Hacker of Apple Watch

Nick Lee as the hacker of Apple Watch with Windows 95 is aware of the Apple Watch which often turns off the screen when not in use and puts a small motor to be attached to the Apple Watch button to prevent the Apple Watch screen from often turning off.

As a result, Windows 95 can be used on the Apple Watch but not as a whole and it was found that some applications failed to run properly. However, I was very impressed with this very cool experiment. Who would have thought that two technologies that have a history of hostility for so long could be successfully paired on a smart watch.

The following is a demo of the Apple Watch running the Windows 95 operating system:

Oh yes, you also might not have thought the Apple Watch was capable of running the once very epic PC game of Doom.

Apple Mac Pro with the highest specifications will reach RM216,548. Apple is well known for its premium brand as well as offering products; at a slightly more expensive price compared to competitors.

Through the recent Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has introduced the latest generation of Mac Pro; that Apple fans have been waiting for a long time with prices starting from $ 6,000 (RM25,000).

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This model is targeted for video editors as well as those who regularly edit videos; and often do work involving rendering. More interestingly, Apple also offers an option where customers have the opportunity to choose the desired specifications before getting it.

According to The Verge, users have the opportunity to get Apple Mac Pro specifications and accessories involving the Apple Pro Display XDR monitor, Apple Pro Stand and a number of software with a total price of $ 51,948.88 (RM216,548).

It is indeed a premium price offered by Apple for those who want the best on their Apple Mac Pro. It’s quite interesting to see how the performance of the Apple Mac Pro; with the highest specs is able to perform compared to the model with the starting price.

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