Apple Reduce iPhone Production

Apple reduce iPhone production by ten percent. It seems that the Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR handles are not what Apple and Tim Cook expected. Through the latest report from the Asian Nikkei, Apple has recently ordered its production plant to reduce Apple iPhone production by 10%.

In addition, the trade war that took place between China and the United States as well as several other countries that began to ban Apple iPhone sales indirectly also had an impact.

For information, this is the second production reduction in two months for Apple where the Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are the models involved.

Based on the increase in competitors as well as competitors who offer much more powerful technology than Apple; it may be time for Apple to offer something better for consumers through the next iPhone model.

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Because it no longer includes a ‘charger’ with the iPhone, Apple needs Samsung and Xiaomi. Every time Apple launches a new iPhone, there will always be comments from netizens about the ‘innovation’ on offer. Starting with the headphone jack, notch participation until the latest which is the absence of a charger plug.

Recently, not only received comments from netizens, the Apple brand was also sought after by other smartphone brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi. Despite being merely ‘advertisements’, the trolls shared were clearly aimed at the Apple brand.

It is understood that Apple’s ‘effort’ to no longer offer a charging plug; with the iPhone 12 model is one of Apple’s ways to secure the earth by reducing carbon consumption. Apple also through the launch of the iPhone also invited other brands to save the earth.

Let’s wait and see if Apple’s ‘call’ for other brands to save the earth; and avoid carbon wastage is answered or vice versa.

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