Apple Airpods Cost

This is an Apple Airpods cost to bear if it drop. This week, Apple AirPods were launch and sell for the Malaysian market at a price of RM849. Its unique and wireless design makes this product not to be miss from jokes and ‘trolls’ since the first day it was announce. Man they are blast by everyone.

Most recently, Apple has answered many questions about problems involving Apple AirPods. Among them, the replacement cost to buy an Apple AirPods. Through Apple website, it is rumored that users can get replacement AirPods for $ 69 (~ RM308). The same price has to be pay by users if the Apple AirPods battery case has a problem.

For users who want to use Apple AirPods with wired support, this accessory from Spigen may be among the ones you need. Welcome to the wireless world, Apple fans.

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Let’s watch MKBHD’s review on Apple AirPods. Serious cool!

Apple iPhone 6 will be discontinue in china and this is why. It is ironic when China as a country that contributes a lot to the sales and development of Apple Company wants to stop the sale of iPhone 6. And you know, this problem is because China confirmed the iPhone 6 imitates the design patent of their country’s smartphone.

Yes, you did not misread. It is say that the iPhone 6 has the same design as the 100C smartphone. What’s even more surprising is this Chinese smartphone company has won a court case. Probably due to waiting for the court’s decision, this problem has persisted until now. Just a few months before this people started buying the iPhone 7.

It is say that this Baili 100C phone is a design that was ‘plagiarize’ by Apple for the iPhone 6 model. It’s a bit surprising isn’t it?

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