Pencil in iPad Mini 6

Pencil in iPad Mini 6

As we have already talked about the Apple gen 2 Pencil in iPad Mini 6, it is currently the best stylus on the market. I say this in an angry tone because it is well known in Amanz that I am a hardcore Samsung Galaxy Note fan. Its larger size makes it comfortable to use like a real pencil. Then highly responsive eyes detect the pressure and movement of the sketch. The stylus is also supported on all of Apple’s first apps including the Spotlight search box. Then if the writing is written in Notes, it can be converted directly into text.

But there are still some improvements that need to be given to the iPadOS; to make it truly the best tablet operating system. I feel if there was a feature to match two apps to launch at once as given the One UI; this tablet would be more cohesive. Furthermore if multi-tasking features like Galaxy Z Fold3 with One UI 3.1 are borrowed; the process of switching apps will be faster and user-friendly. Android does not have any embarrassment to emulate the features of iPadOS so I feel innocent if cross -platform technology exchange can be done in the near future while further strengthening the ecosystem of Apple tablets.

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Another change that Apple might be able to make is to allow customization of the grid size of the app arrangement. At the moment it is still limited to the 6X5 only; which has a lot of large negative space as its shoes more app icons can be loaded on the screen. Then I had to use large icons to fill in the blanks of negative space that hurt the eyes. It is nice to have full customization feature.

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iPad Mini Gen 6 Design

iPad Mini Gen 6 Design

Overall the Apple iPad Mini Gen 6 design is not disappointing as it looks and feels solid in the hand. Most importantly the size is not too large so that it is easy to use only one hand.

Usage And Software

iPadOS 15 is the most complete tablet operating system to date. I say this because of the feature set that later became the follow -up of Android tablet manufacturers and HarmonyOS 2 as well as application -specific support for the best tablets on the market. This is further aided by the various features of Apple ecosystem that make it extremely easy to use with MacBooks, Mac Mini, iPhones, and AirPods.

Use is very easy even without any manual. For those unfamiliar with iPadOS, there are built-in apps that teach the basic features of a tablet that only take a few minutes to learn. The use of two applications simultaneously is supported with the size of the window can be changed according to the wishes of the user. The animation was smooth even though the screen was limited to 60Hz only and there weren’t any esar issues I encountered during the review period.

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App support is the real strength of Apple iPadOS 15 at the moment. If you are indeed a hardcore user of the Adobe ecosystem, the app has been optimized for tablets; as well as when matched with Apple Pencil Gen 2. The experience of using Photoshop and Illustrator is almost the same as using a desktop app. This makes it easy for those who have a hybrid way of working on desktops, laptops and even iPads. Another additional feature that is sure to interest Apple ecosystem users is that the iPad Mini can be converted; into a secondary screen to a Mac if necessary; but I have to say this is a feature I myself have never used as there is still no need.

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iPad Mini 6 Buttons

iPad Mini 6 Buttons

Also at the top are two audio adjusting iPad Mini 6 buttons made of metal. Good to use with a fairly sturdy build. Moving to the bottom, however, there is a USB-C charging port. The use of this port is very welcome as it is already supposed to be the standard I/O for all devices on the market.

On the right side there is a magnetic dock for the Apple Pencil Gen 2 that supports bluetooth tethering. The connection is not that strong and in fact I do not recommend that the Apple Pencil be kept all the time on this magnetic dock to prevent it from dropping out.

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While there are four audio lattices, it’s actually a tablet equipped with two speakers that offer stereo audio. Again the improvement over the two speakers is only at the bottom on the previous iPad Mini but still not comparable to the four speakers on the iPad Pro or the eight speakers on the Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6. I’ll touch on audio performance in its own segment below.

Moving backwards, the iPad Mini is equipped with a metal panel with the Apple logo proudly displayed. A 12MP camera of quite large size is placed on the back complete with a flash. Like all recent Apple mobile products, the camera lens comes out of the body so that the tablet cannot be placed flat on the table surface. Scratched lens issues can also occur due to this protruding lens design.

To resolve this issue, there is a Smart Folio offered in a variety of color options. The folio can be folded to reveal the screen; and comes with a secondary feature as a stick to allow the iPad Mini to stand. I recommend purchasing the Smart Folio as it not only prevents the camera lens from getting scratched; but is also useful for placing the device on a standing session for a Face Time or Zoom session.

