Apple Fake Motivation

How do I try Apple fake motivation myself?

Ok, how do I try to “fake motivation” myself?

After reading the iWoz book in a short time, the desire to read is still there.

So I opened the back of the Big Bad Wolf plastic bag looking for another book to read.

I chose 2 books…

The first book is a book that I think is easy to read and the second book that I think discusses interesting ideas.

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Then I made the ultimatum below as fake motivation:

“As long as I don’t finish reading the first book, I can’t even open the second interesting book”.

Because what is fake? Because I bought the second book, I’m glad I want to read it before I finish the first book.

The trick to fake motivation is that the things we ‘force’ ourselves to do must be the things we like.

Like Woz, he really likes engineered floppy drives, just need a little push to complete quickly.

Like me, I really like the first book, it’s just that I rarely manage to finish a book in less than 2 days.

But when I used this fake motivation, I managed to finish the first book in less than 2 days, and felt more and more excited to read the second book.

So you can try this fake motivation.

If you can’t discipline yourself, ask for help from family members to be your ‘Mike Markkula’.

This Is The New Apple iPhone Price List With 0% GST

As promised by the government, on today, June 1, 2018, the GST tax rate which was previously 6% has been lowered to 0%. In other words there are some items involved are also offered at lower prices.

Apple Malaysia through its website also updated the price list of the Apple iPhone which is now offered with a price reduction of up to RM334. The following is a new price list for the Apple iPhone after 0% GST.

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