New Apple iPhone Model

The new Apple iPhone model will be launched on September 12. It seems that the wait and puzzle of Apple fans will end on September 12 when Apple announces an official event in introducing the new model of Apple iPhone.

As usual in previous years, the event also saw Apple launch the latest models of Apple iPad and Apple Watch. Based on rumors, it is understood that three iPhone models will be introduced by Apple this year. You can find out more about the 2018 iPhone release by clicking here.

For those of you who can’t wait to get the latest Apple iPhone or are an Apple fan maybe this is an event you should watch.

The Apple iMac Pro is ready to be ordered with a price offer of up to rm61,816.80. After almost 4 years of Apple not making major changes to their series of releases, Apple in the middle of this year announced the Apple iMac Pro.

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Through this model, Apple focuses on those who want the best specifications for heavy work such as editing and rendering.

At a glance, the Apple iMac Pro might come with a design very similar to the Apple iMac 5K. Meanwhile, despite the space gray finish, the Apple iMac Pro manages to offer the best specifications that OSX users have long dreamed of.

The starting price for the Apple iMac Pro is RM 20,999.00. If the specifications offered are not enough to cover your usage, you can get an Apple iMac Pro with better specifications with those offered up to RM61,816.80. You can click here to purchase and choose the specifications that suit your use.

The price is a bit surprising to many; even though the specs offered are among the best you can get at the moment. For users who rarely use apps involving editing, getting an Apple iMac is enough in our opinion.

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