New iPad Battery

Although the New iPad battery is a bit thick and contributes to the weight gain, it’s not a significant difference.

Retina Display: How much is the difference with the previous iPad?

I use an iPad 1 and sometimes even use someone else’s iPad 2. The difference is very noticeable on the New iPad with Retina Display display. The writing is sharper and does not have any visible pixels. This is because Apple has compacted their screen by 264PPI (Pixels Per Inch), which is double that of the previous model. If you have an iPhone 4/4S, the quality of this display is equivalent to the display of that device.

However, with the Retina Display function on the New iPad this is forcing developers of apps and publications specifically for the iPad to increase their file size. If they do not increase their image capacity (in terms of PPI), their image is less vivid and there is likely to be blur in their image.

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ISight 5 MegaPixel Camera: Is it as good as it says?

Undoubtedly, the New Apple iPad camera is more powerful than the iPad 2. Capable of recording at 1080p and 30FPS resolution including with a vibration damper function, this camera is a long -awaited update. What is unfortunate is why Apple didn’t include such a camera on the iPad 2 that would add value to the model?

1080p video recording capability was demonstrated by us on Google Zeitgeist news last week. However, like some other devices, it also contains a little “noise” on it. This iSight camera seems to be able to capture pictures and videos in low lighting environments.

Apart from the functions already mentioned, this New iPad camera is also capable of capturing HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures and comes with a face detector. Since the iPad is an Apple device, you cannot change the recording and light exposure settings. I tried to convert from 1080p to 720p but there was no such option.

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