Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 will go on sale for the Malaysian market as early as tomorrow. Are you a hardcore Apple fan? If so, maybe you are one of those who can’t wait to get the Apple Watch Series 2 when it goes on sale for the Malaysian market as early as tomorrow.

Mentioning about Apple products, the products come at a premium price. The price for the Apple Watch Series 2 will start selling at RM1,649 to RM5,949. They all come with the same functionality, only the Apple Watch material differentiates the price.

Faster processor, GPS and waterproof functions are among the latest on the Apple Watch Series 2. Like its operating system, the Apple Series 2 also focuses on athletes where the latest smartwatch from Apple is perfect for swimmers.

Several applications are provided to help swimmers and runners to find out about some info. Not used enough for sports, the Apple Watch Series will make it easier for you to play Pokemon Go.

Good news for you who want to get the Apple Watch Sport Version. Apple has recently announced a collaboration with Nike where Apple announced the collaboration of the two companies with the launch of the Apple Watch 2 Nike+model. Comes in more ‘sporty and striking’ colors

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Apple Watch 2 Nike+, the much -anticipated Apple and Nike collaboration. Apple’s collaboration with Nike is certainly something to look forward to.

These are two tech and sports giants whose branding is very strong.

Nike has previously taken a step towards ‘fitness wearables’ with the Nike Fuelband and received encouraging response.

But fierce competition from Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and even Pebble in this segment has left Nike behind.

Surely some are wondering what was the reason behind Nike and Apple’s decision to work together to produce the Apple Watch 2 Nike+. Even Nike has shut down Fuelband.

For me it was a decision that benefited both parties.