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iPad Mini 6 Display

iPad Mini 6 Display

The color iPad Mini 6 display in my opinion is still beautiful and alive even though it is still just an IPS LCD. No color contrast issues or lackluster colors. The jelly scroll issue reported by some reviewers before I was not aware of or experienced directly. Probably because I don’t scroll fast. The only issue is that there is no Dolby Vision support that offers more beautiful colors. A bit of irony is the Xiaomi Pad 5 which is sold at a more affordable price is able to offer Dolby Vision.

The bezel is also thick if by smartphone standards but is comparable to those found on the Apple iPad Pro, Xiaomi Pad 5 and Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6. It needs to be thicker to provide enough space to place fingers when in use as well as to hide a 12MP camera. Is it annoying? Not at all because this is as thin as a tablet might be in 2021.

Lastly the issue is that the display is not as clear when used under scorching sunlight. A common issue of all IPS LCD screens that caused the use of OLED; and now Mini LEDs has become a normal thing to solve this issue. As long as you don’t plan on using the iPad Mini under the scorching sun; this tablet’s screen is still satisfactory for normal use.

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As I said at the beginning of the Apple review, the iPad Mini borrows the design of the iPad Pro only to be downplayed. The flat sides are made of aluminum material making it look quite stylish and sturdy. I really like this aesthetic because it’s consistent with this year’s iPad Pro and iPhone 13.

A large brush button is placed at the top with a built -in Touch ID fingerprint scanner. If there’s one thing I find frustrating it might be the use of Touch ID. This is because I have been pampered; with Face ID on the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPad Pro that I also own. The scanning system is still fast but not as easy as scanning a face in the blink of an eye. Because there is no more home button on the front; I often look for the location of the fingerprint scanner; every time I want to use the iPad Mini at home.

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iPad Mini Gen 6

iPad Mini Gen 6

With schools already starting to open, the timing of Apple iPad Mini Gen 6 sales may be a bit off. Many of the parents started looking for cheap tablets to fill the needs of their children including myself. But I can tell you now it’s the most fun tablet I’ve ever reviewed for a long time.

The years 2020 and 2021 are two years that pass quickly as they are ravaged by pandemics. In the blink of an eye all the planning done had to be put in the bin due to financial constraints and economic closure. In this fog, tablets are among those that have a positive impact from the pandemic as their sales have risen sharply due to the need to work or school from home.

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Why fun? Because finally the design of the Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air is used on the iPad Mini; which has not been changed since Datuk Sri Najib Bosque was still the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Yes since 2013 the classic design of the chin and bezel of the giant iPad Mini has not been altered by Cupertino.

With this new, more contemporary design; the iPad Mini finally has a larger screen of 8.3 compared to just 7.9 on the Apple iPad Mini 2019. The screen has also changed to a 3: 2 ratio from 4: 3 previously to offer a larger display surface. The IPS LCD technology is still maintained along with the 60Hz refresh rate. Some have complained about wanting the 120Hz Pro Motion on the iPad Mini but Apple is still not ready to be the Aladdin genie that has granted demand from Apple fans since the iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 3 was launched in 2018. Man this is really backward thinking on their part. This is just not a very good development.

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Apple Watch Helped Seniors

Apple Watch Helped Seniors

How the Apple Watch helped seniors to the hospital for emergency treatment. Often when mentioning the Apple Watch, many people think that this gadget is just a smart watch that is more used for checking notifications, fitness tracking and styling alone.

But the story is different this time when the technology of a smart watch managed to save the lives of seniors while riding a bicycle in Riverside State Park, Washington.

Based on his son’s sharing, Apple Watch continued to send messages to his son where his father was unconscious and called the ambulance with a notification of the location where his father was immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

This situation indirectly saved the lives of these senior citizens. It’s all due to the technology available in this Apple Watch.

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The partnership written on Facebook on September 20 has already received more than 461,000 thousand shares from people around the world. Surely the public will be more aware of the importance offered by the Apple Watch through this ‘hard fall detection’ function.

We share with you some more Apple articles. See the link below to find out more about this gadget from Apple.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone with the largest screen ever produced. Remember the first time Apple launched the iPhone around 2007? The screen is only 3.5-inches and comes with a thick bezel. At the time, many considered the 3.5-inch screen to be large enough and adequate for daily use.

12 years later, Apple is expected to introduce their latest model with a larger screen size than previous models. For comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a 6.5-inch screen; while the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max model will be offered with a 6.7-inch size according to ETNews.

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Apple With Advanced Specifications

Apple With Advanced Specifications

In terms of price, it is very likely that the iPhone will be Apple’s first smartphone model that will surpass the price tag of RM5,000 Apple with advanced specifications and storage size of up to 512 GB.

Review of the iPhone 11, the most worthwhile Apple device to own at the moment. Very worth it to have. These are my words when I have been using this iPhone 11 device by Apple for a month.

