Large Force Touch Touchpad Is Retained in Macbook Air M1

Large Force Touch Touchpad Is Retained in Macbook Air M1

The relatively large Force Touch touchpad is retained in Macbook Air M1 but still not as large as on the MacBook Pro. It is still in our opinion the best touchpad ever used on a laptop. In terms of finger movement and gesture tracking accuracy, Apple is the best in the industry. It’s accurate enough that we never again need a mouse to do photo editing in Adobe Photoshop.

If there’s one negative comment to be made it’s that we expect the size on a larger touchscreen like on the MacBook Pro 13. Apple’s famous beam of symmetry, what’s wrong if the size of the touchpad offered on the MacBook is aligned on all models.

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The macOS Big Sur operating system is provided pre -installed with several improvements given throughout the review period. We only started using this MacBook at the beginning of the Mac and at the time the article was written there were many apps that supported the M1 natively such as Google Chrome, VLC, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. There are also apps that have already started Beta testing if you dare to try.

Overall the experience is pretty much the same as the Intel chip version. Applications that are still based on Intel X86 can run through Rosetta 2. Everything runs smoothly without any major problems. The most notable difference is that there are no heating issues. Our main issue on the Intel MacBook Air is overheating when streaming video, teleconferencing apps and Photoshop. When the temperature rises, the performance will also be sudden and affect the performance of the battery.

During the PKP period a battery life of around 7 hours is normal on weekdays which requires us to use Zoom and Photoshop with high frequency. The Intel Macbook Air becomes so hot that it is uncomfortable to place on the thigh. All of these issues don’t happen directly on the MacBook Air M1.

It’s like the magic of the MacBook Air M1 can do all the same tasks without it getting hot even once. It’s our fifth week of using this MacBook and it’s capable of delivering high performance while maintaining temperatures as cold as snow. Apple’s promise that it could operate coolly, quickly and quietly was successfully fulfilled.

Program Issues

But there are still some issues that we feel need to be highlighted. If you use plug -ins on Photoshop and Premiere Pro, some popular plug -ins are still not supported on these two popular software.

We also cannot recommend that you use the MacBook Air M1 as a video processing machine. The absence of a fan makes it warm especially when processing 4K video. Without a fan and air vent, we don’t feel this is a good combination for the long haul. Additionally using it as a device for gaming is also not recommended. Some of the first 3D from Apple Arcade quickly raised the temperature to the point that it became quite uncomfortable.

The MacBook Air from the very beginning was a computer made for light medium tasks used by students and office workers. If used like a MacBook Pro, heating issues start to appear. This is the reason why a fan is included on the MacBook Pro M1. Should this issue be placed in a negative column? We feel no because the MacBook Air isn’t designed for heavy tasks.

The Magic Keyboard Is Back on the MacBook Air M1

The Magic Keyboard Is Back on the MacBook Air M1

The Magic Keyboard is back on the MacBook Air M1 after so long being the subject of consumer grievances. Keyboard issues that are easily stuck and not very durable for users who type aggressively a few times we reported until Apple offered a free replacement program to buyers.

As a MacBook Air user with the Butterfly key; at first the process of typing on the Magic key was a bit awkward as it got used to the shallower Butterfly travel. But after a few days we can say typing on the Magic keys is more comfortable for longer periods of deeper travel. The typing process is actually faster on the Butterfly but personally we chose to type more comfortably than faster. Less torture on the fingertips at the end of working 10 hours a day.

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Shattered Butterfly keyboard

We cannot predict whether the Magic key has long -term durability. All we can say is our MacBook Air Butterfly already has some keys that are worn; and ruined due to aggressive typing habits. When typing also the sound produced is not as noisy as the Butterfly. If a colleague’s computer that has been using the MacBook Air Magic for the past five years can be used as a measuring stick; the Magic is more durable than the Butterfly.

All 78 keys come with white light support. 16 levels of lighting illumination can be changed by the user according to eye comfort and the situation. A power button with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner is included to allow login without using a password. The Touch ID unlock process can still be done with problems even if the hands are a little oily. A special key for Emoji is also included for the first time as it is now widely used on social media as well as messaging apps.

Apple MacBook Air M1 Exterior Design

Apple MacBook Air M1 Exterior Design

No direct changes were made from the point of view of exterior design. The flat body of the MacBook Air that has been iconic for the past 13 years is retained. As the saying goes, if it is perfect, why should it be changed. Apple believes this used design is the culmination without having to make changes for each new generation as Windows laptop manufacturers do. Only Lenovo we feel dares to keep their classic ThinkPad design even though the younger generation feels the design is a bit old. Apple MacBook Air M1 Exterior Design.

The body is still made of metal with a dull finish. Fingerprints only stick to the Apple logo on the cover; but the body of the MacBook Air M1 is still capable of trapping dirt if hands are interested. It’s also still not very durable because after a week; we realized the bottom panel of the MacBook had a noticeable micro scratch effect.

So it’s no surprise there is a small industry of scratch -resistant frames for MacBooks on the market right now. Because the design of each generation is the same, those with the old frame can still reuse it on the MacBook Air M1 even if it is a bit tight due to the slightly larger body.

