iPhone 13 Pro Device

Overall the iPhone 13 Pro device is very comfortable in the hand despite the shiny stainless sides and the body which is 12 grams heavier than the 12 Pro Max. The 12 gram figure may seem small on paper but it feels very noticeable in the hand. This I feel is because the 13 Pro Max’s camera hump is much larger than the 12 Pro Max’s. The top of the device is heavier than the bottom. It is difficult to balance the device in hand.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is indeed heavier (271g) but the weight of the device is well distributed and the device feels much more balanced in the hand in both open and closed modes. I needed more time to get used to the device in hand this time around compared to Samsung’s biggest foldable screen device this year.

This larger Apple camera hump also results in once again the device not being able to be placed flat on the table surface. This year’s jongkang jongket is higher with the lens being fulcrum. Use of the 13 Pro Max without a frame is highly not recommended at all; unless you do not plan to resell this device next year.

The power button on the right, the volume -adjustable button on the left side; and the mute button also on the left side are very premium. The surface is flat and the size is also large. The hands do not hurt at all when using it.

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Usage And Software

In terms of software iOS 15 is not a big change compared to Apple iOS 14. I have read some user comments that iOS 15 is a boring update because it focuses on privacy; and the addition of features to allow the operating system to be more on par with Android.

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