.

Most recently, Apple was found guilty of not including a charger on the purchase of an iPhone where it is enshrined in consumer rights law in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

As a result, Apple was fined R $ 10,546,442.48 (~ RM7.8 million) by the municipal authorities of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Not only that, Apple’s ads are also non -transparent when what Apple promises doesn’t seem to be in line with real -world usage. In fact, Apple also failed to offer a warranty and replacement for iPhones that were damaged due to water.

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Apple was also found guilty of selling damaged devices to consumers. It is understood that Apple will appeal; so that the fine is not imposed and may need to go to court.

In the meantime, we share some Apple -related articles at the links below.

Apple Mac Pro with the highest specifications is available to own at a price of RM218,974. Mention of the Apple brand is sure that many are already familiar enough with this brand that offers a selection of premium items at high prices.

Through the opening of the latest Apple Mac Pro sales, Apple through its sales page has offered an opportunity for the public to choose the desired specifications.

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Launching of iPhone Models

Launching of iPhone Models

The launching of iPhone models consist of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models. Basically, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were introduced to replace the iPhone X as well as the Plus version models.

In terms of specifications, each is equipped with an Apple A12 Bionic processor that promises a 30% performance increase over previous models. Apple also said that this latest processor is the best processor ever produced for a smartphone.

Commenting on the display, both come with OLED displays along with Super Retina technology. The Apple iPhone XS comes with a 5.8-inch screen while the iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.5-inch screen.

Interestingly, Apple also added the SmartHDR function which promises more attractive picture quality than previous models. In addition, users have the opportunity to adjust the bokeh for each picture taken. The dual-SIM offer as previously rumored is also offered by Apple.

Apple iPhone XR is targeted by Apple for those who do not want to get a new model at a slightly lower price. In terms of specifications, the Apple iPhone XR uses an LCD display and comes with a 6.1-inch screen.

Unlike the two models announced, the Apple iPhone XR still uses one camera on the back. However, Apple still promises good picture quality for this model.

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Commenting on the latest model of iPhone, it is not valid if you do not know its premium price. The Apple iPhone XR will be priced at around $ 749 (RM3,100) while the iPhone XS will be priced at $ 999 (RM4,135.76).

The Apple iPhone XS Max will be sold with a starting price of $ 1099 (RM4,549.75). For information, the announced introductory price is based on the 64 GB storage size. The price for the iPhone XS Max model with 512 GB of storage is offered at $ 1,449 (RM5998.72), making this model the most expensive Apple iPhone model in history.

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iMac With Five Color Options

iMac With Five Color Options

After the iPad Air, Apple is expected to introduce the iMac with five color options. Apple managed to create a phenomenon through the introduction of the Apple M1 chip which is dedicated to desktops and laptops produced by Apple. This high -powered chip as well as using low electricity indirectly makes people excited to get it.

Recently, after successfully releasing several laptop models that use the Apple M1 chip, the company seems ready to expand the network of use of the latest chips through other models of their products.

Among the latest models that will come with the Apple M1 chip and equipped with a brand new design is the Apple iMac. With the Apple iMac model released in 2021, Apple is expected to bring back the nostalgia of the iMac G3 model by offering various colors for consumers. It is just looks very unique.

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The Colours offering

A total of five colors have been offered and all of them are the same as ever offered on the Apple iPad Air before. On the front of the latest generation iMac, can be seen a thinner bezel design among those offered.

The latest model of Apple iMac is expected to be announced by Apple; as early as this March along with several other models. Together we look forward to more from Apple the official price for this latest release model.

Previously there was a rumor that Apple may introduce the latest design of AirPods Pro without Ear Tips. Find out the three Apple iPhone models that have just been officially launched.

A year ahead, it seems that Apple this year once continued the trend of last year; by introducing three Apple iPhone models. As many expected and announced earlier rumors.

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The Apple Macbook Pro

The Apple Macbook Pro

Previously, it was known that the Apple Macbook Pro will come with TouchID. The same technology used on iPhone smartphones in the past made the Macbook Pro the first laptop with fingerprint scanning in Apple’s computer history.

