Apple Music Worth

Is Apple Music worth it? If you’re an iOS user and want something that’s best and consistent in terms of content, options and functionality, Apple Music is definitely the most worthwhile option.

It can also be controlled using Siri, can also be accessed via Apple TV and PC using iTunes although still not accessible via web browser.

In terms of price, Apple offers prices comparable to its closest competitors. With an individual plan starting at RM14.90 per month or you can get a family plan that turns out to be more economical with a price of RM22.90 for a sharing of 6 users.


Android users can also try Apple Music for themselves with the official app available on the Google Play Store. With a free full trial period for the first three months, it is the only music streaming service that provides a relatively long period of time for users to try it out.

How Steve Wozniak Used ‘Fake Motivation’ To Set Up Apple II Faster

In 1977, there were 3 major players in the personal computer (PC) industry:

1. Commodore PET
2. Radio Shack TRS-80
3. Apple II

At that time, all three PC models used “tape drives” to store software. (To the younger generation, please Wiki “tape drive” to better understand, because I myself am not old enough to use a tape drive on a PC).

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Always crashes

Although the Apple II offers the highest speed for reading this tape drive (compared to other PCs), the sensitivity rate also increases.

Software in the Apple II is easy to crash.

Not content with that shortcoming, the price of the Apple II is 2 times more expensive than competitors. The Apple II is more expensive because it’s the only PC that provides color graphics. But the color graphics do not justify why their price should be 2 times more expensive, the software always crashes.

Not only are users depressed with this always-crashing software problem, but Mike Markkula-Apple’s first investor-is no longer able to bear it when he’s struggling to make a business balance using the Apple II.

Mike asked Steve Wozniak (Woz)-Apple’s co-founder-to design a “floppy drive” for the Apple II.

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