The Apple Project

The Apple project which cost up to $ 5 billion USD, has been under development since 2011 and will be used as the main office for Apple. Looking at the design of the building, the Apple Campus 2 was inspired by a spaceship.

Meanwhile, something quite ‘rare’ happened during the development of Apple Campus 2 where Apple unanimously agreed to include a toilet bowl inspired by the iPhone home button. Here is a conceptual design of how Apple will realize their dream.

At first we thought this news was just a troll until we found a source from Mashable who said Apple agreed to realize it after 15 meetings were held. The concept that will be chosen will be worked on by de la Torre as an architect from Germany.

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We hope this Apple toilet bowl idea is not plagiarized; by a company from China for sale to the general market.

Apple iPhone 12 is confirmed to no longer offer ‘chargers’ and earpods. Starting with mere rumors followed by the launch of the latest Apple iPad and Apple Watch; who would have thought that the latest model of Apple iPhone would also follow the same trend by no longer offering a shared charging plug.

It is understood that Apple effort to no longer offer charging plugs; and EarPods with the iPhone 12 model is one of Apple’s ways to secure the earth by reducing carbon consumption.

In addition, the absence of charging plugs and EarPods indirectly allows Apple; to reduce the production cost of an iPhone 12 while offering a more competitive price for consumers.

The move made by Apple may be less pleasant for many seeing consumers seem; to have to spend more to get the charger plug which is definitely a necessity for every smartphone.

Previously, it was reported that Samsung is likely to follow the same trend to no longer include chargers.

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