If you often follow the development of Apple technology, surely you know how Apple is so obsessed with ‘thinner and lighter’ that Apple wants every product to be thinner and lighter every few years according to user comfort. It is expected that the Apple Macbook Pro this year will also come with a thinner and lighter design.


If you are a Macbook Pro user or want to get a Macbook Pro, my recommendation, get this latest model. The functions offered are much more attractive than the existing models.

Apple Macbook Pro is also reportedly going to replace the function keys to the OLED touch screen. Something new for Apple is experimenting on their release laptops. Several other rumors such as the use of Siri and more robust specifications are expected to occur.

The Apple Macbook Pro is currently in a class of its own. The change is expected to boost Macbook Pro sales even more than ever before. For Macbook Pro users, are you switching to this Macbook Pro 2016 with the latest functionality additions?

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Just launched, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro has become a ‘meme’

Recently Apple has launched some new products. The launch of the three latest iPhone models, namely the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, are among the most awaited before it is opened for sale.

Despite the changes featured, this latest model of iPhone does not seem to be able to escape the ‘habit’ of other Apple products when the iPhone 11 Pro camera has been turned into troll material and memes that have managed to make netizens laugh.

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Latest iPhone Installed in India

Latest iPhone Installed in India

Apple wants the latest iPhone installed in india starting next year. After several discussions between Apple Company and the Government of India, it is expected that India will be the latest hub for Apple to produce the iPhone.

It is said that the selection of the Bangalore location in India as Apple’s new assembly plant will provide an opportunity for Apple to offer a lower Apple iPhone to consumers. This is due to slightly lower labor costs in India compared to Apple’s assembly plant in China.

In addition, the production of iPhones in India gives Apple a license to sell more iPhones as the Government of India is blocking the sale of refurbished iPhones in the country.

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For your information, Foxconn is still working with Apple to produce the iPhone. Apple’s initiative to choose India as the latest hub seems easier given that Foxconn Company as the company that produces the iPhone already has a factory in India.

No wonder Apple chose Foxxconn India as 2 smartphone brands that offer low prices, namely Xiaomi; and OnePlus are also produced in the same country.

So far, discussions between Apple’s representatives; and the Indian government are still ongoing; as the production of many Apple iPhones will have an impact on their country. If all goes well, not only the iPhone; but even the Apple iPad will also be produced in India around Apple 2017.

Will the latest Apple iPhone be sold at a lower price? Together we look forward. Apple Macbook pro will come with OLED touch and thinner.

It’s been almost a few years we haven’t seen a new design on the Apple Macbook Pro. Especially when Apple wants to focus on the Apple Macbook. In conjunction with the launch of Apple WWDC 2016 which will take place soon; several rumors have been announced including new designs for the Apple Macbook Pro and Apple iPhone 7.

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Apple First Outlet in Southeast Asia

Apple First Outlet in Southeast Asia

Apple brought a twist to their Apple first outlet in Southeast Asia. May 27, 2017 is definitely a very meaningful date for Apple Singapore on the launch of Apple’s latest outlet. To this knowledge, this latest Apple outlet is Apple’s 21st branch as well as the first in Southeast Asia.

Since it is an Apple outlet, the goods sold are definitely equipped with a variety of special products from this brand based in Cupertino, California.

Meanwhile, Apple Singapore has managed to bring a difference to their outlets by highlighting eco -friendly outlets. Not only decorated with trees, Apple Singapore is also powered through renewable resources.

In terms of design, this 46 -foot and 2 -storey building still brings a minimalist and modern concept in line with its brand.

One of the things that makes Apple’s official outlet look different is the Today at Apple program. For your information, Today at Apple is one of Apple’s initiatives to educate and teach their users to be more savvy in using Apple products.

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In addition to increasing consumer satisfaction, the move is also seen as one of Apple’s ways to further increase consumer loyalty to their brand.

True to its name, the program is held daily with a different teaching schedule. For example, tomorrow, June 6, 2017, Apple Singapore has held a photography workshop using an iPhone; specifically for those who are interested in learning lighting and shadow techniques.