The performance of this device is well worth the price. Especially if you are a heavy user and use your smartphone for the purpose of taking pictures, watching YouTube or Netflix and playing games.

Before I used the iPhone 11 device, I was a loyal user of the Huawei P20 Pro for almost two years. Before the P20 Pro, I was an iPhone 5s user. So this review was made after taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each device (for my case, the comparison between the iPhone 11 and the Huawei P20 Pro).

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I’m not an individual who regularly switches; to a new device every time a new model comes out on the market. So, this review also takes into account in terms of longevity and ‘durability’ of this model to be used for many years.

So, here’s my personal view on the Apple iPhone 11 and why you should choose this model over the iPhone 11 Pro (if you have more capital, please choose the iPhone 11 Pro which is definitely a lot more awesome).

Longer battery life

After a long time leaving the iPhone device; I am very satisfied with the battery life capability of the iPhone 11 after a full charge. It can easily last all day if you don’t use it ‘brutally’; to play online games like PUBG or PES 2020. The battery size for the iPhone 11 is 3,110 mAh.

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Apple Cards Have Distributed

Apple Cards Have Distributed

Apple Cards have distributed and used. Two months after the announcement of the Apple Card, it is reported that the Apple Card has now started to be offered to Apple employees for a trial phase where it is connected directly with Apple Pay.

Through the use of the Apple Card, consumers will enjoy the use of the card without any subscription charges, low interest rates, double rewards for Apple users as well as better security offerings for consumers.

Interestingly, this titanium credit card from Apple turns out to be different from previous credit cards where users no longer need a signature to complete a payment where users can check the list of transactions directly through Apple Wallet.

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For your information, this credit card from Apple was made possible as a result of a collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. So far the Apple Card is only offered in the United States;; and will be offered in other countries in the future.

Three names that Apple will choose in conjunction with the latest iPhone model. A few days before the official launch; and apparently the latest model of Apple iPhone is still not missed with leaked info. As you can expect based on previously released info; Apple will most likely launch three Apple iPhone models simultaneously this time around.

The models mentioned are the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Based on information from AppleInsider, it is rumored that the iPhone 8; and iPhone 8 Plus will follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 7; and iPhone 7 Plus in terms of screen size. Each will be introduced with the latest processor from Apple and iOS 11.

The name Apple iPhone X was chosen as the iPhone smartphone; with more sophisticated specifications in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the launch. This model is also said to also come with an OLED display screen; and a screen without a bezel making the iPhone X look futuristic.

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Upcoming Changes on Apple

Upcoming Changes on Apple

Here are the 3 strongest rumors so far about the upcoming changes on Apple iPhone 2017.

1. iPhone Jet White

News of the latest iPhone in Jet White has once again become ‘hot’ following the video that has just spread. The announcement of the Jet White color on the latest Apple iPhone will also be Apple’s third attempt in a row after announcing the Rose Gold color on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

Here’s an initial look at if the latest iPhone comes in Jet White? Will Jet White be the latest color phenomenon after the color ‘Jet Black’?

The interesting thing about this news is that it was reported by Mac Otakara. One of the earliest websites to report on the presence of an iPhone 7 without a headphone jack. It is also possible that the iPhone will come with the same design for the latest model.

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2. Different screen sizes

It is reported that Apple plans to bridge the screen size gap between the two models. The latest iPhone may no longer use a 4.7-inch screen and will be replaced with a 5.0-inch screen. For the Plus model, the 5.5-inch screen size will be maintained.

Probably due to the size difference, the latest 5.0-inch iPhone model also uses dual-lens like the iPhone 7 Plus. Mac Otakara once again witnessed these rumors.

3. The first iPhone without a home button

The absence of this very iconic button may invite dissatisfaction among Apple fans, not to mention that this button has become a trademark for the Apple iPhone since the first model was announced by Steve Jobs.

If Tim Cook plans to remove the physical on the home button, the latest iPhone may be replaced with a capacitive touchscreen while giving room for Apple to close the screen gap with the bezel to make the iPhone look more compact.

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Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8

Almost certainly this is the Apple iPhone 8 that will be released soon. Smartphones with the most rumors this year once again received the latest info. Based on sources, it is said that the design of the Apple iPhone 8 has been ‘confirmed’.

Whether you like it or not, vertical dual cameras are among those that Apple will include through their latest model. The participation of a fingerprint scanner on the screen is one of the latest revolutions that Apple will bring this time.

In terms of specifications, Apple will use the latest processing chip, the Apple A11 chip, and may be paired with 3 or 4 GB of RAM. Here is a mockup picture of the Apple iPhone 8 that will be released soon.

