The Development of Apple

If you follow the development of Apple, surely you are quite familiar with the trend of this brand that often announces product launches twice a year.

This time, this trend will be continued with some of the latest product options where Apple announced an event to be held on March 27. In an effort to bring Apple’s ecosystem closer to consumers, here are four products that Apple may launch at this event.

Apple iPad

Since the first Apple iPhone X made its appearance, many thought this was Apple’s latest direction. The introduction of FaceID which allows users to unlock the iPhone X using a face is indeed a new technology for Apple.

This time, the latest Apple iPad will also be introduced with FaceID technology. In other words, Apple will also introduce this latest model with more efficient specifications and a notch that is becoming a trend among Android smartphones at this time.

In the meantime, which model will be Apple’s choice to be included; with this latest function is still a question mark.

Apple Pencil

First announced as an accessory for the Apple iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil has managed to attract the attention of consumers despite the expensive price. Offering precision at every touch between; that makes people make the Apple Pencil as an option compared to some other stylus models.

The introduction of new functions at a low price will definitely allow this model to receive higher sales; after this in our opinion.

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Apple Macbook Air

Since its first introduction in 2008, the Apple Macbook Air has continued to be the consumer’s choice to this day. Offering a seamless system as well as a slim design is the choice of users; who care about size and mobility.

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