Apple New Announcement

Apple new announcement about the latest desktop model in conjunction with 2017. How long have we not seen Apple announce the latest update for their desktop fans. For the laptop series, Apple has introduced the latest Macbook Pro which comes with a touchbar while for light users, the Apple Macbook is more ideal.

As I recall, the last time Apple announced an update for the desktop series was the launch of an iMac with a Retina 5K display. This model is more focused on heavy-users. What about the Mac Mini that comes with a smaller form factor and a lower price?

Most recently, Tim Cook answered this question by saying Apple is still committed to producing desktops. However, he did not say which model would be announced later. For Mac Pro users, we have sad news for you.

This announcement has made some Apple fans no longer interested in the direction of Apple taken by Tim Cook. Worse when the latest model of Apple Macbook Pro that comes with an expensive one also has problems involving the battery.

Looking at the announcement of Apple Macbook Pro this year, it is expected that Apple‘s desktop model will follow the same trend. More cool and fancy and definitely the announced price is more expensive than the current sale price.

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However, it is understood that the firm that will be developed will officially cooperate with Apple; while John Ive is still responsible for confirming the design that will be released by Apple after this.

For the record, he was a good friend of Apple founder, Steve Jobs and was an important individual in developing the company starting on the early Apple iPhone model. In addition, he was among those involved in developing Apple Park.

Following the resignation of John Ive from the company; it will be interesting to see how his successor will offer something more great; and iconic for the design of Apple’s next model.

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