Reason to get Ipad

The reason to get Ipad Pro is going to be mentioned in this article. During the recent Apple Keynote event, Apple launched two products simultaneously. Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPhone SE. The Apple iPhone SE is more popular while the latest Apple iPad Pro is no less impressive.

Apple iPad Pro was first introduced by Apple last year with a relatively large screen size of 12.2 inches compared to the latest model iPad Pro which has a screen size of 9.7 inches which is equivalent to the Ipad Air 2 model.

Is the iPad Pro just a gimmick from Apple that says the Apple iPad Pro is more focused on heavy work? Is the iPad Pro right for you? Here is our opinion:

Smart Keyboard Cover

iPad Pro comes with a Smart Cover Keyboard which is very easy to pair together. Yes, we know this is not the latest innovation from Apple, the only thing that differentiates it is that this Smart Cover Keyboard comes with a more attractive and minimalist design.

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Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is probably the coolest pencil for you to use. What differentiates the Apple Pencil from other tablet styluses is that the Apple Pencil has a pressure sensor where the Apple Pencil can detect pressure during use.

Apple Pencil also does not use bluetooth. For those of you who love to draw or do a lot of work involving graphics and design, Apple Pencil may be the stylus you’ve been looking for. Apple Pencil is very helpful for you to create very detailed drawings as Apple Pencil can detect almost 240 pressures in one second.

One disadvantage of Apple Pencil is its relatively expensive price of RM469 based on the price of Apple Malaysia, but if you often use Apple Pencil based on the functions offered, maybe Apple Pencil is one of the accessories that are worth your money.

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