Epic and Apple Feud

Epic and Apple feud has been going on for a while. Although there is still no final result in this trial, it turns out that this topic is still often discussed by many people in cyberspace.

One of them is the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, who finally expressed his point of view on the feud between Epic and Apple. In a short tweet, Elon expressed his disapproval of what the Apple Store was doing and said that what Epic Games was doing was right.

Elon cites the Apple App Store as proof of the existence of global taxes on the internet. This refers to the fees that game developers, such as Epic Games, have to pay Apple as long as their battle-royale game, Fortnite, is in the Apple Store.

The entrepreneur who is also in the crypto world explained that he actually likes Apple products and uses them. However, he does feel that a 30% tax without any benefits is unreasonable.

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Not only that, the next day Elon also continued his tweet discussing Android with his Google Play Store. Uniquely, Epic has previously made a similar lawsuit with Apple to Google.

He explained that the existence of Android should be able to provide competitive pressure that makes Apple lower the costs charged. But Android instead does the same practice that makes both of them monopolize the mobile application market together.

Some of Elon Musk’s followers have even suggested that Elon create his own ‘app store’ and even Tesla Phone which will later have its own rules and regulations that are different from Apple and Google.

One fan had an even crazier idea by saying that the best way to surpass Apple and Google is to create an open mobile infrastructure that integrates cryptocurrencies at the operating system level.

This is indeed not impossible for this eccentric billionaire. Elon Musk often tries new things to expand his business, including his latest entry into the world of cryptocurrency. It’s possible that the Tesla Phone will become a reality in the future.

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