iPhone 13 Pro Max Specifications

iPhone 13 Pro Max Specifications

Those are all Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max specifications on paper and are displayed prominently once on the official site for advertising purposes. But is news better than looks? The short answer is no. Pictures taken using the iPhone 13 Pro have a very noticeable difference compared to last year. Finally there are manual controls for night mode (which was my big issue last year), the presence of a real macro mode (also a notable drawback of the 12 Pro Max camera) and a night mode that is finally really bright.

Just look at the samples below. This year’s image sharpness is much better if I compare it to the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Oppo Find X3 Pro and Galaxy S21 Ultra which became my daily camera at Amanz this year. Night mode also has lower noise with a very satisfactory dynamic range. The light source is not broken but clear with the bulb globe clearly visible. I am not a professional photographer and the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max camera app is quite easy to use as well as foolproof user proof. For those who aren’t shy about admitting to being a photography idiot like me, this smartphone camera ensures every picture can be taken perfectly.

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There are indeed interesting modes like Cinematic Mode and Photographic Styles but in my opinion it is a mere gimmick. The cinematic style that allows Focus Rack video recording to be done is indeed sophisticated but what is its use in daily operations? Probably only useful for those who have aspirations of becoming film directors in the future.

Photographic Styles is similar to the features offered on LG and Sony devices. There are several built -in filters with an emphasis on specific colors and tones. I don’t know who will use this feature; because one of the filters makes the picture have high saturation like a Samsung camera. Some may like it but as far as I know the majority of iPhone buyers use the device’s camera; because its colors are right with the real world and not for fantasy colors. If you want to change even third party applications such as Snapseed; and VSCO are used because there are many presets have been created by millions of users.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Support

iPhone 13 Pro Max Support

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max support the 5G Sub 6GHz network which currently can only be enjoyed by users in Bukit Tunku Kuala Lumpur. I didn’t have time to go to the upper areas and just test the 4G network. Its performance is satisfactory without any issues of intermittent phone calls or the Internet moving at snail speeds. If your telco supports VoLTE, clearer phone calls can be made. This is especially helpful if you work in an area with a poor cellular network and home WiFi can save the day.

GPS capability is also very good with vehicle locations tracked in Google Map, Apple Maps and Wazer as fast as lightning. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a smartphone that excels in its telephony and GPS performance.

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The camera is equipped with a larger lens but the actual sensor is still 12MP+12MP+12MP and a 3D ToF sensor. Wide angle lenses are matched with ultra wide angle and telephoto lenses. This year’s telephoto system supports optical zoom up to 3X, an increase from just 2.5X last year. Apple is still not ready to provide ultra telephoto systems up to 100X like Samsung and Xiaomi.

The Shift Sensor OIS system is used on all iPhone wide -angle lenses this year to provide the best image stabilization. I often receive the question what is the use of OIS compared to EIS on smartphones? The answer is that with the availability of OIS, sharper and more detailed images can be taken especially in night mode. This is what differentiates cameras on top -class devices from middle -class ones.

On the front, a 12MP camera is again used with a wide angle lens to allow all subjects; to be taken without the need for hands throughout the Fantastic Four.

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iPhone 13 Pro Benchmark

iPhone 13 Pro Benchmark

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro benchmark scores recorded using Geekbench 5 and Antutu 3D confirm Apple Silicon’s dominance for 2021. With 1716 scores in the single -core test and 4678 in the Geekbench 5 multi -core test, the Apple A15 Bionic far outperforms the Snapdragon 888 (1122/3412 marks). The same thing was repeated in the Antutu 3D test with the A15 Bionic scoring 789,647 marks which is also ahead of the 747,436 marks recorded by the Snapdragon 888. The results are quite conclusive even though the A15 is only equipped with six CPU cores instead of eight.

Synthetic test scores are only half of the complete story. In the video processor I have never seen the speed of the A15 Bionic on the Android devices I have reviewed before. The ability to process videos quickly is very important for the TikTok, Instagram and YouTube generations. Edits with complex special effects are done directly from the device. The faster a video is processed, the faster it can be uploaded for public viewing. If you’re wondering why the iPhone is the device of choice for mobile content producers, this incredibly fast video processing performance is one of the reasons.