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One change that may not be noticed is that no more air space is placed between the screen; and the body for ventilation purposes. For the first time in MacBook history, no active cooling system was included. Since the M1 chip is based on the Apple A14 chip, Apple is pretty sure a fan system isn’t needed. In other words the MacBook Air M1 is now closer to the iPad and iPhone than a MacBook. If you’re still not confident enough with this chip; an active fan system is still offered on the new MacBook Pro 13 M1 model.

Without air vents no more worries of dust will enter the interior of the laptop; and no more fan roar when a higher processor is needed. At this time there are still no further reports of overheating issues making the decision not to include a fan is a wrong move.

Speaking of screen hinges, it can also still be opened up to 135 degrees to allow the typing process to be done comfortably. As a human being who likes to type while lying in bed (a bad habit we do throughout PKP), the screen opening angle of the MacBook Air M1 is quite satisfying. The hinges are also tight enough to allow the screen to be opened with one hand but not vibrate while typing. Really quite balanced.

Apple MacBook Air M1

Apple MacBook Air M1

With the launch of the Apple M1 chip, a new era of Apple computers began last year. Three macOS devices entered the market namely the Apple MacBook Air M1, MacBook Pro M1 and Mac mini M1. They all have almost comparable performance but with different features. Typically the MacBook Air is the safest choice for those who want to get acquainted with the Apple ecosystem so will the MacBoor Air M1 also continue this tradition? Surely the question to be answered is is it still worth it to buy a MacBook with an Intel chip that is currently being sold at a collapsing price in the market? Reviews will answer all of these questions and more.


No major changes made by Apple to the MacBook Air. It is still equipped with a 13.3 ″ IPS LCD screen with a retina resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels with a ratio of 16:10 without touch support. On the M1 model, the addition of P3 color support is also included once with the maximum description reaching 400 nits.

Two processor chip options are given this time, namely the Apple M1 eight -core with four high -performance cores and four more low -performance cores with 8 -core GPU or 7 -core GPU. Technically the M1 is an A14 chip with the addition of two high -performance cores. The RAM options are 8 or 16 GB LPDDR4X while the SSD storage options are 256, 512, 1000 and 2000 GB. The model we reviewed is a 16GB LPDDR4X and 1TB of storage.

Like all MacBooks offer by Apple, the RAM and SSD modules are solder directly to the motherboard. Make a wise choice before making a purchase because consumers cannot make post -purchase additions.

Another tradition that still continues is the use of the FaceTime HD 720P webcam offered since 2012. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the classic technology that is almost 9 years old is still in use whereas it has been a grievance of MacBook air users for the past three years. Surprisingly Apple did not upgrade the quality to full HD whereas in the world of pandemics, high -resolution webcams are now a necessity due to the frequency of teleconferencing.

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The battery is also still 49.9Wh can be charge using the two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports on the left side of the computer. To charge you only need to use a 30W charger. Both of the same Thunderbolt 4 ports can support the output of two 4K 60Hz monitors simultaneously or one 5K 50Hz monitor. The number of ports is small and means the use of adapters for USB-C, memory card readers, LAN and HDMI is a necessity.

Accompanying these two USB-C ports is a 3.5mm audio jack on the right side. We thank Apple for still not having the courage to remove it from the MacBook. Many still need audio jacks on laptops again for teleconferencing purposes as well as doing audio recordings for example.

Two speakers squeeze both sides of the keyboard. The audio lattice is large to allow loud audio to be produce directly upwards. This in our opinion is the most optimal design for speakers on laptops. Other configurations shoot down cause problems if the laptop is not place on a flat surface.

All this is include in a frame of only 304.1 x 212.4 x 16.1 mm weighing 1.29kg. When compared to the 2019 MacBook Air, it’s a little heavier and thicker. But as the owner of the 2019 MacBook Air, this change in dimensions; and weight is not immediately aware of us. All accessories from the previous generation are still reusable on the MacBook M1. The size is still compact and it is not heavy to carry all day when doing outdoor tasks.

The Airpods Max Charging System Is Not Fast Enough

The Airpods Max Charging System Is Not Fast Enough

Apple’s claim with these AirPods Max is 20 user hours for audio, video and phone calls. Then can last for 1.5 hours with 5 minutes of charging. The AirPods Max charging system is not fast enough. Most I rubbish – the AirPods Max is a set of headphones that are always on and won’t go off or can’t be turned off.

So for a set of headphones that are always alive, the claim that the battery can last 20 hours makes sense. In my own testing, a week’s use with one heart was around 1-3 hours of use-one week was enough with one charge or about two charges. I enjoy a lot of music on Apple Music, Spotify, Disney+streams, YouTube and Netflix.

Battery life is satisfactory. Not the best but it’s not a big deal. The disappointing thing is the Smart Case.

Smart Case AirPods Max is stupid. It’s just jewelry, and has a magnet to activate the low power mode. I understand why the AirPods Max can’t be turned off, it’s similar to a TWS stored in a charging pod with a magnetic bottom. With this system, fast mooring is easy to do.

But at least if this Apple Smart Case has a battery pack or an extra battery like the TWS is fine. It doesn’t protect this set of headphones either, it just makes it beautiful. AirPods Max cannot be folded, so this is a sacrifice that had to be accepted. Charging with a lightning cable is expected. Great if Apple provides USB-C, but what can it do? Apple remains Apple.