Based on the rumors that have just been released, it is possible that Apple will no longer release the Plus model instead focusing on only one model that comes with a 5.8-inch screen. Larger than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus from the screen but not in terms of size.

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Although so far we have not received an official price from Apple, the use of premium; and high -tech materials is rumored to affect the production price of Apple iPhone 8.

The price is around $ 1,000 (RM4,284.00) which you can expect through this model. For those of you who are interested, it may be time for you to start saving; before getting it at the end of the year.

Things you can expect in conjunction with the latest Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone 7 may have just launched 3 months ago, but rumors about the latest Apple iPhone have already spread a lot. Perhaps to make the ‘iPhone 10th anniversary’ more hype; various rumors of the latest Apple iPhone came earlier than we expected.

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New Apple iPhone Model

New Apple iPhone Model

The new Apple iPhone model will be launched on September 12. It seems that the wait and puzzle of Apple fans will end on September 12 when Apple announces an official event in introducing the new model of Apple iPhone.

As usual in previous years, the event also saw Apple launch the latest models of Apple iPad and Apple Watch. Based on rumors, it is understood that three iPhone models will be introduced by Apple this year. You can find out more about the 2018 iPhone release by clicking here.

For those of you who can’t wait to get the latest Apple iPhone or are an Apple fan maybe this is an event you should watch.

The Apple iMac Pro is ready to be ordered with a price offer of up to rm61,816.80. After almost 4 years of Apple not making major changes to their series of releases, Apple in the middle of this year announced the Apple iMac Pro.

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Through this model, Apple focuses on those who want the best specifications for heavy work such as editing and rendering.

At a glance, the Apple iMac Pro might come with a design very similar to the Apple iMac 5K. Meanwhile, despite the space gray finish, the Apple iMac Pro manages to offer the best specifications that OSX users have long dreamed of.

The starting price for the Apple iMac Pro is RM 20,999.00. If the specifications offered are not enough to cover your usage, you can get an Apple iMac Pro with better specifications with those offered up to RM61,816.80. You can click here to purchase and choose the specifications that suit your use.

The price is a bit surprising to many; even though the specs offered are among the best you can get at the moment. For users who rarely use apps involving editing, getting an Apple iMac is enough in our opinion.

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Apple New Announcement

Apple New Announcement

Apple new announcement about the latest desktop model in conjunction with 2017. How long have we not seen Apple announce the latest update for their desktop fans. For the laptop series, Apple has introduced the latest Macbook Pro which comes with a touchbar while for light users, the Apple Macbook is more ideal.

As I recall, the last time Apple announced an update for the desktop series was the launch of an iMac with a Retina 5K display. This model is more focused on heavy-users. What about the Mac Mini that comes with a smaller form factor and a lower price?

Most recently, Tim Cook answered this question by saying Apple is still committed to producing desktops. However, he did not say which model would be announced later. For Mac Pro users, we have sad news for you.

This announcement has made some Apple fans no longer interested in the direction of Apple taken by Tim Cook. Worse when the latest model of Apple Macbook Pro that comes with an expensive one also has problems involving the battery.

Looking at the announcement of Apple Macbook Pro this year, it is expected that Apple‘s desktop model will follow the same trend. More cool and fancy and definitely the announced price is more expensive than the current sale price.

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However, it is understood that the firm that will be developed will officially cooperate with Apple; while John Ive is still responsible for confirming the design that will be released by Apple after this.

For the record, he was a good friend of Apple founder, Steve Jobs and was an important individual in developing the company starting on the early Apple iPhone model. In addition, he was among those involved in developing Apple Park.

Following the resignation of John Ive from the company; it will be interesting to see how his successor will offer something more great; and iconic for the design of Apple’s next model.

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Designer of Apple Products

Designer of Apple Products

The iconic designer of Apple products, John Ive publicly resigned. If you are a fan of the Apple brand or have watched Apple iPhone ads, we are sure you know the individual who often shares about the design of the iPhone that is John Ive cum designer who is very iconic for this brand.

Started joining Apple in 1992, he has today announced his resignation at Apple as well as choosing to develop his own firm called LoveFrom.

1. Apple iPhone SE 128 GB

For your information, iPhone SE is the last model from Apple that has storage space with a size of 16 GB. Because the 16 GB storage size is seen as no longer relevant at this time, Apple acted to officially stop selling the iPhone SE 16 GB and replace it with the iPhone SE 32 GB and 128 GB.

Larger storage space and in line with the needs of today’s users. Here is the latest price announced by Apple for the iPhone SE for two different storage sizes.