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The Reason

Another other reason is to enjoy the first at the highest graphics settings and frame settings. The A15 Bionic can run beautiful 3D premiere applications at the highest frame settings. The Apple device only feels a little warm after a long gaming session. Strangely, I did not experience this heating issue on the iPad Mini 2021 with the same chip. The cooling system on the iPad Mini is even better. The same warmth was also noticed while taking many pictures. In this case Apple iPhone and Android phones have the same issue because the need to do post -processing on photos is high.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Feature

iPhone 13 Pro Max Feature

But in my opinion the iPhone 13 Pro Max feature of allowing device owners to appoint a family member or close acquaintance to access cloud storage in the event of death is a feature that has long been requested. If you remember there were two high -profile cases where the mother of the deceased asked Apple to give her access to a picture of the child. Even to court the decision was in Apple’s favor because data privacy needs to be respected. The same feature also allows the OTP to be sent to the closest human -owned device for verification in the event of a theft.

The same can be said of Focus mode which borrows elements from the HTC Sense Android launcher. Set your mode to a specific time and then choose who can call you and what notifications can be displayed. Quite useful when in the office watku and I don’t want to accept a friend’s invitation to join the COD Mobile MP session!

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This year is clearly a year of iteration and not evolution. After the introduction of widgets that completely changed the face of iOS 14; Apple focused on further refining their operating system. Even so I have to stress that features like SharePlay in Facetime; and ProRes video recording; which are the main topic of conversation have yet to be provided on the device being reviewed. So no comment on whether; or not this feature actually is.

What I can comment is that the Apple application can indeed be launched faster with it also stored longer in the background with the help of memory of 6GB RAM. The opening performance of the first is actually the most surprising; as it can core the difference especially on heavy firsts like COD Mobile, Genshin Impact; and Asphalt 9. Faster if again I am allowed to compare 13 Pro Max with Z Fold 3; which has 16GB of RAM (including from RAM memory New plus given in Malaysia).

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iPhone 13 Pro Device

iPhone 13 Pro Device

Overall the iPhone 13 Pro device is very comfortable in the hand despite the shiny stainless sides and the body which is 12 grams heavier than the 12 Pro Max. The 12 gram figure may seem small on paper but it feels very noticeable in the hand. This I feel is because the 13 Pro Max’s camera hump is much larger than the 12 Pro Max’s. The top of the device is heavier than the bottom. It is difficult to balance the device in hand.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is indeed heavier (271g) but the weight of the device is well distributed and the device feels much more balanced in the hand in both open and closed modes. I needed more time to get used to the device in hand this time around compared to Samsung’s biggest foldable screen device this year.

This larger Apple camera hump also results in once again the device not being able to be placed flat on the table surface. This year’s jongkang jongket is higher with the lens being fulcrum. Use of the 13 Pro Max without a frame is highly not recommended at all; unless you do not plan to resell this device next year.

The power button on the right, the volume -adjustable button on the left side; and the mute button also on the left side are very premium. The surface is flat and the size is also large. The hands do not hurt at all when using it.

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Usage And Software

In terms of software iOS 15 is not a big change compared to Apple iOS 14. I have read some user comments that iOS 15 is a boring update because it focuses on privacy; and the addition of features to allow the operating system to be more on par with Android.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max

In bright sunlight the iPhone 13 Pro Max display is still easily readable. This is the advantage of this year’s Super Retina XDR OLED screen. If you remember last year, it was strange that the 12 Pro Max screen was difficult to read under the scorching sun which is an issue in Malaysia.

Even so, the 13 Pro Max screen is beautiful and funny, especially if you watch content with Dolby Vision on Apple TV+, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar services. The colors look more cinematic when compared to the HDR10+ on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. But not everything is perfect, the large Face ID notch still prevents the content being viewed from being viewed in full screen.

As a Galaxy Z Fold3 user with a bottom -screen camera, I can no longer accept the existence of holes and notches that cripple the experience of watching videos on the big screen. So not surprisingly there are already rumors that next year Apple 14 will say sayonara to the notch.

Speaking of notches, it is now smaller but slightly taller. Is it an annoying feature? After four years of using an iPhone with Face ID; I was completely unaware of its existence and so were hundreds of millions of other iPhone users. 2021 is a notch year for Apple as it has now spread; to the new MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16.

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Last year’s Apple design was retained and this means the flat stainless metal sides are matched with a non -glossy back panel and Ceramic Shield glass front panel. Despite being said to be a rugged year; the screen on the device reviewed is still scratched when in contact with a car key. There is still no glass on the market that is durable enough to prevent scratches or cracking. If you don’t want this problem to happen, buy a premium durable screen protector or frame.

