The Apple Keynote Thing

The apple keynote thing that happens throughout is formed. After a flurry of rumors received finally the iPhone 7 was launched. Arguably almost 90% of the rumors released previously are true including the announcement of new colors and no more use of headphone jacks.

However, Apple Keynote is no longer just about the iPhone. Tim Cook also shared some new things about Apple’s latest operating system as well as Apple’s latest products.

The event began with a karaoke carpool with Tim Cook as Apple CEO. The event continued with some gimmicks from Tim Cook and Pharrell Williams as well as a discussion about Apple Music.

It’s time for Tim Cook to announce 5 things or Apple products throughout the event.

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Super Mario Will Come For iOS

Among the unexpected by anyone. In fact, there have been no previous rumors discussing Nintendo’s Apple collaboration .

Apple chose Nintendo’s iconic character Super Mario as the latest game for iOS users and will start this December. Why Mario? Because everybody loves Mario.

Following the phenomenon of Nintendo’s newly launched game Pokemon GO getting tremendous response, Apple expects a similar reaction to the Super Mario Run game.

From the demo shown, it brings a game with a classic design like Mario 2D before. For iOS users, you will be able to play and compete with your friends on the Super Mario Run game starting this December when it launches.

Apple Watch OS 3

The use of smart watches may still be lacking in our country, but it has also received tremendous response in the US. Tim Cook preceded the introduction of the Apple Watch OS 3 by proudly announcing the sale of the Apple Watch successfully surpassing several watch companies that have long been established in the industry.

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