Apple Value Hit Record

Apple value hit record emerged the world’s first company with a value of rm8.35 trillion. Mention of the Apple company is sure many people know it well enough. Successfully positioning their company by offering premium goods as well as being liked by many successfully allows this company to earn high profits every year.

This week, who would have thought that Apple managed to emerge as the world’s first company to reach a value of $ 2 trillion (~ RM8.35 trillion). What’s more interesting, Apple managed to reach their second trillion value after just 2 years of getting the first $ 1 trillion which took 42 years.

For the record, Apple’s value is at its lowest level this year around mid-March with a value below $ 1 trillion following the presence of the COVID-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, the company’s shares have risen again lately allowing Apple to reach a new record.

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This success would not have been possible if not for the greatness of Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Although he was criticized for lack of innovation like in the days of Steve Jobs, his efficiency in reaping these benefits is undeniable.

According to the latest rumors, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 12 on October 12. Learn also about the issue of fights between Epic Games as the developer of Fortnite with Apple.

Failing to keep its promise, Apple had to pay a RM4.14 billion penalty to Samsung. Speaking of the smartphone industry, the general knows the Apple; and Samsung brands are among the main rivals in this industry. Succeeded in being the consumer’s choice for more than a decade coupled; with the issue of lawsuits between which makes these two brands often associated with consumers and the media.

Despite the issue of the lawsuit, some may not know that the two brands also work together; where the OLED display available on the iPhone is provided by Samsung. It is understood that Samsung’s high quality display is one of the reasons why Apple has made Samsung an option.

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