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New iPhone Has Launched

New iPhone Has Launched

12 full moons have passed and like a birthday, a new iPhone has launched in Malaysia this month. Every year, the question that Android fans want to answer is whether this year’s iPhone model is disappointing while among iPhone fans, what are the innovations that make this year’s model worth buying.

Glad I can say in this review, both of the above questions will be able to be answered clearly. This year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max is probably the smartphone with the best chocolate bar design on the market and the small changes made compared to last year’s Apple model actually brought about maximum impact.

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The good news is that the iPhone 13 Pro Max finally supports the adaptive 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate that has been offered on the iPad. This year Apple heard consumer demand who felt a 60Hz screen was no longer enough given that higher refresh rates can be enjoyed on mid -range Android devices. Through the ProMotion screen, the refresh rate changes dynamically from as low as 10Hz to 120Hz according to the needs of the application. This setting is quite perfect to say the least.

The iPhone screen, which used to be smooth, now feels faster, especially on Apple‘s own applications. At the beginning of the review there was an issue on third party apps like Twitter that didn’t feel smooth; but this was fixed through the iOS 15.0.1 update. One thing that differentiates the 13 Pro Max screen from the screens of Android devices; like the Galaxy S21 Ultra is that iOS doesn’t provide an option; for users to change the refresh rate to 60Hz. Everything is automatic. This is consistent with Apple’s policy of not giving as many customization options; to users of their devices as compared to Android.

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Opportunities for Apple

Opportunities for Apple

All due to the Disney company’s shares which fell sharply due to the coronavirus outbreak as well as opening up opportunities for Apple to make massive bids in getting a company full of this potential.

According to the report, the Disney company has had to incur losses of $ 85 billion (RM368.2 billion) over the last three weeks while the market capitalization for Disney is around $ 165 billion (RM714.7 billion) currently

For the record, the good relationship between Disney and Apple is nothing new. Previously, the two companies had collaborated in introducing the Disney watch face available on the Apple Watch.

In addition, the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is also one of the Disney fans where he was the former CEO of Pixar before being own by Disney. In fact, the former CEO of Disney who has just resigned, Bob Iger, also agreed if Apple merged with Disney.

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So far there has been no official bid from Apple for the acquisition of Disney. Getting this Disney company will definitely open up more potential for this company; with the availability of Apple TV, Disney+, the copyright of Disney characters; as well as allowing this company to become a great power for the technology and entertainment industry.

The ECG function is already offered to Apple Watch users in Malaysia through the WatchOS 7.5 update. Apple began announcing the offering of electrocardiogram function; or better known as ECG as early as the Apple Watch Series 4 model. This function allows users to monitor the heartbeat rhythm while displaying results involving a user’s heart.

Although this function is an attractive function on the Apple Watch Series 4, this function seems to have to wait almost three years for Malaysian users to get this Apple function.

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Analysts Expectation of Apple

Analysts Expectation of Apple

Analysts expectation of Apple to stand a chance of acquiring the Disney company. Since Disney managed to get some big companies and brands like 20th Century Fox, Star Wars and Pixar, many are starting to open their eyes about this famous company in Hollywood.

However, who would have thought that it started with just a collaboration between two companies, now rumors are getting stronger saying Apple is in the best position to get a Disney company.

Just need apple samsung may not offer ‘charger’ on galaxy s21. Apple is indeed a brand that comes with ‘innovation’ and often receives criticism from the public. Since starting to introduce the iPhone 12 series without a charger; the brand has once again received criticism as well as received attention from the public.

In the meantime, who would have thought that despite the criticism received; what Apple is doing seems to have started to be followed by other brands.

Recently, Samsung is reported to be following in Apple footsteps in offering their latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S21, without a charger plug or shared charger.

Based on the reasons given by Apple earlier, the absence of a charger plug is indirectly; in saving the earth from high carbon consumption.

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Samsung, on the other hand, which had previously bought Apple through an advertisement released last October, may withdraw their advertisement in conjunction with the release of their latest model soon. If Samsung did the same, it would be a bit ironic for this brand.

Based on the efforts made, it seems that consumers may have to spend more to get a charger; after this either through smartphones from Apple or Samsung brands.

Before this, Samsung had bought Apple which offers an iPhone without a headphone jack and a notch. However, the company is in favor of removing the uploaded ads after releasing a model without a headphone jack.