If you are a tech enthusiast or a fan of Apple products; Apple Singapore located on Orchard Road may be one of the destinations you should visit if visiting Singapore. This Orchard Road is one of the places in Singapore that is very popular; that is one of the reason why Apple decided to put one of their Apple store there. So there is a lot of traffic going in and out.

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Symmetry of Apple Watch

Symmetry of Apple Watch

“I think this has to do with symmetry of Apple Watch, which is about details and not about the Apple brand developing earlier than other brands.

“If the hand shows 10:10, then the long hand will block 1/6 between 10; and 11 on the surface of the clock.

“If the short needle is positioned exactly at 2 o’clock, the long and short needles will not look balanced. And it is located at 10:09 then its position is more symmetrical.

“That sounds more like Apple’s logic to me,” he said.

Reinforcing the theory that says Apple wants something different; from other branded watches is a view from the previous Business Insider portal explaining the 9.41 time selection.

According to a report from the portal, the selection of 10.09 instead of 10.10 symbolizes the desire; and statement from Apple that wants to be ahead compared to other watch manufacturers.

This timepiece is also unique to Apple as is the unique selection of world branded watch manufacturers such as Rolex, TAG Heuer, TIMEX and Bell & Ross.

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For Example

Rolex maintains the uniqueness of their Apple watch display to be promoted with a time of 10:10:31, TAG Heuer with 10:10:37 and Apple in turn remains unique with 10:09:00 or 10:09:30.

Simply put, this one minute early selection indirectly shows that they are one step ahead of other brands; in addition to maintaining their own uniqueness.

Although there is no official and concrete statement on the selection of the time by Apple but it is hoped that with the explanation and information that has been provided will be able to answer some of the questions behind the selection of the time of the watch which is slightly different from other brands.

Did you know Apple recently also reportedly will be supplying a smaller battery on their next model; which is the iPhone 13?

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Display on Apple Watch

Display on Apple Watch

Why is 10:09 often display on Apple Watch for promotional purposes? Ever had when you were in a watch store and the time displayed on the clock showed exactly 10:10? Not only in stores; even if you look at promotional ads on various platforms for watches are also mostly fixed at this time.

To answer the question on the matter, the clock hand placed at 10.10 is actually related to the appearance; or more precisely the position of the logo on the clock displayed.

The watchmakers are understood to think that the needle placed at the 10.10 time position will give space to their brand logo to look more beautiful; and more suitable to be displayed to customers.

However, unlike other watchmakers, the Apple technology company that produces the Apple Watch has set a time of one minute in advance on their watch displays for advertising and promotional purposes, namely at 10:09 and 9:41.

This indirectly raises questions among consumers; and observers who wonder if the real reason the brand from the United States is not just following what other watch manufacturers have done before.

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Why 9:41 and 10:09?

The most popular theory as reported by Business Insider is; because it is said to be synonymous with the launch time of the first iPhone model; by Steve Jobs in 2007.

In the event, Jobs launched the first iPhone model at 9:41 am; and to this day it is still understood to be one of the strongest theories saying; why the clock on this Apple Watch is set at that time.

Not only does it use a 9.41 clock display as mentioned earlier, but Apple also takes a different approach compared to most other watch manufacturers when not using the 10.10 setting but instead they choose 10.09.

As for the answer to why they chose 10.09; it is believed to be because Apple is understood to want a variation; as suggested by Dave Mark on The Loop portal.

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Apple iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XS

The Apple iPhone XS is ready to be ordered starting today. It seems that the wait of Malaysian consumers to get the latest Apple iPhone model will end soon. The model, which was first offered in several other countries earlier, can be ordered starting October 19.

In terms of specifications, the latest models of Apple iPhone XS and XS MAX are equipped with the Apple A12 Bionic processor which promises a 30% performance increase compared to previous models. Apple also said that this latest processor is the best processor ever produced for a smartphone.

Commenting on the display, both come with OLED displays along with Super Retina technology. The Apple iPhone XS comes with a 5.8-inch screen while the iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.5-inch screen.

Interestingly, Apple also added the SmartHDR function which promises more attractive picture quality than previous models. In addition, users have the opportunity to adjust the bokeh for each picture taken. The following is the price list for the three Apple iPhone models offered.

