Apple Say Goodbye Headphone Jack

Apple say goodbye headphone jack because Apple now uses the Lightning port. Perhaps many of us think this decision is less relevant but Apple says they have the principle of ‘courage’ where to dare to make changes.

It is said that the use of lightning port will produce clearer and better quality audio. Given that the 3.5mm headphone jack has been in use for a long time, we can say this change is quite justified.

Apple also introduced 3 Beats products with wireless support as well as Apple Airpod. A wireless earphone with Siri support. The futuristic design displayed may be one of the reasons this product is going to be a craze for many.

Apple announced the price for an Apple AirPods is $ 159 which is equivalent to ~ RM645.00. For those of you who bought an iPhone 7, Apple EarPods are also included as usual with lightning port support.

That’s just a little bit of what was announced by Apple through the Apple Keynote event that took place this morning.

Apple chose Sia as the top artist of the week at Apple Music as the closing event in conjunction with Apple Keynote 2016.

Are you excited about the latest announcement from Apple? Share with us whether you are excited about the Super Mario Run game, iPhone 7 or maybe Apple AirPods.

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It has become a habit every year that Apple will launch their latest models including the iPhone in September. This year with the advent of the COVID-19 outbreak; Apple seems to be coming up with an online launch through two different events.

In conjunction with the Apple Event that took place today; Apple has launched the latest models of Apple Watch and iPad. Tim Cook’s initial announcement at the beginning of the event also confirmed that the latest iPhone series will be launched at another event.

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