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Latest Design of Airpods

Latest Design of Airpods

Apple is expected to introduce the latest design of Airpods pro with the absence of ‘ear tips’. Starting with just rumors, it seems that Apple is reportedly ready to launch the latest generation of Apple AirPods Pro to the market soon. This launched model will indirectly be the third generation of the Apple AirPods series.

Based on the leaked photos, the Apple AirPods Pro does not seem to be included anymore with ear tips that are seen to turn yellow after a while. The case design is also seen to be smaller in this latest generation.

It is understood that this latest model is still offered with noise canceling and audio spatial support like the previous model. The latest technology that will be offered on this model has not been revealed so far.

Apple is expected to officially introduce the latest model of Apple AirPods Pro as early as this March. Together we look forward to the latest changes that will be offered on this model.

The Apple Watch has now managed to surpass the sales of all Swiss watches. Launched as early as 2015, who would have thought that Apple only needed a short time; to get people interested in choosing to get their release watches compared to other more prestigious brand watches.

According to a report shared by Strategy Analytics, the Apple Watch around last September has already managed to occupy the top five brands with the highest sales in the United States along with Rolex and Patek Philippe.

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The Apple Series 5 offering and the Apple Watch Series 3 price drop this year seem to be down helping Apple to further boost their watch sales while successfully beating other Swiss brands with total sales of 31 million units over 2019.

The increase in Apple Watch sales as well as the decline of some prestigious Swiss brands; at the same time give the impression that young people are now more interested in owning a smart watch; than a regular watch. How about you? Have you also started switching to Apple smart watches?

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Price of Latest Apple

Price of Latest Apple

The price of latest Apple iPhone may surprise many people. About a week before the official launch of Apple’s latest iPhone model, finally the official price for the latest iPhone model is now leaked. Starting with the news of the specifications and design of the Apple iPhone up to the prototype photos of their latest model.

Through Benjamin Geskin’s Twitter page, he as a tech reporter has reported the selling price of the latest Apple iPhone which will be sold more expensive than before. If before, the price tag of $ 999 (~ RM4212.28) has become a very premium and expensive price tag, now with the same price users have the opportunity to get the latest model with the lowest storage size of 64 GB.

It is rumored that the latest model also comes with three different storage sizes; namely 64GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. The price of $ 1099 (~ RM4633.93); and $ 1199 (~ RM5055.58) will be the price tag for the 256 GB and 512 GB models.

Everything will be answered on September 12 when Apple holds the Apple Keynote 2017. Most likely Apple will release three models simultaneously at the launch of Apple Keynote 2017; with the participation of iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 models. 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will follow the price trend of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at the launch.

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Is the expensive price still able to get sales?

With the effort to create hype over the past 11 months starting; with the bezelless screen rumors all the way to the dismantling of the leaked photos; I can say they have managed to make the marketing start from before the launch again.

Everything is determined by how Apple showcases the functions and specifications available for the latest Apple iPhone. In terms of hype and marketing, I can say that Apple has won in this category; compared to other smartphone brands, making expensive prices no longer a problem to get high sales. Are you one of the potential buyers of this model?

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The iPhone 12

The iPhone 12

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 12 on October 13. If you follow the development of Apple as well as the launch of the Apple iPhone, surely you know enough that this company is quite synonymous with launching their latest model every September.

Yet another story this year when Apple has held two different events online where the brand first launch the new generation iPad and Apple Watch in September while the new Apple iPhone in October. So you the Apple fans have to patient to wait this brand new tech from Apple.

Through new rumors shared by Jon Prosser as an individual who regularly shares about Apple news informed that the iPhone 12 series will be launched on October 13, 2020.

Consumers in the country do not seem to have to wait long to get this new generation iPhone; where pre-orders open on October 16 and are ready to be offer on October 23, 2020.

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The Wait

Those interest in the Apple phone 12 Pro and Apple phone 12 Pro Max; seem to have to wait longer until November before they are officially offer on the market.

In addition, Apple is expected to introduce the Apple phone with the smallest screen size; in the iPhone 12 series which will be named as the Apple phone 12 Mini. The model with a 5.4-inch screen size is expected; to come with a smaller design than the iPhone with a 4.7-inch screen size.

Together we look forward to the official launch of Apple which is expected to take place on 13 October. For those of you who are interested in being the first to own it; there are only about two months left to wait before the iPhone 12 is officially offered.

Based on previous rumors, the Apple iPhone 12 is expected to be offered at a price of around RM2,749.