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2. iPad

Remember the iPad Air 2 model? Now the Apple model is named as ‘iPad’ only. All specifications are retained except for the processor which is given improvements with the A9 chip users compared to the A8X as before. The iPad will go on sale at a price of RM1,549 with a storage size starting from 32 GB.

3. Clips

Given that the production of short videos is one of the trends at the moment; Apple has introduced their latest application, Clips. Different this app compared to Instagram, Snapchat and so on is this app focuses on video-editing. Users have the opportunity to include music and filters before uploading to social sites. This Clips application will meet users this April. So be sure to be up to date.

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Apple Model Name

Apple Model Name

Probably due to synonyms with the Apple model name, Apple chose to make an announcement on that date. Consumers in selected countries have the opportunity to pre-order on October 12 and are ready to have it on October 19, 2020.

Those interested in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max seem to have to wait longer until November before they are officially offered on the market.

In terms of specifications, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are expected to be equipped with RAM up to 6GB and powered by the Apple A14 processor which offers an increase in CPU performance of around 30% and GPU by 38%. This performance can definitely use for gaming.

The improvement in camera quality is among the most awaited apart from the new color, Navy Blue; which looks very exclusive in this latest release.

Together we look forward to the official launch of Apple which is expected to take place on October 12. For those of you who are interested in being the first to own it; there are only about two months left to wait before the iPhone 12 is officially offered.

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Based on previous rumors, the Apple iPhone 12 is expected to be offered at a price of around RM2,749. Apple’s latest product other than the iPhone 7 (product) red ™.

Apple will always announce their products by holding a leading event. But this time Apple took a different approach to announce the four latest products ‘quietly’. One of them is the iPhone 7 with a satin red color finish that managed to steal people’s attention.

Probably because the latest update of these latest products is not too much difference, Apple acted to update the price and model in the Apple Store only. Here are some of Apple’s latest products.

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11 Pro Max is Inferior

11 Pro Max is Inferior

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is inferior, which promises the longest battery life at launch, only comes with a 3,969mAh battery capacity. In terms of specifications, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro comes with the largest battery capacity with 4,500mAh followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ with 4,300mAh.

However, the results displayed through this test may surprise you. You can watch a video from Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss below to find out more.

It can be seen that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max managed to emerge the champion in this test with the longest battery life followed by the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Based on the reviews, it is understood that the battery optimization on the Apple iOS 13 operating system is one of the reasons why this model has a long battery life. In addition, the use of the Apple Bionic A13 processor is also helpful.

Based on these results, it may be logical why Apple very rarely shares the specifications of their release models; to the public for fear of being seen as ‘weak’ but the actual results show otherwise.

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Apple Malaysia on September 27 has started offering all three Apple iPhone models. Before that, learn more about the Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro before you get it.

The Apple iPhone 12 is expected to be launched on October 12. If you follow the development of Apple as well as the launch of Apple iPhone; surely you know enough that this company is quite synonymous with launching their latest model every September.

Yet another story this year when Apple had to postpone the launch of the iPhone 12 series to the next month in October due to the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak that disrupted the production of the latest model.

The rumors shared by Jon Prosser as an individual; who regularly shares about Apple news say the iPhone 12 will be launched on October 12, 2020.

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iPhone Took the Initiative

iPhone Took the Initiative

I’m less sure if the Apple iPhone took the initiative to use a very similar design to the iPhone 6 model or just a coincidence. But in my opinion, the design of the two is not 100% the same so it is necessary to stop selling. In addition, smartphone manufacturers in China are also not the first to make smartphones that mimic the design of the iPhone.

So far, Apple can still appeal and there is still no decision to stop the sale. According to some reports, the Apple Store in China is still selling the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as usual. Some dealers in China have already started not selling the iPhone 6 but instead switched to selling the iPhone 6S.

Whether Apple will continue to sell in China or not we are waiting. Chances are Apple will stop selling the iPhone 6 when the iPhone 7 is announced soon.

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In your opinion, should the Apple iPhone 6 be discontinued due to the use of the Baili 100C design? Oh yes, the problem that befell Apple happened a month after the Chinese managed to get the right to use the word ‘IPHONE’ on their money bags. This time we sided with #TeamApple to get selling justice in China.

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is proven to have the longest battery life. It has become a habit every time a new flagship smartphone is launched; there will be reviewers comparing it in knowing which model is the greatest and worth owning. People say that this iPhone is one of the best.

This time, a test is conducted to test which smartphone has the longest battery life. The models listed all that have just launched consist of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro; Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro; 11 and Samsung Note10+.