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Apple Models

4 iPhone 12 series models launched by Apple starting from RM3,399. Almost a year has come with various rumors, finally the day that technology fans and Apple have been waiting for has arrived. As expected, Apple’s special program this time was held in conjunction with the official launch of the iPhone 12 series.

In contrast to previous years, Apple has not only launched three iPhones, but four iPhone models from the iPhone 12 series have been launched simultaneously.

The brand new design model consists of iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max which are all powered by Apple A14 Bionic processor and 5G internet network. They have to use the newest technology, if they want to keep the share in the market.

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Clear Product Description in Apple

Clear Product Description in Apple

Clear product description in Apple starts with the story of how Apple is so ‘worried’ about the problems faced by consumers and then tells the story of their journey in solving them.

To strengthen support for their products, Apple invites experts in related fields to explain in style that is full of confidence in the innovations made.

Research done

I see the storytelling of this product research more; to show how serious the Apple company is in producing a product to convince consumers.

Telling about the use of this high quality material indirectly makes customers feel; that the expensive price set by Apple is relevant and worthwhile to get. Man when you touch the surface, you just know the quality feeling.

Apple’s intention is that at the end of their ads, customers will know their product is trusted by experts, has been produced after some research is done and coupled with the ‘hype’ of the brand itself will make customers get it. Their sales volume each year explains everything.

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Why is Apple often the victim of ‘bullying’?

Riding the popularity or ‘ride the hype’ is also often done by other companies to market their products successfully. This is why you will see only Apple ads that are targeted to be used as ‘parody’ material. As a result, ads like this easily get the attention of consumers while enhancing their brand name.

Undoubtedly, some of the technological ‘innovations’ that Apple has done are not the best or the first. But this style of advertising and marketing from Apple has always been a reference for other giant companies. Who would have thought that Steve Jobs ’idea with this teammate managed; to be an evergreen idea at least for the last decade.

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McDonald Ad About Apple

McDonald Ad About Apple

What I learned behind the McDonald ad about Apple was trying to ‘troll’ apple. You may know McDonald’s as a fast food restaurant with a large network around the country. Producing new menus to attract people is already an obligation in their business.

But if you look at recently McDonald’s USA has started to introduce limited edition items specifically to attract the attention of young people. Among them are smart keyboards, nail polishes, speakers and the latest product released by McDonald’s is a drink dispenser. Yes, it’s just a regular drink dispenser and it’s known as ‘the STRAW’.

The drink dispenser ad that I initially remember was just a parody seems to have come into existence after McDonald’s was about to release a total of 2,000 units of ‘the STRAW’ specifically for McDonald’s around the United States. Let’s watch this ad first before I discuss about Apple’s ad techniques as well as other companies.

Done watching? Indeed, trolls have run out of ways for McDonald’s to introduce a drink dispenser that is full of ‘innovation’. Starting with the way of presentation using a British accent, a confident facial expression and last but not least is to show the study conducted by the researchers.

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Most important is the white background which has become a trademark for every Apple ad. It’s just as true as Apple’s ads.

Still, have you ever wondered why Apple is so consistently producing ads that have almost the same concept and storyline for all products.

Even more ironic when this approach is done by companies that spend big on marketing every year. It’s impossible that Apple doesn’t have a better idea after displaying almost the same advertising style for so long.

The answer is because the ads displayed by Apple are not only still relevant but also managed to ‘flick’ the hearts of consumers to get Apple products despite being overpriced by users of Apple products.

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Nike Apple Watch

Nike Apple Watch

Apple is a technology company that has proven to have a well -established ecosystem between its Nike Apple watch devices.

Apple is also aware of the interest of most users of ‘smartwatch’ or ‘fitness band’ towards ‘fitness’ and ‘health’, especially among runners and also ‘sport enthusiasts’.

The Apple Watch 1 has begun to combine the functionality of a ‘smartwatch’ with a ‘fitness band’.

But the ‘fitness’ app offered by the Watch OS may be a bit simple for runners and ‘outdoor runners’ want the GPS function not available on the Apple Watch 1 to map their runs outside.

Nike is the number 1 sports brand in the world.