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From Apple To Apple – The BEST Ecosystem

Fast tethering, Spatial audio and Series functions are limited to users of Apple products only. Apple remains Apple and AirPods Max are Apple audio accessories created by Apple for Apple fans. This means, the product is quite smart and has an attractive Apple ecosystem.

If you are an Android device user and want to use AirPods Max, that is a huge loss and is an unwise decision. On Android devices, the AirPods Max will only work as a regular ANC headphone set.

With the greatness of the Apple H1 chip and the ecosystem of Apple goods, the first thing the AirPods Max can do is fast mooring. Just unplug the AirPods max from the Smart Case window will appear in the Apple device to start the mooring. A brief tutorial will be provided and all controls and settings continue to be built into the device. No need for additional applications and so on.

Not only that, after tethering to the iPhone – just open the video on an iPad that never tether AirPods Max – the font set to this continues to be tethered. The same goes for the MacBook. Then if you watch a video on the iPad, a phone call is receive; the video on the iPad will be automatically paused and AirPods Max is re -tethered to the iPhone.

Control with Siri for voice level, etc. is also smooth.

Airpods Max is Worse Than TWS ANC Below 250$

Airpods Max is Worse Than TWS ANC Below 250$

A combination of Spatial audio and noise cancellation, the AirPods Max is quite good for casual or casual users of podcasts or music. I say this because, AirPods Max is not suitable for serious fans with music. If you are a fan of music, where you appreciate every instrument, vocals, edits – AirPods Max brings only the usual audio quality. It’s not the best. This makes me a little disappointed, as the price is over RM2000 but the audio quality of TWS ANC below RM1000 like Sony XM3, Jabra Elite 75t, 1More is better. Airpods Max is Worse Than TWS ANC Below 250$.

The bass on the AirPods Max is almost non -existent. It’s very weak, where the sub-bass doesn’t seem to exist at all. This makes the music that has bass less satisfying and provides just a normal listening experience. If the music you love is a lot of drums, rumble – don’t use AirPods Max.

As a fan of pop songs, Talylor Swift’s latest music will make you feel a little satisfied. Find calm songs, for relaxation or melodies for meditation-these are interesting audio accessories.

For vocals, it’s pretty clear and people say clean. It has no weird effects, and the vocals can be heard well where every lyric on most songs can be heard and understood quickly and very clearly. But due to the weak bass, some of the vocals feel bland and unpleasant. Moreover the vocal voice of the male singer. The female singer has a melodious and delicious voice.

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Vowels or mids make it seem like there is no definition and not very natural. The high tones on the vocals are also a bit left behind as it is not enough to reach the level that people say heavenly audio.

For high tones, it is the main focus of AirPods Max. Between mids and bass, Highs is the strength of the font set to this. It makes most of the music more sparkling, and a sense of life. Every high tone is unbroken, the melody is fun, it feels like it’s worth the purchase of this audio accessory. Just, with a high volume – the high pitched sound will probably be a little broken.

For audio staging, it allows users to easily isolate each instrument. Instrument isolation is clear and more forward -looking. Even so, it is spacious enough to provide a good listening experience.

Overall, if you’ve ever used AirPods Pro – more or less the same experience you’ll receive from AirPods Max. It is an audio quality suitable for everyone and for casual use. Apple has its own signature sound especially for Apple fans. But from the quality I would say the Sony WH-1000XM3 and XM4 still hold the throne of best quality.

Airpods Max Is Very Classy

Airpods Max Is Very Classy

AirPods Max is very classy. It is very premium, looks luxurious, nice finish, different taste and also unique design. AirPods Max is designed with a different design from most headphone sets on the market. Due to that, Apple’s design is flawed.

Design Material

Constructed from stainless steel and combined with a soft polyurethane material. Also built in is a headrest embroidered with soft and very comfortable fabric material. The handles on both sides can be adjusted with a sliding mechanism. Quite inconvenient because there is no fixed level and needs to be adjusted regularly. One of the flaws. Then on the earphone part the same embroidery fabric material on the headpiece is applied.

But this part, it is a magnetic module that is easily removable for easy replacement. Usually the long time use of the head fin set, fabric material or soft in this part is quickly damaged. With a magnetic module, it is not only easy to replace but easy to customize. This material also makes it easier for the skin to breathe and prevents sweating problems.

With a non -sealed ANC system and a material that does not cause users to sweat easily. This is a WOW thing. Another thing that is rarely seen is the absence of the Apple logo. There are only two control buttons which are the same Digital Crown on the Apple Watch but the large size and noise control buttons are included. The charging port is Lightning type and is below accompanied by LED lights for charging indication. The buttons are responsive and easy to control. But less comfortable.

The second defect in the position of the button. Where the user experience is more comfortable if the button position is lower. Apple also provides a built -in smart frame, the Smart Case to store AirPods Max. This is the third drawback, the premium design of this headphone set cannot be folded for storage or convenience of carrying anywhere. The framework provided is quite unique. But is a stupid thing.

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Best Comfort, But Heavy

AirPods Max has the best build. Best of all the headphone sets I have ever tried. It’s also comfortable, more comfortable than competitors. It’s not sweaty, it’s premium, the finish is great, but alas it’s very heavy. If a competitor’s headphone set is uncomfortable due to sweating, the AirPods Max is uncomfortable for use beyond two hours. After two hours, I was tired as if there was an object in my head that was annoying and was annoying.