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Apple Airpods Cost

Apple Airpods Cost

This is an Apple Airpods cost to bear if it drop. This week, Apple AirPods were launch and sell for the Malaysian market at a price of RM849. Its unique and wireless design makes this product not to be miss from jokes and ‘trolls’ since the first day it was announce. Man they are blast by everyone.

Most recently, Apple has answered many questions about problems involving Apple AirPods. Among them, the replacement cost to buy an Apple AirPods. Through Apple website, it is rumored that users can get replacement AirPods for $ 69 (~ RM308). The same price has to be pay by users if the Apple AirPods battery case has a problem.

For users who want to use Apple AirPods with wired support, this accessory from Spigen may be among the ones you need. Welcome to the wireless world, Apple fans.

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Let’s watch MKBHD’s review on Apple AirPods. Serious cool!

Apple iPhone 6 will be discontinue in china and this is why. It is ironic when China as a country that contributes a lot to the sales and development of Apple Company wants to stop the sale of iPhone 6. And you know, this problem is because China confirmed the iPhone 6 imitates the design patent of their country’s smartphone.

Yes, you did not misread. It is say that the iPhone 6 has the same design as the 100C smartphone. What’s even more surprising is this Chinese smartphone company has won a court case. Probably due to waiting for the court’s decision, this problem has persisted until now. Just a few months before this people started buying the iPhone 7.

It is say that this Baili 100C phone is a design that was ‘plagiarize’ by Apple for the iPhone 6 model. It’s a bit surprising isn’t it?

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Hacker of Apple Watch

Hacker of Apple Watch

Nick Lee as the hacker of Apple Watch with Windows 95 is aware of the Apple Watch which often turns off the screen when not in use and puts a small motor to be attached to the Apple Watch button to prevent the Apple Watch screen from often turning off.

As a result, Windows 95 can be used on the Apple Watch but not as a whole and it was found that some applications failed to run properly. However, I was very impressed with this very cool experiment. Who would have thought that two technologies that have a history of hostility for so long could be successfully paired on a smart watch.

The following is a demo of the Apple Watch running the Windows 95 operating system:

Oh yes, you also might not have thought the Apple Watch was capable of running the once very epic PC game of Doom.

Apple Mac Pro with the highest specifications will reach RM216,548. Apple is well known for its premium brand as well as offering products; at a slightly more expensive price compared to competitors.

Through the recent Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has introduced the latest generation of Mac Pro; that Apple fans have been waiting for a long time with prices starting from $ 6,000 (RM25,000).

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This model is targeted for video editors as well as those who regularly edit videos; and often do work involving rendering. More interestingly, Apple also offers an option where customers have the opportunity to choose the desired specifications before getting it.

According to The Verge, users have the opportunity to get Apple Mac Pro specifications and accessories involving the Apple Pro Display XDR monitor, Apple Pro Stand and a number of software with a total price of $ 51,948.88 (RM216,548).

It is indeed a premium price offered by Apple for those who want the best on their Apple Mac Pro. It’s quite interesting to see how the performance of the Apple Mac Pro; with the highest specs is able to perform compared to the model with the starting price.

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Apple Had to Pay Penalty

Apple Had to Pay Penalty

Most recently, Apple had to pay penalty to Samsung of $ 1 billion (RM4.14 billion). All because Apple broke the agreement in ordering the number of displays from Samsung lower than promised. After several quiet years without any issues involving lawsuits,

Low OLED display orders from Apple have also been linked to a decrease in consumers buying iPhones since the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread since the beginning of the year.

For the record, this is not the first time Samsung has sued Apple as well as the Samsung company which has been sued several times by Apple. However, the business dealings between the two companies are still going on to this day.

About two years ago, Apple and Samsung were sued for allegedly intentionally dampening users’ older model smartphones. Also shared, the Russian Samsung ambassador who was sued after being seen using an iPhone.

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This is probably the most exciting Apple and Windows pairing we’ve ever seen. If you have an Appe Watch and don’t mind being used as experimental material, maybe this is the best way for you to do it. A young man known as Nick Lee has modified the internal system of the Apple Watch to match the system that is almost 2 decades old, namely Windows 95.

Yes, Windows 95. I was also a bit surprised at first about the two encounters of two technologies; that have an age difference of almost 20 years. With a few modifications, Appe Watch was successfully launched with the Windows 95 system.

Probably everyone knows about the specs that the Apple Watch is powered by a high processor and RAM but what happens is the opposite. The Apple Watch will take almost 1 hour to reach the Windows 95 desktop display. However, the combination of these 2 technologies does not disappoint.

