iPhone 13 Pro Max Specifications

Those are all Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max specifications on paper and are displayed prominently once on the official site for advertising purposes. But is news better than looks? The short answer is no. Pictures taken using the iPhone 13 Pro have a very noticeable difference compared to last year. Finally there are manual controls for night mode (which was my big issue last year), the presence of a real macro mode (also a notable drawback of the 12 Pro Max camera) and a night mode that is finally really bright.

Just look at the samples below. This year’s image sharpness is much better if I compare it to the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Oppo Find X3 Pro and Galaxy S21 Ultra which became my daily camera at Amanz this year. Night mode also has lower noise with a very satisfactory dynamic range. The light source is not broken but clear with the bulb globe clearly visible. I am not a professional photographer and the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max camera app is quite easy to use as well as foolproof user proof. For those who aren’t shy about admitting to being a photography idiot like me, this smartphone camera ensures every picture can be taken perfectly.

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There are indeed interesting modes like Cinematic Mode and Photographic Styles but in my opinion it is a mere gimmick. The cinematic style that allows Focus Rack video recording to be done is indeed sophisticated but what is its use in daily operations? Probably only useful for those who have aspirations of becoming film directors in the future.

Photographic Styles is similar to the features offered on LG and Sony devices. There are several built -in filters with an emphasis on specific colors and tones. I don’t know who will use this feature; because one of the filters makes the picture have high saturation like a Samsung camera. Some may like it but as far as I know the majority of iPhone buyers use the device’s camera; because its colors are right with the real world and not for fantasy colors. If you want to change even third party applications such as Snapseed; and VSCO are used because there are many presets have been created by millions of users.

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