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Chinese Attack on Apple

Chinese Attack on Apple

In addition, the Chinese attack on Apple also has the effect that there are factories in China that fine employees who buy Apple iPhones. However, if employees buy Huawei and ZTE smartphones, the factory will pay its employees 15% of the value of the smartphones purchased.

Apart from China, it is understood that Apple iPhone sales in India also showed the same performance after Apple only managed to sell 1.7 million units compared to 3.2 million in the previous year.

Ironically despite the declining Apple iPhone sales, the Huawei brand managed to become the choice of many after recording a 23%increase in sales. Maybe it’s time Apple offers the iPhone at a slightly lower price as well as offering better innovations for consumers.

Apple will bring the latest update for Airpods. Remember when Apple AirPods were first launched, many criticized and trolled Apple’s latest product which was said to be weird and uninnovative. A few months later, this product managed to become the choice of consumers and managed to collect encouraging sales.

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Recently, Apple is said to be interested in offering updates through the latest update of Apple AirPods; where users have the opportunity to communicate better with Siri. Response to Siri will also be improved.

Apple also said that they are preparing to release the latest version of Apple Airpods; that will be launched in 2019. Through this latest model, Apple promises AirPods will be included with waterproof AirPods.

Meanwhile, like the iPhone X, the waterproof that Apple means is resistant to water splashes or rain; and is not suitable for use in water.

For those of you who haven’t got Apple AirPods, now is still the best time with the RM799 offer. It is said that Apple will bring more latest updates that will be brought by Apple.

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Apple Wants to Challenge Netflix

Apple Wants to Challenge Netflix

Apple wants to challenge Netflix by launching its own video streaming service. After Tim Cook took over as CEO, Apple seems increasingly interested in adding a new branch of business other than selling products alone.

Starting with Apple Music, they will now launch their own video streaming service. Not to mention knowing that these services have a high demand.

Given that Netflix and several other services have already managed to dominate the ‘original series’ industry, Apple seems to be choosing a slightly different direction.

It is said that the concept of a program like James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ is one of the priorities for Apple to further popularize Apple Music. Based on the idea presented by Apple, it is likely that users will be entertained by the collaboration of celebrities with special applications from the Apple Store.

Apple’s plan to launch a special series for celebrities looks more realistic; after the Vital Signs show that will be starring Dr Dre was chose; as the first Original TV Series from Apple.

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Incorporating video streaming functionality on Apple Music will definitely increase the number of users. We’re excited to find out if the functionality comes concurrently for Apple Music customers; or is available with a separate subscription.

Apple sales are declining in China and India. It seems that the crisis of Apple’s struggle in China; as well as the latest model which is say to lack innovation; and attract the attention of many gave a great blow to Apple in China.

According to the report, it is understood that Apple sales in China have decreased by 20 percent for the fourth quarter of 2018. The decline in Apple’s sales in China, which has a large number of smartphone users, also affected Apple’s overall profits.

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Apple Watch Is Future

Apple Watch Is Future

The Apple Watch is future it is a watch with a touch of technology. Today was the Apple “Spring Forward” event and Apple has introduced a new Macbook and Apple Watch. Of course, we are waiting

 to see what functions the smartwatch brings.

Apple offers three editions of the Apple Watch, namely the Apple Watch Sport which starts at $ 349, the Apple Watch which starts at $ 549 and the 18-carat Apple Watch Edition (gold) which costs $ 10,000.

This Apple Watch smartwatch from Apple lets you read emails, answer calls, follow updates from apps, make Siri voice commands, monitor fitness, and receive social media notifications like Facebook, WeChat, Twitter and more without having to use an iPhone.

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What You Need to Know

It’s an iOS 8.2 smartwatch that lets you use the iPhone via the wrist.
On sale April 24th with pre-orders starting as early as April 10th.
Prices start at $ 349 and end at $ 10,000
battery life time for typical use is 18 hours
charging using a special wireless dock
Comes with two size options, 38mm and 42mm.
6 color options namely stainless steel, silver aluminum, space black stainless steel, space gray aluminum, 18-karat yellow gold and 18-karat rose gold

However, the watch screen continued to crack badly in the first test attempt of dropping the watch Apple screen right onto the cement surface.

TechRax was so shocked by the results of this test, making him shout, “Really Apple? It’s just a little bit. It’s just (falling) 3.5 feet! ” Things got worse when TechRax became frustrated, and kept throwing the watch down repeatedly.

