Apple Watch Helped Seniors

How the Apple Watch helped seniors to the hospital for emergency treatment. Often when mentioning the Apple Watch, many people think that this gadget is just a smart watch that is more used for checking notifications, fitness tracking and styling alone.

But the story is different this time when the technology of a smart watch managed to save the lives of seniors while riding a bicycle in Riverside State Park, Washington.

Based on his son’s sharing, Apple Watch continued to send messages to his son where his father was unconscious and called the ambulance with a notification of the location where his father was immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

This situation indirectly saved the lives of these senior citizens. It’s all due to the technology available in this Apple Watch.

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The partnership written on Facebook on September 20 has already received more than 461,000 thousand shares from people around the world. Surely the public will be more aware of the importance offered by the Apple Watch through this ‘hard fall detection’ function.

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