Apple Forgotten Model

This year, Apple forgotten model will most likely come with the latest specifications and design. Based on a report from KGI Securities, it is very likely that the latest Apple Macbook Air model will be offered at a lower price than the Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro models.

Apple iPhone SE

Like the Apple Macbook Air, the iPhone SE is also said to come with the latest version this year. Based on rumors, this model may follow a design like the Apple iPhone X but comes with a slightly smaller size as the one leaked on the video during the day.

If you are wanting the latest Apple iPhone with a slightly smaller size, chances are waiting for the latest model of Apple iPhone SE is the right choice.

Let’s wait and see which product will make an appearance on March 27. While waiting for this date, may have already started saving before starting to spend big to get this latest product from Apple.

Just enter the new year, there will definitely be rumors; and the latest innovations that will be brought by technology companies. Apple also does not seem to want to be left behind; in offering something more through the line of models that will be launched this year.

According to rumors from MacRumors, Apple is expected to launch a large number of new models this year, which will be a very meaningful year for Tim Cook’s team. The following is a list of products that will be launched this year.

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iPad Pro 23/24-inch

Since we first saw the iPad Pro, for us it was big enough to wear with a 12.9-inch screen size. This year, Apple is expected to launch a much larger iPad with a screen size of 23 or 24-inches; and named as the iPad design language. Based on the large screen size and great specifications offered; it is quite interesting to see how much price will be offered for this giant iPad.

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