Apple iPhone 8

Almost certainly this is the Apple iPhone 8 that will be released soon. Smartphones with the most rumors this year once again received the latest info. Based on sources, it is said that the design of the Apple iPhone 8 has been ‘confirmed’.

Whether you like it or not, vertical dual cameras are among those that Apple will include through their latest model. The participation of a fingerprint scanner on the screen is one of the latest revolutions that Apple will bring this time.

In terms of specifications, Apple will use the latest processing chip, the Apple A11 chip, and may be paired with 3 or 4 GB of RAM. Here is a mockup picture of the Apple iPhone 8 that will be released soon.

Based on the rumors that have just been released, it is possible that Apple will no longer release the Plus model instead focusing on only one model that comes with a 5.8-inch screen. Larger than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus from the screen but not in terms of size.

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Although so far we have not received an official price from Apple, the use of premium; and high -tech materials is rumored to affect the production price of Apple iPhone 8.

The price is around $ 1,000 (RM4,284.00) which you can expect through this model. For those of you who are interested, it may be time for you to start saving; before getting it at the end of the year.

Things you can expect in conjunction with the latest Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone 7 may have just launched 3 months ago, but rumors about the latest Apple iPhone have already spread a lot. Perhaps to make the ‘iPhone 10th anniversary’ more hype; various rumors of the latest Apple iPhone came earlier than we expected.

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