iPhone 13 Pro Max Feature

iPhone 13 Pro Max Feature

But in my opinion the iPhone 13 Pro Max feature of allowing device owners to appoint a family member or close acquaintance to access cloud storage in the event of death is a feature that has long been requested. If you remember there were two high -profile cases where the mother of the deceased asked Apple to give her access to a picture of the child. Even to court the decision was in Apple’s favor because data privacy needs to be respected. The same feature also allows the OTP to be sent to the closest human -owned device for verification in the event of a theft.

The same can be said of Focus mode which borrows elements from the HTC Sense Android launcher. Set your mode to a specific time and then choose who can call you and what notifications can be displayed. Quite useful when in the office watku and I don’t want to accept a friend’s invitation to join the COD Mobile MP session!

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This year is clearly a year of iteration and not evolution. After the introduction of widgets that completely changed the face of iOS 14; Apple focused on further refining their operating system. Even so I have to stress that features like SharePlay in Facetime; and ProRes video recording; which are the main topic of conversation have yet to be provided on the device being reviewed. So no comment on whether; or not this feature actually is.

What I can comment is that the Apple application can indeed be launched faster with it also stored longer in the background with the help of memory of 6GB RAM. The opening performance of the first is actually the most surprising; as it can core the difference especially on heavy firsts like COD Mobile, Genshin Impact; and Asphalt 9. Faster if again I am allowed to compare 13 Pro Max with Z Fold 3; which has 16GB of RAM (including from RAM memory New plus given in Malaysia).

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