iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera

Overall the photos taken using the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera are satisfactory. Portrait mode however still has issues separating the background image from the subject. The issue still exists even when a 3D ToF sensor is used. But I have to be fair because this is an issue that is also found on all smartphone cameras on the market that have been reviewed.

The 4352 mAh battery is the largest ever used on an iPhone but quite small when compared to Android flagship devices like the ASUS ROG Phone 5. But this small capacity hides its amazing battery capabilities. On average after moderate use of the device, there is still 20-25% battery at the end of the day. Consistently SOT around 13 hours I can enjoy myself. The device is only charged once every 36 hours during the test period.

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The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is the champion of all champions in the 2021 pinnacle smartphone battery tournament. Its battery life is completely ridiculous. The combination of the LTPO screen, large battery and software makes the absence of extremely fast charging support unnoticed. Indeed the device can be charged with 27W of power, but the full charging period is around 100 minutes. From 0-75% is very fast but for the last 10% it takes up to 30 minutes. This is Apple’s way of keeping the battery healthy with this feature popularized by Sony over the past few years.

The best audio on the iPhone requires equipment from Apple ecosystem. Want spatial audio and Dolby Atmos? Make sure you have AiPods Pro or AirPods Max. The included speakers are just simple. Loud enough but not balanced with the bottom speaker being louder than the top speaker. This issue won’t resolve as long as the device’s two stereo speakers don’t shoot forward.

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