Apple Is Ready for Bitcoin

A report from ChainLeak CEO, Joshuwa Roomsburg, informed that Apple is ready for Bitcoin worth $ 2.5 billion (~ RM10.48 billion). He who is quite hopeful with these rumors said he is ready to support Apple by getting the latest iPhone and for use as decoration.

These rumors were further strengthened after Apple was seen opening up job opportunities in finding new employees with backgrounds in industries involving digital wallets, fast payments and cryptocurrencies to fill positions as business development managers.

Bitcoin technology was praise by Apple’s co -founders

Steve Wozniak as the co-founder of Apple recently also informed that he is excited about the technology available on Bitcoin and claimed that Bitcoin is better than gold. However, he admits to not investing in Bitcoin so far and is simply positive with the development of Bitcoin.

Apple Pay vice president Jeniffer Bailey in 2019 also admitted that Apple is really impressed and has an interest in cryptocurrency technology. Man that really makes you think, what is the future of money going to be

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Bitcoin Pricing

For the record, the price of Bitcoin was soaring by 20%; after Tesla announced the purchase of Bitcoin for $ 1.5 billion around the beginning of last February.

For cryptocurrency investors, there are certainly many who expect these rumors to be true; because they are able to boost the price of cryptocurrency; after falling following China’s decision to ban the use of cryptocurrency in recent months. This is a decision that severely limits the freedom to use decentralized money.

Around last April, there were reports that Malaysia’s first Apple Store; was expect to open at The Exchange TRX as early as next year. So the news can be interpret as Apple’s step towards the world of cryptography that follows the times.

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