I understand this choice of building materials, but it would be wonderful if Apple came up with the AirPods Max SE version, where it’s made of plastic with the same functions and features at a cheaper price than the AirPods Pro – that’s the best. Probably because I’m not a fan of headphone sets and more of a TWS user.

Apple AirPods Max Immersive Audio

Apple AirPods Max Immersive Audio

For Spatial audio support, unfortunately it is limited to Apple device users only. What is Spatial audio? It’s Apple’s answer to Sony 360 Reality Audio or to any 360-degree audio system. Through the Spatial audio in these AirPods Max, the listening experience is not only comprehensive but immersive. Apple AirPods Max Immersive Audio.

Apple combines software and hardware. The greatness of Apple’s software and sensors in the AirPods Max are matched to provide this special functionality. When the user’s head moves, left to right or the device moves – the audio seems to follow the user’s movement. According to Apple, it’s as if the user is in a hall or a movie theater.

In daily use, not many videos support this Spatial audio. Netflix is ​​only a handful, and a lot of the focus is on video. However, I am very fond of this function. The listening experience is different and very unique. It’s smooth, really functional and seems to be in another reality.

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Powerful Active Noise Cancellation!

Yes, thank you. The ANC system or active noise cancellation in these AirPods Max is mediocre. It is more focused on canceling out low frequency noise only. High frequencies will still be clearly audible. But what’s interesting about Apple’s ANC system is, it’s “clean”. It feels calm, and very pleasant.

Why? This is because Apple’s ANC system has no stress effect problems. Most ANC headphone sets will have this problem. The given pressure gives a sealing effect making long -term use uncomfortable, tiring and easy to sweat. Because of that, listening to music, watching videos, listening to Clubhouse or video calls – it’s so much fun and comfortable.

Just not fun, it’s not great enough when compared to the Sony WH-1000XM3 or XM4. Even TWS 1More has a much better ANC system. For those who just want to relax, unwind, find a place that is not so noisy – the sound of the wind, the sound of people talking from a distance is difficult to hear. The ANC on AirPods Max is perfect for those new to getting used to active noise cancellation audio accessories.

iPhone 12 Malaysian Review

iPhone 12 Malaysian Review

The iPhone 12 is a successor to the iPhone 11. But many are worried about battery life or smaller size. Apple’s answer is, the A14 Bionic chip uses a 5nm design and it’s more efficient – so it will provide a better experience. I also tested the performance of this device and compared it to other Android devices-the iPhone 12 and above is no challenger in terms of AnTuTu score. iPhone 12 Malaysian Review.

But AnTuTu’s score is just a number. What is the actual usage experience like if making this iPhone 12 a daily device? I have been using the iPhone 12 as a daily device since it was launched in Malaysia. I am very satisfied with this device and throughout the experience of using iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XS and iPhone SE 2-iPhone 12 makes me feel really happy.

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The first thing that made me fall in love with this iPhone 12 was its design. For years, Android and iPhone devices used more or less the same design. A boxed design like this gives a different feel. At first it felt very strange in the hand, but over time it became comfortable and I felt this was a fresh classic design.

The iPhone 12 screen uses an OLED panel, unlike the previous iPhone 11 which used LCD. While the OLED option is already good, Apple is still stubborn with the large and wide notch to accommodate selfie cameras, sensors and Face ID. The use of this large notch makes this iPhone screen feel boring and just a waste of space. But since it was flat, I had to get used to it and be content with the existence of this notch.

On the right side of the device only has the power button, the left series is the volume button, notification button; and even the SIM card slot. Above is nothing, below there is a lightning port; and speaker lattice and lastly on the back is a rectangular camera module that is still the same as the iPhone 11.

The building material is aluminum for the frame and glass on the front and back. The finish of this build looks quite good, but the use of aluminum may not be so good. Unbeknownst to me, my iPhone 12; already has a dented effect compared to the Pixel 4 XL; which I often measles into a bag full of keys and coins. But interestingly, this aluminum finish is matte and it gives a pretty good grip. Our unit is white, so traces of fingerprint dirt on the back panel are not visible.

Apple Marketing Strategy

Apple Marketing Strategy

Apple Marketing Strategy. Apple remains focused on the uniqueness of the value compared to the price offered. The marketing team from Apple has indeed succeeded in making their products look luxurious; and premium. Starting from the design, features to the marketing strategy. As a result, even using a device with the apple emblem bitten has become a kind of prestige for the user. In addition, many public figures in foreign countries often use this product as a flagship smartphone.

In addition, you don’t think that Apple products never been trapped in price competition, the proof is they still charge high prices; and prioritize quality in each product. Apple is more focused on developing the unique value of a product rather than spending time competing with other brands on price issues. This uniqueness is the main strength to competitors. If a loyal user has obtained, it is certain that they are not looking to other places even though the price is cheap with almost no quality.

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Embedding a good branding strategy and certainly user friendly

One of them uses simple words that are easy to remember but describe the characteristics of the product. Apple instills idea that every produced is sophisticated technology but easy to use or user friendly. This is certainly the opposite of the thinking of many people who think that if goods are more sophisticated; the operation will be more complicated. Thanks to that iPhone products are increasingly love by many people who do not know the age range.

