Apple iPad Screen Design

Like previous Apple iPad screen design, Apple places great emphasis on a very clear and bright LCD display. This seems to continue on the iPad Pro where the iPad Pro has the clearest display as well as a very precise color composition. The use of 2732 × 2048 resolution is the highest compared to previous iPad models.

The display of the iPad Pro seems to be better than the 13 -inch and 15 -inch Macbook Pro where the iPad Pro has a pixel density of 264 ppi which really helps you to do work involving graphics or while playing games.


The Apple iPad Pro is also arguably among the tablets that have an excellent battery. A full battery cycle on the iPad Pro can give you almost 10 hours of use, which is almost 2 times the use on another laptop or tablet.

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Is Apple iPad Pro Able to Replace Laptops?

Very subjective question to answer because each individual’s usage may be different. If you are someone who wants a ‘cool’ Apple device, easy to carry and cares about battery life and the Apple iPad Pro display may be right for you. The use of Apple Pencil for work involving graphics is very helpful.

Applications such as Slack, Google Mail, Google Docs and Microsoft are all available in the iPad Pro. Oh yes, the use of a split screen on the iPad Pro; will also definitely help you to help you to “multitask” more easily.

For those of you who want an Apple iPad just for entertainment and reading ebooks and do not want to spend more, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4 are good options with a lower price than the iPad Pro

To say the iPad Pro is perfect to replace a laptop is a far cry as there are still some functions; or applications such as software from Adobe that are more complex; where this matter cannot be solved using the iPad Pro.

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