In terms of design and technology for sportswear and equipment, Nike has a ‘strong presence’.

Nike is also aware, technology now plays a huge role in sports.

Apple’s current presence in the ‘smartwatch’ segment is an opportunity for these two giants to join their respective strengths.

It is still too early to celebrate the Apple Watch 2 Nike+ will be successful; but it has shown good cooperation from Apple and Nike.

In addition to the same functions as other Apple Watch 2 such as GPS, waterproof 50 meters; and higher pixels, designed a special band that attracts specifically for runners and ‘sport ethusiast’.

The perforated band design is intended to provide space for the wrist to breathe compared to previous sport bands.

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There are also some specially designed functions on the Apple Watch 2 Nike+; to make it easier for runners to start the run and see their progress.

The Apple Watch 2 Nike+ focuses on you and also your life.

The perfect companion for running because it is simple, attractive; and easy to use and provides the best running experience out there according to Nike.

The Apple Watch 2 Nike+ will be sold at a price of RM1649 for 38mm, the same as the price of the Apple Watch 2 on October.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 will go on sale for the Malaysian market as early as tomorrow. Are you a hardcore Apple fan? If so, maybe you are one of those who can’t wait to get the Apple Watch Series 2 when it goes on sale for the Malaysian market as early as tomorrow.

Mentioning about Apple products, the products come at a premium price. The price for the Apple Watch Series 2 will start selling at RM1,649 to RM5,949. They all come with the same functionality, only the Apple Watch material differentiates the price.

Faster processor, GPS and waterproof functions are among the latest on the Apple Watch Series 2. Like its operating system, the Apple Series 2 also focuses on athletes where the latest smartwatch from Apple is perfect for swimmers.

Several applications are provided to help swimmers and runners to find out about some info. Not used enough for sports, the Apple Watch Series will make it easier for you to play Pokemon Go.

Good news for you who want to get the Apple Watch Sport Version. Apple has recently announced a collaboration with Nike where Apple announced the collaboration of the two companies with the launch of the Apple Watch 2 Nike+model. Comes in more ‘sporty and striking’ colors

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Apple Watch 2 Nike+, the much -anticipated Apple and Nike collaboration. Apple’s collaboration with Nike is certainly something to look forward to.

These are two tech and sports giants whose branding is very strong.

Nike has previously taken a step towards ‘fitness wearables’ with the Nike Fuelband and received encouraging response.

But fierce competition from Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and even Pebble in this segment has left Nike behind.

Surely some are wondering what was the reason behind Nike and Apple’s decision to work together to produce the Apple Watch 2 Nike+. Even Nike has shut down Fuelband.

For me it was a decision that benefited both parties.

Apple Is Ready for Bitcoin

Apple Is Ready for Bitcoin

A report from ChainLeak CEO, Joshuwa Roomsburg, informed that Apple is ready for Bitcoin worth $ 2.5 billion (~ RM10.48 billion). He who is quite hopeful with these rumors said he is ready to support Apple by getting the latest iPhone and for use as decoration.

These rumors were further strengthened after Apple was seen opening up job opportunities in finding new employees with backgrounds in industries involving digital wallets, fast payments and cryptocurrencies to fill positions as business development managers.

Bitcoin technology was praise by Apple’s co -founders

Steve Wozniak as the co-founder of Apple recently also informed that he is excited about the technology available on Bitcoin and claimed that Bitcoin is better than gold. However, he admits to not investing in Bitcoin so far and is simply positive with the development of Bitcoin.

Apple Pay vice president Jeniffer Bailey in 2019 also admitted that Apple is really impressed and has an interest in cryptocurrency technology. Man that really makes you think, what is the future of money going to be

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Bitcoin Pricing

For the record, the price of Bitcoin was soaring by 20%; after Tesla announced the purchase of Bitcoin for $ 1.5 billion around the beginning of last February.

For cryptocurrency investors, there are certainly many who expect these rumors to be true; because they are able to boost the price of cryptocurrency; after falling following China’s decision to ban the use of cryptocurrency in recent months. This is a decision that severely limits the freedom to use decentralized money.