In addition, logos to catchy slogans are also a plus for the product that Steve Jobs carried. The simple slogan that only uses two words “Think different”; is in fact immediately pointed to Apple and easy to remember. The slogan also describes Apple’s products that are attractive and unique compared to other smartphones.

iPhone XR Can Still Be an Option in 2021

iPhone XR Can Still Be an Option in 2021

It cannot be denied that the high price of the iPhone is not an obstacle for many people to own this Apple smartphone. This is because there are several advantages offered by the iPhone such as a good camera, an operating system that is not easy to slow even though it is used for the next year, and many others. iPhone XR Can Still Be an Option in 2021.

It’s no wonder the iPhone has its own charm. For those of you who might just want to use an iPhone but are still confused about which type to choose, given the very high price of the newest iPhone, the iPhone XR can still be an option in 2021. Even though this iPhone model was launched in September 2018 or almost 3 years ago, this model is still worth it to buy.

This is because there are several reasons why the smartphone is still worth buying. What are the reasons? Come on, see the following reviews.

Prices are quite affordable

One of the main considerations in choosing iPhone models for most people is the price. The iPhone XR can be an option for those of you who are considering price, especially when paired with other X series iPhones. If the price of the iPhone XR at the beginning of its release started from Rp. 10 million, then in 2021 you can get the iPhone XR for Rp. 8 million.

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IOS 14 Operating System Update

The next reason why the iPhone XR is still worth buying in 2021 is the latest iOS update. Where, the iPhone itself has a calculation regarding the iOS update for up to four years since the launch of the iPhone model. This means that the iPhone XR is still getting the latest iOS updates until 2022.

When compared to Android, iOS is still superior in terms of operating system updates. This is because Android only gets updates for up to two years, while the iPhone can be up to four years.

Longer Battery Life

iPhone is known as a smartphone that has a low battery capacity. On the iPhone XR itself, the battery capacity is only 2942 mAh. However, the power consumption of this model is the most economical when compared to other iPhone X series. This is because the screen resolution displayed is quite small so that it has an impact on battery life.

Especially if you use the iPhone XR with reasonable limits or are used for social media purposes, for example. That way, the iPhone XR is only charged once a day.

Design that is still modern and not outdated

Switching to the iPhone XR design is certainly still cool enough to be used in 2021. Moreover, the iPhone XR has a characteristic design in the X series so that it looks like the latest model. Of course you can still take the iPhone XR to go somewhere and people will still recognize the smartphone because of its distinctive design. The design also uses a single camera and flash which is under the camera.

Iphone 12 Line Will Launch on the Market Tonight

Iphone 12 Line Will Launch on the Market Tonight

Today marks the end of the wait of iPhone hardcore fans where Apple’s flagship 2020 series, the iPhone 12 line will launch on the market tonight.

It is said that this release will come with a generation of 5G fast internet connection technology for the first time for the iPhone family.

Powered by the latest A14 processing chip, the iPhone 12 also comes with a triple-lens 3D & TrueDepth camera. The design is described as still simple but premium ;with a full size OLED screen is very tempting to anyone who sees it!

But the more important question for investors is, will this good news have a big impact on Apple’s own stock?

Let’s take a look at Apple’s launch history and how it relates to Apple’s own stock.

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Data was released by Bloomberg through BofA Merrull Lynch Global Research

The table above shows that almost every iPhone launch results in a positive price movement for Apple stock after 2 months of its launch. Yet there are some situations where the launch of the iPhone has had a negative impact on the stock price.

The table above shows that almost every iPhone launch results in a positive price movement for Apple stock after 2 months of its launch. Yet there are some situations; where the launch of the iPhone has had a negative impact on the stock price due to the specifications not meeting the tastes of investors.

Obviously here, the iPhone launch event is just a catalyst. Yet it is still investors who determine stock volatility. If investors are happy with the news, then prices will go up. Similarly, if investors are not happy, prices will plummet.

History is always repetitive. But no one can be sure what will happen tomorrow. Together we will witness whether this launch will carve a beautiful memory or sculpt a black history for Apple stock.

The Iphone 12 Mini Doesn't Sell Well

The Iphone 12 Mini Doesn’t Sell Well

The Iphone 12 Mini Doesn’t Sell Well. iPhone 12 Mini is the iPhone series that most people are waiting for. The reason is, after a few years, Apple finally launched a small iPhone again. This cellphone has released this newest product in October 2020.

Although this iPhone is not as small as the iPhone 5 SE 2020, people are still waiting for its presence. The size of this iPhone is 131.5 x 64.2 mm with a thickness of 7.4 mm. Its weight is also fairly light at 135 grams. For those of you who don’t like large cell phones, this HP mini series is perfect for you.

The existence of such a small cellphone is likely not everyone will like it in an era like this. Currently, the presence of smartphones with large screens is the prima donna for today’s society.

The use of a large size HP screen allows consumer satisfaction in viewing information and for playing games.

However, the Apple company still presents a mini-sized cellphone with various interesting advantages, one of which is water resistance.

You don’t need to worry if this cellphone is exposed to water because it already has IP68 certification. With the existence of this certification, this cellphone will not be damaged even if it is splashed by water.