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Apple Value Hit Record

Apple Value Hit Record

Apple value hit record emerged the world’s first company with a value of rm8.35 trillion. Mention of the Apple company is sure many people know it well enough. Successfully positioning their company by offering premium goods as well as being liked by many successfully allows this company to earn high profits every year.

This week, who would have thought that Apple managed to emerge as the world’s first company to reach a value of $ 2 trillion (~ RM8.35 trillion). What’s more interesting, Apple managed to reach their second trillion value after just 2 years of getting the first $ 1 trillion which took 42 years.

For the record, Apple’s value is at its lowest level this year around mid-March with a value below $ 1 trillion following the presence of the COVID-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, the company’s shares have risen again lately allowing Apple to reach a new record.

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This success would not have been possible if not for the greatness of Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Although he was criticized for lack of innovation like in the days of Steve Jobs, his efficiency in reaping these benefits is undeniable.

According to the latest rumors, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 12 on October 12. Learn also about the issue of fights between Epic Games as the developer of Fortnite with Apple.

Failing to keep its promise, Apple had to pay a RM4.14 billion penalty to Samsung. Speaking of the smartphone industry, the general knows the Apple; and Samsung brands are among the main rivals in this industry. Succeeded in being the consumer’s choice for more than a decade coupled; with the issue of lawsuits between which makes these two brands often associated with consumers and the media.

Despite the issue of the lawsuit, some may not know that the two brands also work together; where the OLED display available on the iPhone is provided by Samsung. It is understood that Samsung’s high quality display is one of the reasons why Apple has made Samsung an option.

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Apple Reduce iPhone Production

Apple Reduce iPhone Production

Apple reduce iPhone production by ten percent. It seems that the Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR handles are not what Apple and Tim Cook expected. Through the latest report from the Asian Nikkei, Apple has recently ordered its production plant to reduce Apple iPhone production by 10%.

In addition, the trade war that took place between China and the United States as well as several other countries that began to ban Apple iPhone sales indirectly also had an impact.

For information, this is the second production reduction in two months for Apple where the Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are the models involved.

Based on the increase in competitors as well as competitors who offer much more powerful technology than Apple; it may be time for Apple to offer something better for consumers through the next iPhone model.

For those of you who want to get the Apple iPhone XS Max; now Seng Heng Malaysia also offers the iPhone XS Max at the same price as the iPhone XS. You can get it at your nearest Seng Heng branch.

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Because it no longer includes a ‘charger’ with the iPhone, Apple needs Samsung and Xiaomi. Every time Apple launches a new iPhone, there will always be comments from netizens about the ‘innovation’ on offer. Starting with the headphone jack, notch participation until the latest which is the absence of a charger plug.

Recently, not only received comments from netizens, the Apple brand was also sought after by other smartphone brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi. Despite being merely ‘advertisements’, the trolls shared were clearly aimed at the Apple brand.

It is understood that Apple’s ‘effort’ to no longer offer a charging plug; with the iPhone 12 model is one of Apple’s ways to secure the earth by reducing carbon consumption. Apple also through the launch of the iPhone also invited other brands to save the earth.

Let’s wait and see if Apple’s ‘call’ for other brands to save the earth; and avoid carbon wastage is answered or vice versa.

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The Apple Project

The Apple Project

The Apple project which cost up to $ 5 billion USD, has been under development since 2011 and will be used as the main office for Apple. Looking at the design of the building, the Apple Campus 2 was inspired by a spaceship.

Meanwhile, something quite ‘rare’ happened during the development of Apple Campus 2 where Apple unanimously agreed to include a toilet bowl inspired by the iPhone home button. Here is a conceptual design of how Apple will realize their dream.

At first we thought this news was just a troll until we found a source from Mashable who said Apple agreed to realize it after 15 meetings were held. The concept that will be chosen will be worked on by de la Torre as an architect from Germany.

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We hope this Apple toilet bowl idea is not plagiarized; by a company from China for sale to the general market.

Apple iPhone 12 is confirmed to no longer offer ‘chargers’ and earpods. Starting with mere rumors followed by the launch of the latest Apple iPad and Apple Watch; who would have thought that the latest model of Apple iPhone would also follow the same trend by no longer offering a shared charging plug.

It is understood that Apple effort to no longer offer charging plugs; and EarPods with the iPhone 12 model is one of Apple’s ways to secure the earth by reducing carbon consumption.

In addition, the absence of charging plugs and EarPods indirectly allows Apple; to reduce the production cost of an iPhone 12 while offering a more competitive price for consumers.