Around last April, there were reports that Malaysia’s first Apple Store; was expect to open at The Exchange TRX as early as next year. So the news can be interpret as Apple’s step towards the world of cryptography that follows the times.

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Apple Power Users

Apple Power Users

For Apple power users who want speed, the iMac Pro also supports up to 128 GB of RAM and 4 TB of SSD. Arguably, this time Apple’s announcement about the iMac Pro this time around did not disappoint any party.

Talking about the price of sophisticated specifications coupled with its well -known brand is certainly not sold at an affordable price and suitable for all consumers.

Apple iMac Pro as the specifications mentioned above will go on sale at a price of $ 4999 (~ RM21320.73). Is it worth it? If this product is used for editing work and requires high graphics power this may be a product worth your investment.


Its future proof specifications so far will make the iMac Pro a high -spec product for at least the next 3 or 4 years.

In the meantime, if you are still interested in the iMac and do not want to spend big up to tens of thousands of dollars you can get an entry-level iMac that also gets the latest updates with prices starting at $ 1099 (~ RM4687.23). That is a pretty expensive price considering the specification that is offered; but if you love the apple ecosystem and a power user in the same time, thats a pretty good deal.

The following is a list of products announced by Apple along with their prices through the WWDC 2017 event. Which Apple product caught your attention to get it?

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Apple invests in bitcoin worth rm10.48 billion?

If you follow the news about cryptocurrency and Apple, surely you know enough; where Apple’s rumors of buying Bitcoin are nothing new. In fact, many think that Apple will get Bitcoin based on the technology it offers.

Most recently, rumors of Apple’s purchase of Bitcoin once again became public talk; when there were tweets saying Apple acquired Bitcoin in excess of $ 2 billion (~ RM8.38 billion).

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Apple Announced the iMac Pro

Apple Announced the iMac Pro

Apple announced the iMac Pro as the most advanced Mac ever produced. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 which took place this morning saw Apple announce the Apple iMac Pro. An iMac that is given the most advanced specifications as well as making it the greatest Mac ever produced by Apple.

The launch of the iMac Pro gives a sigh of relief to Apple’s ‘power users’ after Apple did not make the latest update on the Mac Pro lately.

‘Power user’ I mean refers to users who want the best specifications as well as smoothness and speed in rendering high quality video. Not to forget also for users who often do work that requires high processing power.


In terms of design, Apple still maintains the same design as the previous iMac. But one notable difference seen on the iMac Pro is the space gray color; which to me looks more modern and elegant.

Apple’s initiative to keep the design of the iMac still seems relevant; as it still looks slim and is able to include sophisticated components.

Not only, the iMac is given a space gray finish; but Apple also introduced the Apple Magic Keyboard that comes with the numpad and the Apple Magic Mouse in black.

Unfortunately, Apple users can only get these 2 devices by getting the iMac Pro only as they are not sold separately.

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Talking about the specs, I can say Apple seems to be very serious and committed to giving the best through their latest models.

The iMac Pro is equipped with an Intel Xeon 18-core CPU processor; allowing the iMac Pro’s hyper-treading work to run smoothly. In terms of graphics, Apple chose to use AMD Vega; and it is rumored that AMD’s latest graphics are capable of supporting up to 16GB of VRAM.

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Apple Fake Motivation

Apple Fake Motivation

How do I try Apple fake motivation myself?

Ok, how do I try to “fake motivation” myself?

After reading the iWoz book in a short time, the desire to read is still there.

So I opened the back of the Big Bad Wolf plastic bag looking for another book to read.

I chose 2 books…

The first book is a book that I think is easy to read and the second book that I think discusses interesting ideas.

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Then I made the ultimatum below as fake motivation:

“As long as I don’t finish reading the first book, I can’t even open the second interesting book”.

Because what is fake? Because I bought the second book, I’m glad I want to read it before I finish the first book.

The trick to fake motivation is that the things we ‘force’ ourselves to do must be the things we like.

Like Woz, he really likes engineered floppy drives, just need a little push to complete quickly.

Like me, I really like the first book, it’s just that I rarely manage to finish a book in less than 2 days.

But when I used this fake motivation, I managed to finish the first book in less than 2 days, and felt more and more excited to read the second book.

