iPhone 13 Pro Max Conclusion

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max conclusion is finally heading for the pinnacle of smartphone glory this year with the phone. It offers the most premium, powerful, with maturing software, highly powerful camera capabilities with a battery that can last for two days. All of these are successes that rarely happen simultaneously on a smartphone. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has a strong candidate to win the Amanz 2021 best device award.

But is it the best smartphone on the market right now? Let me be the devil’s advocate here right away. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is sold at RM6699/7099, it is not too extreme when compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max which is sold at RM 5799/6699 with a comparable storage size of 256/512GB.

Personally you get more innovation with every dollar paid for Fold3. The multi-tasking system on the Fold3 is also the fastest I’ve ever seen on a smartphone. Another drawback of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is that the screen is smaller, notched and not big enough to do work outside. Fold3 may be more interesting to me but I also have to agree if Apple ecosystem is important the choice is in the hands of dear readers.

Everyone already knows my conclusion is that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best smartphone ever produced by Apple. This is a fact that cannot be denied at all. If you want the best on the market from Apple today, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the answer. No need to think long and just collect funds now because the current stock is all gone.


Neat, premium, and delicious design in hand.
The most powerful processor for smartphones 2021.
The 120Hz screen is very smooth with the software maturing.
Visible camera capabilities are an improvement over the 12 Pro Max.
Extremely extreme battery performance.
5 year update – still the best in the industry.

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Some of the promised features could not be tested after the sale as they were still awaiting updates.
Photographic Style mode feels like a gimmick at the moment.
Charging takes almost two hours.
Wireless fast charging only through MagSafe.
Still a Lightning port with unsatisfactory data transfer speeds.

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