Browse in Apple Music

Browse in Apple Music makes it easy to find the latest and greatest songs. Apple Music has the largest music catalog compared to its nearest competitor Spotify, with 40 million songs. Most leading artists choose Apple Music because of its influence in the international music industry with the iTunes app. For example Taylor Swift released all her music catalogs on Apple Music as opposed to Spotify.

However, most local Malaysian artists promote the latest singles through Spotify because of its more social function. If you prefer a combination of an extensive and up -to -date song catalog, choose Apple Music. If not, Spotify might be the best option for you with a wider selection of local songs.

24 -hour ‘Radio’ hosted by leading DJs and artists

One of the additional functions that does not exist on any other music streaming app is Beats 1. A radio station that broadcasts live to 100 countries 24 hours a day.

What’s interesting about Beats 1 radio is that the programs contained in it are hosted by leading artists and DJs such as Elton John, Drake, Major Lazer and many more.

So far there is yet another option Malay Although Beats 1 tracks ever assembled Yuna songs a while ago. However, Radio is also not limited to live broadcasts. It also has a function where users can build a playlist of songs based on a specific song automatically.

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All music collections in ‘Library’

All the music you store either through the Apple Music catalog, Beats 1 or iTunes is collected here. It is divide into certain categories such as Playlists, Albums and Videos.

The layout of the interface is also very simple despite consuming a lot of space on the screen due to the use of large fonts and buttons. I recommend the use of a one -finger swipe for more efficient navigation because of its concept of no longer compacting all the links in one page.

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