However, that does not mean you can take him for swimming activities. Because IP68 is dust-proof and water-repellent, it is only at a depth of up to 1.5 meters for a duration of only 30 minutes.

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Cause the iPhone 12 Mini is not selling well

But overall, Apple’s new generation of iPhones are actually still in high demand.

Reportedly, the iPhone 12 Mini turned out to be sales that were not according to Apple’s target because consumers who preferred the large HP iPhone 12 were not even a little more interested in the HP iPhone 11.

The news regarding the iPhone 12 Mini’s lack of shine has indeed been circulating before.

Based on sales data in the United States for the first half of January 2021 and then by Counterpoint Research, the sales of the iPhone 12 Mini cover 5% of all types of iPhone 12 variants sold there, so the least buyers are.

This seems to indicate that this small smartphone seems to be less and less in demand. Consumers are more turning to smartphones that are larger in size because the screen is wider in viewing content.

“Basically the iPhone Mini is just a smaller version of the iPhone 12 with worse battery life. Although it is attractive to people with smaller hands, most consumers prefer to spend an extra USD 100 to buy the iPhone 12, which has better battery quality and a bigger screen, “wrote CNBC.

“This is also consistent with what we saw in the broader global market, screens under 6 inches now account for about 10% of all smartphones sold,” class Tom Kang, Counterpoint analyst.

As a result of reduced market interest and weaker demand for the iPhone 12 Mini, the supply chain is likely to stop production in the second quarter of 2021.

This doesn’t mean the iPhone 12 Mini will stop being sold. The termination of production is intended because the stock may still be sufficient, so there is no need for additional production.

2 Android Features Still Not Available on iPhone

2 Android Features Still Not Available on iPhone

2 Android Features Still Not Available on iPhone. Many technology lovers have compared the Android smartphone with the iPhone. Both are considered to have their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, one of the advantages that Android users often echo is the more exploration capabilities it offers.

Many feature sets are only present for the Android system, as well as for the iPhone. You need to know, there are at least three features in the Android system that make it look superior to the iPhone.

The following is the full review, as quoted from PC Magz via Tekno

Install Applications from Other Sources

One of the features on Android that is very open is that users are not limited to using one of the company’s app stores. Apart from downloading applications through the Google Play Store, with a series of security guarantees, users can download applications from other sources.

For example, users can download from an application store from a smartphone brand provider, or also the Amazon Store. Furthermore, users can also download applications in the form of an Android Application Package or an Apk.

It should be noted, if users do this method, make sure you get the application from a reliable source, because third-party app stores are the number one source of Android malware.

It is better if the user does some research first. Then also make sure to turn off the ‘Install Unknown Apps’ setting for the sources once you’ve installed the apps you want, just in case.

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Ability to Uninstall Applications

Most of the Android phones come with the help of interesting preinstalled applications. But do not rule out some applications that you don’t need. For example, if you are not a person who likes podcasts, you don’t need a podcast app.

Then, smartphone vendors tend to include many of their own applications that you may not need to use. Then you can uninstall these applications.

To do this, just long press the app icon then select an entry to open its details page where you can uninstall it.

Unfortunately, there are some stock apps that you can’t uninstall. For those apps, you can at least select disable, which will hide them from the interface page and leave more space for storage on the system.

Epic VS Apple

Epic VS Apple

A few weeks ago, Epic Games added a new purchase system at Fortnite, namely direct payments. Through direct payment, players can buy V-Bucks (currency in Fortnite) directly from Epic Games. That way, Epic doesn’t have to pay commissions to Apple and Google of 30% for every player making in-game purchases. Epic VS Apple.

This makes Apple and Google inflamed. The two companies then decided to block Fortnite on the App Store and Play Store. Epic Games then retaliated by taking Apple to court on charges of monopolistic practices. They also held a Fortnite tournament to win over gamers’ support and tease Apple.

The court has decided on the demands of Epic Games on Apple. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled that Apple may block Fortnite from the App Store. According to Rogers, the blocking of Fortnite from the App Store was the result of Epic Games’ decision to breach the contract with Apple. He also considers, if Fortnite is blocked, it will not cause major problems to the gaming industry.

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Judge Rogers thinks, if Apple blocks the Unreal Engine on iOS, this will cause problems in the gaming industry.

However, Rogers decided, Apple should not block the Epic Games developer account on iOS. Before this, Epic claimed that Apple planned to block Epic’s developer accounts on August 28, 2020. If this happens, Epic will no longer be able to provide updates to the Unreal Engine on iOS.

Based on Rogers’ decision, Apple should let Epic provide the Unreal Engine to other developers. The reason is, if Epic’s access to the Unreal Engine for iOS is limited, this is considered to disrupt the gaming industry and make it difficult for other game developers, who are not involved in the fight between Apple and Epic.

“Epic Games and Apple may sue each other in court,” Rogers wrote, as quoted by The Verge. “However, a dispute between the two must not cause harm to the parties not involved.”

What is iOS? Don't Be Confused

What is iOS? Don’t Be Confused

You may hear the name iPhone mentioned a lot, but this is not the case for iOS. The two are completely inseparable. Then what is iOS? Don’t be confused, we will discuss it from the beginning.

What is iOS?

To answer the question above, we can liken iOS to Windows. It’s just that, if Windows is for PCs and laptops, iOS is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.