The move made by Apple may be less pleasant for many seeing consumers seem; to have to spend more to get the charger plug which is definitely a necessity for every smartphone.

Previously, it was reported that Samsung is likely to follow the same trend to no longer include chargers.

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Sale Date of iPhone

Sale Date of iPhone

The sale date of iPhone 8 has finally been announced for the Malaysian market. Almost a month later, finally the opportunity for Malaysian consumers to get the official set of Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be achieved. Apple Malaysia today announced that October 20 will be the second date for these two models to be officially offered.

Through the latest model from Apple, the introduction of the A11 Bionic processor as well as the Portrait Lighting mode on the iPhone 8 Plus are among the latest announced by Apple this time. The latest processor from Apple is able to operate 40% faster than the previous chip and the fastest; when compared to the processor used by Android smartphones.

For those of you who want to know more as well as whether it is worth it to get an iPhone 8; you can click here to read our initial review.

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So far only the sale date has been announced by Apple Malaysia while the price is still a mystery. Previously, the e-commerce site 11street also shared prices for those who are interested in pre-ordering.

The selling price starts from RM3,649 for the Apple iPhone 8 64 GB model. For the Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB model, it is offered at a price of up to RM5 thousand. Looking at the sale price offered on the 11 street site; chances are you can get a rough estimate of the selling price of the Apple iPhone 8; when it is first officially offered by Apple in Malaysia branch.

Apple is developing a toilet ‘inspired’ from the iPhone’s home button. For those of you who often follow the news about Apple’s development, surely you know that Apple is currently developing a special office called Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino, California, USA.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Conclusion

iPhone 13 Pro Max Conclusion

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max conclusion is finally heading for the pinnacle of smartphone glory this year with the phone. It offers the most premium, powerful, with maturing software, highly powerful camera capabilities with a battery that can last for two days. All of these are successes that rarely happen simultaneously on a smartphone. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has a strong candidate to win the Amanz 2021 best device award.

But is it the best smartphone on the market right now? Let me be the devil’s advocate here right away. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is sold at RM6699/7099, it is not too extreme when compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max which is sold at RM 5799/6699 with a comparable storage size of 256/512GB.

Personally you get more innovation with every dollar paid for Fold3. The multi-tasking system on the Fold3 is also the fastest I’ve ever seen on a smartphone. Another drawback of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is that the screen is smaller, notched and not big enough to do work outside. Fold3 may be more interesting to me but I also have to agree if Apple ecosystem is important the choice is in the hands of dear readers.

Everyone already knows my conclusion is that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best smartphone ever produced by Apple. This is a fact that cannot be denied at all. If you want the best on the market from Apple today, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the answer. No need to think long and just collect funds now because the current stock is all gone.


Neat, premium, and delicious design in hand.
The most powerful processor for smartphones 2021.
The 120Hz screen is very smooth with the software maturing.
Visible camera capabilities are an improvement over the 12 Pro Max.
Extremely extreme battery performance.
5 year update – still the best in the industry.

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Some of the promised features could not be tested after the sale as they were still awaiting updates.
Photographic Style mode feels like a gimmick at the moment.
Charging takes almost two hours.
Wireless fast charging only through MagSafe.
Still a Lightning port with unsatisfactory data transfer speeds.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera

iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera

Overall the photos taken using the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera are satisfactory. Portrait mode however still has issues separating the background image from the subject. The issue still exists even when a 3D ToF sensor is used. But I have to be fair because this is an issue that is also found on all smartphone cameras on the market that have been reviewed.

The 4352 mAh battery is the largest ever used on an iPhone but quite small when compared to Android flagship devices like the ASUS ROG Phone 5. But this small capacity hides its amazing battery capabilities. On average after moderate use of the device, there is still 20-25% battery at the end of the day. Consistently SOT around 13 hours I can enjoy myself. The device is only charged once every 36 hours during the test period.

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The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is the champion of all champions in the 2021 pinnacle smartphone battery tournament. Its battery life is completely ridiculous. The combination of the LTPO screen, large battery and software makes the absence of extremely fast charging support unnoticed. Indeed the device can be charged with 27W of power, but the full charging period is around 100 minutes. From 0-75% is very fast but for the last 10% it takes up to 30 minutes. This is Apple’s way of keeping the battery healthy with this feature popularized by Sony over the past few years.

The best audio on the iPhone requires equipment from Apple ecosystem. Want spatial audio and Dolby Atmos? Make sure you have AiPods Pro or AirPods Max. The included speakers are just simple. Loud enough but not balanced with the bottom speaker being louder than the top speaker. This issue won’t resolve as long as the device’s two stereo speakers don’t shoot forward.

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