Damage to the screen, such as cracks and scratches is not covered by the warranty and is expensive to repair, according to MacRumours.

For comparison, the $ 549 Apple Watch and the $ 12,000 Apple Watch Edition have screens made of Sapphire glass.

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Apple Car Project

Apple Car Project

The former vice president of Porsche chassis joins the Apple Car project. News about Apple wanting to develop an electric car has been discussed by internet users since 2014. And in recent years, companies operating out of Cupertino have begun selecting experts in the automotive field to develop the Apple Car.

Late last year, Apple had appointed Manfred Harer to participate in the development of their car. Manfred Harer is a former Vice President of Porsche Chassis who is said to be one of the best engineers in the Volkswagen Group. He is responsible as Head of Chassis Development at Porsche; and has previously held the responsibility of overseeing Porsche Cayenne product development.

Manfred Harrer had served at the Volkswagen Group for more than 13 years; before he left the company at the end of last year without telling his former partner where he went after that.

Some Apple analysts expect the company to be working hard to complete an electric car in the near future and will likely use Hyundai’s E-GMP Battery Electric Platform on their ‌Apple Car later.

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Automotive Developers

It looks like the world’s automotive developers will be competing with Apple soon. Given that Apple already has its own fans; it is certain that the Apple Car will be one of the ‘must -buy’ products; by the fairytale people around the world later. Because of how it is such a revolutionary product by Apple that can change how we move around.

This is probably the list of iPhones that support Apple iOS 14. It is already an obligation for Apple to introduce the latest version of Apple iOS every year. Apple a few days ago also confirmed that Apple will run the Worldwide Developers Conference program; on June 22 online where iOS 14 will be announced.

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Apple Next Move

Apple Next Move

After the iPhone, Apple next move is expected to launch an electric car by 2024. Anyone not familiar with the Apple brand? If before this the people were shocked by the news of the launch of a new smartphone, this time the brand is said to be launching their own vehicle.

It is understood that the vehicle will be equipped with new battery technology and self -driving system by 2024 but due to the country being hit by a pandemic, the year for the launch of the car will be postponed to 2025.

According to a report published on Reuters, the Apple brand is said to be assisted by a third party to provide several technological components in equipping the vehicle with a self -driving system and Light Distance And Ranging (LIDAR) system. LIDAR is a method in which it is a technology to measure the distance from an object using light.

Not only that, Apple’s battery technology will reportedly allow the vehicle to be driven longer distances at a lower cost. However, the matter has not yet been confirmed by Apple.

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The news is believed to be not the first time the Apple brand; has said it wants to release their own cars. Earlier, there were reports that the Apple brand would build their own cars; however, the matter was believed to be untrue. So it can definitely be write off, there is just way too many misunderstanding because of that.

The brand from the United States is understood to have focused on building an autonomous vehicle system which is also known as self -driving vehicles instead of the production of Apple -branded vehicles.

Read also our previous sharing about Apple being sued for RM48.72 million in Italy following allegations of a waterproof iPhone.

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Total AirPods Sales

Total AirPods Sales

By 2020, the company is targeting total AirPods sales to reach 85 million units with a value of $ 15 billion. In addition, sales of Apple wearables, homes, and accessories are expected to surpass the total sales of the Mac series soon.

For information, Apple AirPods with regular charging case are offered at RM699 while the latest model AirPods Pro comes at RM1,099. A rather premium price for a wireless earphone.

Based on the increase in sales of Apple AirPods, it can be seen that effective branding and marketing will make a product valued by many despite being offered at a high price. Once again Apple won with the magic that this company owned.

If you want more premium and unique AirPods Pro; this model with 18-karat gold coating is ready to be owned at a higher price.

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Malaysia’s first Apple store is expected to open on the TRX exchange by 2022. Successful as a hub for people to get Apple products and accessories; the presence of the Apple Store is coveted by a large number of Apple fans in Malaysia; after the Apple Store opened in neighboring Thailand and Singapore.

According to the latest report from The Edge Malaysia; the wait for Apple fans in Malaysia in anticipation of the opening of Malaysia’s first Apple Store will end; when the company is ready to open their official store chain as early as next year.

It is understood that the upcoming Apple Store in Malaysia will be opened at The Exchange TRX building. The opening of the Apple Store in Malaysia will indirectly make it the third country in Southeast Asia; to have an Apple Store.