So you can try this fake motivation.

If you can’t discipline yourself, ask for help from family members to be your ‘Mike Markkula’.

This Is The New Apple iPhone Price List With 0% GST

As promised by the government, on today, June 1, 2018, the GST tax rate which was previously 6% has been lowered to 0%. In other words there are some items involved are also offered at lower prices.

Apple Malaysia through its website also updated the price list of the Apple iPhone which is now offered with a price reduction of up to RM334. The following is a new price list for the Apple iPhone after 0% GST.

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False Motivation in Apple

False Motivation in Apple

False motivation in Apple is what drive them to success. Back then floppy drives were a rather complicated new technology. Floppy drive sort of in this picture – Wiki to know more).

When something is difficult, new technology, there must be motivation to do.

As Woz tells in his book iWoz… he uses fake motivation or “fake motivation”.

Woz said to Mike, “If I manage to complete a floppy drive for the Apple II, can I go to CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas?”.

Mike said OK.

This is the ‘fake motivation’ for Woz to prepare a floppy drive for the Apple II.
What is fake motivation

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Emmm… Why does Woz call this thing “fake motivation”?

Woz said, fake because he’s the co-founder of Apple. If he wants to go anywhere, he doesn’t really have to ask anyone’s permission.

He shares as much as Steve Jobs at the time (more than Mike shares).

Due to this fake motivation, Woz managed to complete a floppy drive for the Apple II. Ready to open a booth at CES to showcase the Apple II with this floppy drive.

After that, people didn’t see Commodore PET and Radio Shack TRS-80.

Apple II sales soared and Apple became rich ever since that day.


So, after reading the iWoz book, I recap what new things I can learn. Lots.

But this “fake motivation” is the most interesting and easiest to try yourself.

Before I tell you how I tried this fake motivation myself, let’s look at the lesson from this Apple II floppy drive story:

1. Mike Markkula is confident with his own company products (he himself uses the Apple II to do balance in business).

2. Mike Markkula did about in business even though at that time Apple was still small-about business is very important no matter how big the business.

3. Floppy drive is actually not in the planning to increase sales of Apple II, just want to solve Mike Markkula’s problem. But God’s plan is greater.

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Apple Music Worth

Apple Music Worth

Is Apple Music worth it? If you’re an iOS user and want something that’s best and consistent in terms of content, options and functionality, Apple Music is definitely the most worthwhile option.

It can also be controlled using Siri, can also be accessed via Apple TV and PC using iTunes although still not accessible via web browser.

In terms of price, Apple offers prices comparable to its closest competitors. With an individual plan starting at RM14.90 per month or you can get a family plan that turns out to be more economical with a price of RM22.90 for a sharing of 6 users.


Android users can also try Apple Music for themselves with the official app available on the Google Play Store. With a free full trial period for the first three months, it is the only music streaming service that provides a relatively long period of time for users to try it out.

How Steve Wozniak Used ‘Fake Motivation’ To Set Up Apple II Faster

In 1977, there were 3 major players in the personal computer (PC) industry:

1. Commodore PET
2. Radio Shack TRS-80
3. Apple II

At that time, all three PC models used “tape drives” to store software. (To the younger generation, please Wiki “tape drive” to better understand, because I myself am not old enough to use a tape drive on a PC).

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Always crashes

Although the Apple II offers the highest speed for reading this tape drive (compared to other PCs), the sensitivity rate also increases.

Software in the Apple II is easy to crash.

Not content with that shortcoming, the price of the Apple II is 2 times more expensive than competitors. The Apple II is more expensive because it’s the only PC that provides color graphics. But the color graphics do not justify why their price should be 2 times more expensive, the software always crashes.

Not only are users depressed with this always-crashing software problem, but Mike Markkula-Apple’s first investor-is no longer able to bear it when he’s struggling to make a business balance using the Apple II.

Mike asked Steve Wozniak (Woz)-Apple’s co-founder-to design a “floppy drive” for the Apple II.

