False Motivation in Apple

False motivation in Apple is what drive them to success. Back then floppy drives were a rather complicated new technology. Floppy drive sort of in this picture – Wiki to know more).

When something is difficult, new technology, there must be motivation to do.

As Woz tells in his book iWoz… he uses fake motivation or “fake motivation”.

Woz said to Mike, “If I manage to complete a floppy drive for the Apple II, can I go to CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas?”.

Mike said OK.

This is the ‘fake motivation’ for Woz to prepare a floppy drive for the Apple II.
What is fake motivation

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Emmm… Why does Woz call this thing “fake motivation”?

Woz said, fake because he’s the co-founder of Apple. If he wants to go anywhere, he doesn’t really have to ask anyone’s permission.

He shares as much as Steve Jobs at the time (more than Mike shares).

Due to this fake motivation, Woz managed to complete a floppy drive for the Apple II. Ready to open a booth at CES to showcase the Apple II with this floppy drive.

After that, people didn’t see Commodore PET and Radio Shack TRS-80.

Apple II sales soared and Apple became rich ever since that day.


So, after reading the iWoz book, I recap what new things I can learn. Lots.

But this “fake motivation” is the most interesting and easiest to try yourself.

Before I tell you how I tried this fake motivation myself, let’s look at the lesson from this Apple II floppy drive story:

1. Mike Markkula is confident with his own company products (he himself uses the Apple II to do balance in business).

2. Mike Markkula did about in business even though at that time Apple was still small-about business is very important no matter how big the business.

3. Floppy drive is actually not in the planning to increase sales of Apple II, just want to solve Mike Markkula’s problem. But God’s plan is greater.

You have read “False Motivation in Apple”