For information, The Exchange TRX will offer a luxury supermarket that will be filled with more than 400 brands. This building will also be a business hub for several companies. Together we look forward to the opening of the Apple Store which will surely be flooded with people, especially for Apple fans.

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The Apple Book Release

The Apple Book Release

The Apple book release which has 450 printed pages, will provide information to readers about the products that Apple has produced. Apple has also appointed Andrew Zuckerman as a photographer to provide minimalist pictures of Apple products to be published in this book.

According to John Ive, this book is not just about Apple products throughout its operation. In fact, it will tell how the Apple team developed as well as the design behind each product produced. The use of premium materials is one of Apple’s priorities for the buyers of this book.

Like the iPhone, this Apple Book comes in 2 different sizes. Size 10.20 “x 12.75” and 13 “x 16.25”. After almost 5 months, you can get this official Apple book specifically for the Malaysian market for RM949. A ‘luxury’ price for a physical book.

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Oh yes, no software updates will be included on this book like the iPhone and Macbook as this book is a physical book without a Wi-Fi connection.

How Apple managed to double the sales of Airpods compared to last year. Mention of Apple AirPods is definitely a reason not to have these bluetooth earphones. Easy to remove, expensive price and unmatched sound quality are among the popular reasons.

Interestingly, Apple managed to make people forget those reasons after sales of Apple AirPods were seen increasing this year compared to last year.

According to a report released, total sales of Apple AirPods this year have contributed as much as $ 6 billion to Apple. In comparison the volume of sales this year is double compared to last year.

Interestingly, the latest model of AirPods, the AirPods Pro, was just launched about two months ago. In other words, Apple managed to get people interested in the AirPods model that has been launched since 2016.

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Refurbished Apple iPhone

Refurbished Apple iPhone

Should a refurbished Apple iPhone be avoided? According to Ahmad Fami, it all depends on the buyers.

In the meantime, it is better if the buyer makes a check first because there are sellers who do not want to be responsible in case of any damage to the iPhone. Consumers are also advised to check the feedback of buyers who get an iPhone at the store.

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How to check the condition of the iPhone

The first thing to check is the iPhone’s ability to detect the simcard. Next, the buyer needs to check the condition of the front and rear cameras as well as try out the available modes.

Buyers also need to make a battery check where users can check it by clicking settings then battery health. Then, check the speaker section located on the bottom and the microphone.

If all works well, check the state of 3D touch or Apple Face ID. You are also advised to press some parts on the screen to check the sensitivity of the screen to touch. Next, make sure the iPhone has no problems accessing iMessage, Wi-Fi and Bluetoth.

For more satisfaction, you can also try to make a video call, shake the iPhone to detect any sound on the inside. You are also advised to format the iPhone again to avoid any issues involving the Apple ID of another owner.

In conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 12 series soon, Apple is expected to introduce five models simultaneously. In addition, Apple may also lower the price for the iPhone SE and XR.

The book ‘Designed by Apple’ went on sale for the Malaysian market at a price of RM949.

It seems that the wait of Malaysian Apple fans to get the book ‘Designed by Apple in California’ will end after the book officially went on sale for the Malaysian market 5 months after Apple announced it.

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The Difference of Apple

The Difference of Apple

The difference of Apple iPhone purchased from an official Apple distributor versus a third party. In Malaysia, consumers have the opportunity to get an iPhone from Apple’s official distributor consisting of Machines and Switch. In addition, there are also third parties from the sellers who also offer it.

Before you buy an iPhone, make sure you check first whether the model purchased is a local set or an imported set. Both have no problems and can still be left under the warranty period.

What you need to make sure is that the model is not under any foreign telco that may cause problems for iPhone owners.

Review before buying a used iPhone

Used or secondhand Apple iPhones still have a good market price due to the large number of fans. This model is targeted for those who do not want to spend big on getting an iPhone.

Before that, there are a few things to check before buying a used iPhone.

According to AhmadFami, the important thing that needs to be checked is whether the iPhone has been repaired or not. If the model has ever suffered damage as a result of ever entering water or damage to major components, avoid.

This is because there are some sets that have been repaired sold at lower prices consisting of private units as well as imported sets. In addition, damage to the main components is feared to have an effect during future use even though it has been repaired.

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Things to check before getting a refurbished iPhone

It is understood that there are two sets of refurbished Apple iPhones offered by the seller consisting of a refurbished iPhone by Apple and a refurbished iPhone by China. Often in Malaysia, sellers will offer refurbished iPhones by China compared to refurbished iPhones by Apple.