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Browse in Apple Music

Browse in Apple Music

Browse in Apple Music makes it easy to find the latest and greatest songs. Apple Music has the largest music catalog compared to its nearest competitor Spotify, with 40 million songs. Most leading artists choose Apple Music because of its influence in the international music industry with the iTunes app. For example Taylor Swift released all her music catalogs on Apple Music as opposed to Spotify.

However, most local Malaysian artists promote the latest singles through Spotify because of its more social function. If you prefer a combination of an extensive and up -to -date song catalog, choose Apple Music. If not, Spotify might be the best option for you with a wider selection of local songs.

24 -hour ‘Radio’ hosted by leading DJs and artists

One of the additional functions that does not exist on any other music streaming app is Beats 1. A radio station that broadcasts live to 100 countries 24 hours a day.

What’s interesting about Beats 1 radio is that the programs contained in it are hosted by leading artists and DJs such as Elton John, Drake, Major Lazer and many more.

So far there is yet another option Malay Although Beats 1 tracks ever assembled Yuna songs a while ago. However, Radio is also not limited to live broadcasts. It also has a function where users can build a playlist of songs based on a specific song automatically.

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All music collections in ‘Library’

All the music you store either through the Apple Music catalog, Beats 1 or iTunes is collected here. It is divide into certain categories such as Playlists, Albums and Videos.

The layout of the interface is also very simple despite consuming a lot of space on the screen due to the use of large fonts and buttons. I recommend the use of a one -finger swipe for more efficient navigation because of its concept of no longer compacting all the links in one page.

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Apple Macbook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple is ready to offer the Apple Macbook Pro with the Apple M1 chip with a price starting from RM5,599. Unlike the iPhone, users will also receive a charger plug with the purchase of a Macbook Pro.

Also launched together are the Mac Mini and Macbook Air which are available at RM2,999 and RM4,399 respectively. Both models also come with the M1 chip. Together we look forward to further reviews on this latest Apple chip that has just been introduced.

For those of you who just own an iPhone, of course the first thing you do is download the app. But what about music? Most of us use music streaming apps like JOOX, Spotify and many more either for free or paid.

However, you may not have tried the Apple Music app that is available in every iOS device. Here is my experience using Apple Music throughout my one -year subscription.

What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is a music streaming app from Apple that is comparable to Spotify, TIDAL and most of its other competitors. Since it is available in every iOS device including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, users only need to sign in with an existing Apple ID to start the 3 -month free trial period. The monthly subscription package after the end of the trial period is RM14.90 for individuals and RM22.90 for 6 family members.

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Stuck with song selection? Start with ‘For You’

Users who first activate Apple Music will need to select three preferred music artists and genres so that Apple can suggest some related songs and albums.

At first it was a bit awkward with a selection of artists and songs that I had never heard of. But the choices built are getting better every week. Many say this functionality is Apple Music’s strength after taking over the company and app developer Beats Music which was once known for its best music algorithms.

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Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

So far it is still unknown what the latest changes that will be brought to the Apple Watch Series 7. Let’s all look forward to its presence this September. It is reported that several other models also made an appearance this year featuring Apple AirTags, iPad Mini 6 and the latest generation of Apple TV.

So far, the list of models is just a rumor and has not been confirmed by Apple. Together we look forward to the official announcement from Apple later.

Apple introduced the macbook pro m1 chip with a battery life of up to 20 hours. This morning there was another program from Apple. The program this time was used by Apple to announce three Mac models that were given an update through the production of the Apple M1 chip.

Apple M1

The Apple M1 is the first chip from Apple Silicon that is ready to replace the Intel chip on Apple’s computer and laptop models. The chip promises speed, longer battery life, more efficient processing power and better graphics.

Apple also said that the processing chip introduced will indirectly bring changes to the world of Apple computing.

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Apple Macbook Pro

One of the models that is the focus of many this time is definitely the Apple Macbook Pro. Maintaining the same design as last year’s model, this latest model is also equipped with the Apple M1 chip.

Commenting in terms of specifications, the Apple Macbook Pro comes with a 13-inch Retina screen, M1 chip as well as memory and storage support of up to 16GB of RAM and 2TB. What’s more, Apple also promises battery life of up to 20 hours through the use of a 20 -hour battery. That amount of battery should be more than enough for casual usage.

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