Apple Announced the iMac Pro

Apple announced the iMac Pro as the most advanced Mac ever produced. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 which took place this morning saw Apple announce the Apple iMac Pro. An iMac that is given the most advanced specifications as well as making it the greatest Mac ever produced by Apple.

The launch of the iMac Pro gives a sigh of relief to Apple’s ‘power users’ after Apple did not make the latest update on the Mac Pro lately.

‘Power user’ I mean refers to users who want the best specifications as well as smoothness and speed in rendering high quality video. Not to forget also for users who often do work that requires high processing power.


In terms of design, Apple still maintains the same design as the previous iMac. But one notable difference seen on the iMac Pro is the space gray color; which to me looks more modern and elegant.

Apple’s initiative to keep the design of the iMac still seems relevant; as it still looks slim and is able to include sophisticated components.

Not only, the iMac is given a space gray finish; but Apple also introduced the Apple Magic Keyboard that comes with the numpad and the Apple Magic Mouse in black.

Unfortunately, Apple users can only get these 2 devices by getting the iMac Pro only as they are not sold separately.

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Talking about the specs, I can say Apple seems to be very serious and committed to giving the best through their latest models.

The iMac Pro is equipped with an Intel Xeon 18-core CPU processor; allowing the iMac Pro’s hyper-treading work to run smoothly. In terms of graphics, Apple chose to use AMD Vega; and it is rumored that AMD’s latest graphics are capable of supporting up to 16GB of VRAM.

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