IOS is a mobile operating system like Android, so we can also think of it as the life of the device. They are very similar in function, but they work very differently. One example, on Android there is the term application launcher, while on iOS it is not; All application icons will be displayed on the main screen (home screen).

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The second difference that is quite striking is, Android developed with open-source concept, while iOS developed behind closed doors by Apple itself, without outside interference.

However, since iOS 9, Apple has taken a slight turn to be more “open” to application developers. The latest version of iOS introduces a widget feature in the Notification Center section. As we know, widgets are one of the mainstay features of Android for several years.

The presence of this widget feature also opens the potential for iOS to be even wider with the help of third-party applications. Using the Launch Center Pro application, for example, iOS users can get the application launcher feature in the Notification Center, or even quick access to activate certain functions in various applications.

The third difference, iOS does not recognize the “Back” button, which is  an arrow to the left on Android, either in the form of a physical or virtual button. IOS devices only have one “Home” button, which functions to exit the application.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to these differences. Therefore, it is very difficult to argue which one is better because the way it works is very, very different.

Here is 5 Reason Why MacBook is Better Than Other Laptop

Here is 5 Reason Why MacBook is Better Than Other Laptop

Apart from the iPhone, Apple also has a product line that is no less popular and sophisticated, namely the MacBook. The typical Apple laptop that just came back to life in March 2015 is reported to have many advantages that are claimed to make the MacBook more worth it than any Windows-based laptop.

Here is 5 Reason Why MacBook is better than other laptop:

1. Luxurious design with the best materials.

Regarding design, the MacBook cannot be matched. The design looks luxurious and charming, because Apple itself does not arbitrarily choose the material for the MacBook body.

The MacBook Pro, which is the most recently claimed series, uses premium aluminum material which makes it look luxurious and exclusive. In addition, the advantage of the MacBook design compared to Windows laptops is its thin size.

Even though now there are many Windows laptops that carry a design size that is no less thin than the MacBook, but for light and comfortable matters the MacBook is still king.

2. MacBook is more resilient in blocking viruses!

One of the shortcomings of Windows laptops that makes users sometimes illfeel is that they are easily attacked by viruses. Well, this will not happen if you are using a MacBook.

Because the MacBook uses a Mac OS which is based on Unix; this laptop is free from all kinds of viruses. You also don’t need to bother installing an antivirus on this device; because viruses just don’t want to stop by the MacBook because of the tight security system implemented by Apple.

3. Anti slow.

If you crave a laptop with a fast sleep or wake process, then there is no doubt that you must buy a MacBook. When running various kinds of programs and applications it will also be smoother, smoother and faster.

This is because the average MacBook does carry the best kitchen runway specifications. For example the MacBook Pro which carries an Intel Core i5 processor with a clock speed of 2.93GHz dual core and Intel Iris 550 graphics, 256GB / 512GB SSD and USB type-C. The speed and smoothness have been tested!

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4. MacBooks are often the pioneers of new features!

Yes, Apple’s habit of always presenting new features and not being marketed is also applied to this laptop product. Thus, the MacBook is arguably a laptop with many new features and is considered sophisticated when compared to Windows-based laptops.

One of the most recent breakthroughs from the MacBook that you must try and will definitely leave you gawking is the new TouchBar and Touch ID features like the iPhone 7 on the MacBook Pro series. These features reportedly allow users to now be able to access conventional function keys with screen formats and can be used to activate and deactivate the system.

5. Even though the price is really expensive, it’s worth it.

Yes, high prices are an advantage of MacBooks compared to Windows laptops, which are on average sold at prices in the range of 5 million to 10 million rupiah. The high price that Apple has for the MacBook (and almost all of its products) makes this laptop a more exclusive impression when compared to Windows laptops, so not many people can have it.

If you want to use a MacBook; it is mandatory to save first or at least try to collect a large amount of money. It feels so worth it if you can buy an expensive MacBook with your own set of money ;or at least wait for the right time to buy it.

That is, 5 Reason Why MacBook is Better Than Other Laptop. Guaranteed you are satisfied if you do a task or just play with a MacBook.

Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android

Advantages of iPhone Compared to Android

As one of the best cellphone brands in the world, the advantages of iPhone compared to Android cellphones are of course many. What are the advantages of the iPhone compared to Android? Here is the list:

1. Build Quality and Better Design

The iPhone design has always had its own characteristics. Since the iPhone’s display is always consistent, it isn’t difficult to remotely recognize the iPhone. The quality of iPhone products is also not playing games. Because they are made to high quality standards, iPhone products are extremely rare for manufacturing defects to be found. The advantage of the iPhone in terms of design is that it has always been a trend setter for many Android phones. You certainly remember that after Apple launched the iPhone X as the world’s first pony-sailing cellphone, all Android phones followed this trend in droves.

2. Higher Performance

Chipsets made by Apple for iPhones are always the best compared to chipsets or processors for Android phones. Even Apple’s latest chipset, the Apple A12 Bionic, is able to outperform the Snapdragon 845 processor which is usually used on flagship class Android phones. Apple chips have always led the iPhone to be king of the fastest cellphones for several years. The toughness of the Chipset made by Apple is proven by the performance of older iPhones that are not easy to slow even though they have been used for years.

