iPad Mini Gen 6

With schools already starting to open, the timing of Apple iPad Mini Gen 6 sales may be a bit off. Many of the parents started looking for cheap tablets to fill the needs of their children including myself. But I can tell you now it’s the most fun tablet I’ve ever reviewed for a long time.

The years 2020 and 2021 are two years that pass quickly as they are ravaged by pandemics. In the blink of an eye all the planning done had to be put in the bin due to financial constraints and economic closure. In this fog, tablets are among those that have a positive impact from the pandemic as their sales have risen sharply due to the need to work or school from home.

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Why fun? Because finally the design of the Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air is used on the iPad Mini; which has not been changed since Datuk Sri Najib Bosque was still the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Yes since 2013 the classic design of the chin and bezel of the giant iPad Mini has not been altered by Cupertino.

With this new, more contemporary design; the iPad Mini finally has a larger screen of 8.3 compared to just 7.9 on the Apple iPad Mini 2019. The screen has also changed to a 3: 2 ratio from 4: 3 previously to offer a larger display surface. The IPS LCD technology is still maintained along with the 60Hz refresh rate. Some have complained about wanting the 120Hz Pro Motion on the iPad Mini but Apple is still not ready to be the Aladdin genie that has granted demand from Apple fans since the iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 3 was launched in 2018. Man this is really backward thinking on their part. This is just not a very good development.

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