Designer of Apple Products

The iconic designer of Apple products, John Ive publicly resigned. If you are a fan of the Apple brand or have watched Apple iPhone ads, we are sure you know the individual who often shares about the design of the iPhone that is John Ive cum designer who is very iconic for this brand.

Started joining Apple in 1992, he has today announced his resignation at Apple as well as choosing to develop his own firm called LoveFrom.

1. Apple iPhone SE 128 GB

For your information, iPhone SE is the last model from Apple that has storage space with a size of 16 GB. Because the 16 GB storage size is seen as no longer relevant at this time, Apple acted to officially stop selling the iPhone SE 16 GB and replace it with the iPhone SE 32 GB and 128 GB.

Larger storage space and in line with the needs of today’s users. Here is the latest price announced by Apple for the iPhone SE for two different storage sizes.

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2. iPad

Remember the iPad Air 2 model? Now the Apple model is named as ‘iPad’ only. All specifications are retained except for the processor which is given improvements with the A9 chip users compared to the A8X as before. The iPad will go on sale at a price of RM1,549 with a storage size starting from 32 GB.

3. Clips

Given that the production of short videos is one of the trends at the moment; Apple has introduced their latest application, Clips. Different this app compared to Instagram, Snapchat and so on is this app focuses on video-editing. Users have the opportunity to include music and filters before uploading to social sites. This Clips application will meet users this April. So be sure to be up to date.

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