This refurbished iPhone is a phone that was damaged; and then repaired before being sold at a lower price than the new iPhone.

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Before Buying an Apple

Before Buying an Apple

Things you must check before buying an Apple iPhone. The mention of the Apple iPhone is sure that many label it as a premium smartphone. This indirectly makes people race to own this Apple model.

In the meantime, despite the effort to get this Apple model at a low price, there are a handful of buyers who are willing to get this model at an unreasonable price and too low on Instagram where most of it consists of mere scams. No less are also deceived by sellers who offer refurbished iPhones at a new price.

This time, a Twitter user, @AhmatFami, shared tips that buyers must know before getting an iPhone. This is to prevent buyers from falling victim to scams in getting a refurbished iPhone or a clone iPhone.

1. Understand the iPhones sold in the market

Based on the partnership, it is understood that there are three types of Apple iPhones sold in the market covering various models. The three types of iPhones in question consist of new, used and refurbished iPhone sets. Refurbished models refer to iPhones that have had their internal components repaired before being resold in the market.

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2. Differences of New set and telco set

If you regularly survery iPhone in the market, we are sure you have come across these two terms. The new set refers to an iPhone model that has never been opened in plastic and its box. This model is also not tied to any telco contract. So you have to make sure about that.

In contrast to the iPhone telco set where this model is bound by a telco contract for 12 or 24 months. This should be known to avoid problems involving telco account owners that may affect the iPhone used.

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Killed by an iPhone

Killed by an iPhone

Claiming to have been almost killed by an iphone, Pablo Escobar’s brother sued apple rm11.33 billion. The mention of Pablo Escobar is sure to make people recognize him. Succeeded in becoming a very famous Colombian drug lord and managed to earn up to billions of dollars making him continue to be popular to this day.

Despite having passed away in 1993, his rich family legacy continues to this day. According to the latest report, Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto Escobar recently sued Apple for $ 2.6 billion (RM11.33 billion).

According to a report from TMZ, it all started when Roberto Escobar claimed that there were parties who tried to hack his iPhone X using the FaceTime application and obtain his home address. He added that he also received a threatening letter through the address obtained.

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Unhappy with the threats received and worried about his condition and that of his family, he opted to sue the iPhone manufacturing company, Apple.

Based on the lawsuit, there are those who believe that Roberto Escobar’s purpose in suing Apple is part of a marketing technique to promote his company’s product, Escobar Inc, which offers a limited edition iPhone 11 Pro 256GB gold -plated.

Apple’s electric car project called ‘Project Titan’ is still kept secret by Apple to the public. But Apple CEO Tim Cook had a meeting with representatives of the world’s leading car companies; to further strengthen speculation that Project Titan is indeed underway.

So let’s just wait for more news from Apple. According to this Apple Car concept picture, it has no doors. Maybe the door has to be bought at the Apple Store; or they deliberately don’t want a door because they don’t want the Apple Car to have ‘Windows’. I mean futurustic but cmon.

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Trump Suggestion to Apple

Trump Suggestion to Apple

Donald Trump suggestion to Apple is to open a factory in the United States instead of China. Of late, it can be seen that Apple is increasingly being bullied in China, thus affecting Apple’s total profits. The issue involves banning the sale of previous iPhone models as well as several other issues that make the company fail to dominate the Chinese market which has high consumer potential.

Based on the issue, the President of the United States, Donald Trump was recently called to comment further on the fall in Apple’s share price. Based on Trump’s statement, he advised Apple to open a plant in the United States.

Trump also voiced his opinion that he was less pleased with the idea of ​​Apple producing the iPhone and iPad in China where the country has many problems for Apple.

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For the record, Trump’s comments on Apple and China refer to the economic war between the United States; and China where Apple seems to be the victim behind the issue of patent infringement.

So far the value of the company has plummeted so much that their company; which was valued at $ 1 trillion a few months ago is now valued at $ 674 billion. So far it is still unknown whether Apple will follow Donald Trump’s recommendations or vice versa.

Apple Car may be marketed in 2021 with a price of RM309 thousand. Initially, the Apple Car was planned to come out in 2019 but the Apple Car may not be able to be released by the planned date. According to Gene Munster, an Apple Inc analyst from the Piper Jafray firm; the Apple Car will arrive in the next 5 years and is estimated to cost USD75,000 (approximately RM309 thousand); to compete with the electric car from Tesla, the Model S.

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