Apple Had to Pay Penalty

Most recently, Apple had to pay penalty to Samsung of $ 1 billion (RM4.14 billion). All because Apple broke the agreement in ordering the number of displays from Samsung lower than promised. After several quiet years without any issues involving lawsuits,

Low OLED display orders from Apple have also been linked to a decrease in consumers buying iPhones since the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread since the beginning of the year.

For the record, this is not the first time Samsung has sued Apple as well as the Samsung company which has been sued several times by Apple. However, the business dealings between the two companies are still going on to this day.

About two years ago, Apple and Samsung were sued for allegedly intentionally dampening users’ older model smartphones. Also shared, the Russian Samsung ambassador who was sued after being seen using an iPhone.

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This is probably the most exciting Apple and Windows pairing we’ve ever seen. If you have an Appe Watch and don’t mind being used as experimental material, maybe this is the best way for you to do it. A young man known as Nick Lee has modified the internal system of the Apple Watch to match the system that is almost 2 decades old, namely Windows 95.

Yes, Windows 95. I was also a bit surprised at first about the two encounters of two technologies; that have an age difference of almost 20 years. With a few modifications, Appe Watch was successfully launched with the Windows 95 system.

Probably everyone knows about the specs that the Apple Watch is powered by a high processor and RAM but what happens is the opposite. The Apple Watch will take almost 1 hour to reach the Windows 95 desktop display. However, the combination of these 2 technologies does not disappoint.

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