Apple Macbook Pro

Apple is ready to offer the Apple Macbook Pro with the Apple M1 chip with a price starting from RM5,599. Unlike the iPhone, users will also receive a charger plug with the purchase of a Macbook Pro.

Also launched together are the Mac Mini and Macbook Air which are available at RM2,999 and RM4,399 respectively. Both models also come with the M1 chip. Together we look forward to further reviews on this latest Apple chip that has just been introduced.

For those of you who just own an iPhone, of course the first thing you do is download the app. But what about music? Most of us use music streaming apps like JOOX, Spotify and many more either for free or paid.

However, you may not have tried the Apple Music app that is available in every iOS device. Here is my experience using Apple Music throughout my one -year subscription.

What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is a music streaming app from Apple that is comparable to Spotify, TIDAL and most of its other competitors. Since it is available in every iOS device including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, users only need to sign in with an existing Apple ID to start the 3 -month free trial period. The monthly subscription package after the end of the trial period is RM14.90 for individuals and RM22.90 for 6 family members.

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Stuck with song selection? Start with ‘For You’

Users who first activate Apple Music will need to select three preferred music artists and genres so that Apple can suggest some related songs and albums.

At first it was a bit awkward with a selection of artists and songs that I had never heard of. But the choices built are getting better every week. Many say this functionality is Apple Music’s strength after taking over the company and app developer Beats Music which was once known for its best music algorithms.

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