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3. Better iPhone Camera Results

It is undeniable that one of the advantages of the iPhone is in the camera sector. The camera is one of the factors that Apple pays the most attention to when creating the iPhone. Because the camera gets a large enough portion of attention from the manufacturer, therefore the quality of iPhone camera shots is always one of the best. It is even interesting that even though on paper the Android camera specifications are higher, but when juxtaposed with the iPhone camera it still feels less than perfect.

4. Have the most up to date collection of applications

Although the number of iPhone users is not as much as Android; developers or developers usually prefer to release the latest version of the application for iPhone users first. One of the reasons is because app revenue on the AppStore is better than on the Play Store owned by Android. In addition, the reason why applications update faster on the App Store is because developers find it easier to adjust the appearance of the application because the iPhone screen size varies less than Android.

5. Safer

Installing applications on an Android cellphone is much easier than an iPhone. Even though it’s easier, it actually hurts the cellphone users themselves. Because you can install applications without the Play Store, Android cellphone users are more vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. This is very different from the iPhone. The advantages of the iPhone which are quite striking are in terms of security. To install applications on the iPhone, you can only go through the App Store. This one-stop application download system is also supported by continuous monitoring; to prevent the entry of applications that contain viruses or malware.

New iPhone 12 Pro Max Details

iPhone 12 Pro and Max Details

Apple launched the new iPhone 12 Pro and Max, with their corresponding top-of-the-range versions.

The new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are finally released. In this new series of terminals, Apple has taken care of many details and we want to help you recognize them.

iPhone 12 Pro and Max Details:

IPhone 12 Pro Max Design

On the design of the iPhone they have totally flat edges that do not have a metallic chrome.
Color is maintained on all sides of the terminal. In this way, the equipment presents an extremely elegant appearance and attractive to the eye.

The rest of the different characteristics remain intact, such as the famous notch or the rear camera system. It maintain the same triangular arrangement, adding a LIDAR sensor in the lower corner.

About the colors available for the iPhone 12 Pro Max we find the colors silver and gold, but there is a variation in the color traditionally known as space gray that has been called graphite.

The biggest color novelty has been the new Pacific Blue color, a new color that will delight the buyer and attract many new ones for its beauty and finish.

Strength and Durability

One of the strengths of the new iPhone is the resistance of the materials with which they are built.

The new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max have been built with Ceramic Shield, this material is the one chosen by Apple for the front of its terminals.

At the back, the textured matt glass and a stainless steel structure stand out. Both materials are suitable for the use of wireless charging and 5G communications.

Although these materials make the iPhone 12 Pro Max an almost unbreakable mobile, their thing is to continue protecting it with cases and tempered glass. It will guarantee optimal protection against falls or friction.

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New 5G communications

After many complaints from users and “FAN Lovers” of the company. It was not until this new iPhone 12 Pro Max terminal, when Apple has incorporated the latest 5G technology to its models.

Thanks to the agreement signed with Qualcomm. Apple has finally installed the necessary modem as well as the antennas that are on the edges of both devices.

This ensures that you have the best possible coverage at all times. The problem really comes when it comes to infrastructure, Spain does not have the 5G network deployed throughout the territory. They have started to deploy the antennas, but there is still much ground to cover.

Thoroughbred A14 Bionic Processor for iPhone 12 Pro

Apple has taken out the artillery and has installed its latest processor called A14 Bionic in its iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It has an ARM structure of 5 nm, this being the first chip to be designed at 5 nm. This fact guarantees an improvement in the general performance of the device. And in the autonomy as well to compensate for the extra expense made by 5G connectivity.

This new processor is 50% larger compared to the predecessor A13 chip.


Apple Fear of Number 13

Apple Fear of Number 13

The number “13” has so far been a bad myth. Many think the number 13 brings bad luck. This myth is reportedly believed by Apple. Apple fear of number 13.

Yes, a technology company as big as Apple is reportedly not going to name their newest smartphone with the label iPhone 13. The news is that the technology giant from Cupertino, California, United States believes in the unlucky myth of using the number 13.

Reporting from Cult of Mac, Apple will name its new cellphone with the iPhone 12s. And due to Triskaidekaphobia reasons, Apple will release the iPhone 14 as its successor next year.

Triskaidekaphobia itself is a feeling of excessive fear of the number 13. Those who suffer from this phobia consider 13 as a sacred number that has magical power and leads to bad luck.


But this news does not make sense. Because as a modern company, it’s hard to imagine Apple still believing in superstition.

Moreover, they released the iPhone 4, this figure for some Chinese and Japanese people is considered unlucky. In fact, what happened later, the cellphone became one of the best-selling iPhones. Previously they also released iOS 13 in 2019.

The same report adds, regardless of whether or not the unlucky myth is true, if the number 13 is not embedded in the latest iPhone. According to Jon Prosser it is more because the iPhone 12 does not bring a significant update. Where Apple will return to the tradition it did many years ago.

Yes, Apple always embeds the code ‘s’ on its phones which only brings a slight improvement. Usually, Apple just adds a faster processor but the device design is still the same. Examples are the iPhone 4 followed by 4s, iPhone 5 by 5s, iPhone 6 by 6s and even the iPhone X has the XS.

To know the naming of the latest iPhone, we have to be patient waiting for it to be revealed at its release later. The successor to the iPhone 12 is predicted to swing next September.