iPhone 13 Pro Max Support

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max support the 5G Sub 6GHz network which currently can only be enjoyed by users in Bukit Tunku Kuala Lumpur. I didn’t have time to go to the upper areas and just test the 4G network. Its performance is satisfactory without any issues of intermittent phone calls or the Internet moving at snail speeds. If your telco supports VoLTE, clearer phone calls can be made. This is especially helpful if you work in an area with a poor cellular network and home WiFi can save the day.

GPS capability is also very good with vehicle locations tracked in Google Map, Apple Maps and Wazer as fast as lightning. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a smartphone that excels in its telephony and GPS performance.

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The camera is equipped with a larger lens but the actual sensor is still 12MP+12MP+12MP and a 3D ToF sensor. Wide angle lenses are matched with ultra wide angle and telephoto lenses. This year’s telephoto system supports optical zoom up to 3X, an increase from just 2.5X last year. Apple is still not ready to provide ultra telephoto systems up to 100X like Samsung and Xiaomi.

The Shift Sensor OIS system is used on all iPhone wide -angle lenses this year to provide the best image stabilization. I often receive the question what is the use of OIS compared to EIS on smartphones? The answer is that with the availability of OIS, sharper and more detailed images can be taken especially in night mode. This is what differentiates cameras on top -class devices from middle -class ones.

On the front, a 12MP camera is again used with a wide angle lens to allow all subjects; to be taken without the need for hands throughout the Fantastic Four.

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