The iPhone 11 Battery

The iPhone 11 battery‘s 3110 mAh provides a usage life comparable to the Note 10+ which comes with a 4300 mAh battery. There is more than satisfactory fast charging support. However, Apple is a bit stingy because it refuses to provide an 18W fast charger with every purchase.

In a perfect world everyone wants a powerful Ferrari complete with extra functions of luxury class. But in the real world the majority of consumers do not have a bank account like a Bossku. So if a Ferrari is unaffordable, a Tesla is more than enough. Still able to accelerate as fast as a Ferrari without having to force you to mortgage inheritance land. The iPhone 11 Pro is a Ferrari while the iPhone 11 is a Tesla. Both are still more expensive than a MyVi but if you can afford a Tesla why stay with a MyVi?

The Apple iPhone 11 is sold in Malaysia at a starting price of RM3399 each. We recommend this device to those who want the camera and processor capabilities comparable to the iPhone 11 Pro Max without having to pay RM4899 for the most basic model.


Smartphones with the most powerful processors on the market right now.
The premium finish is very comfortable in the palm of the hand.
Launch applications very fast.
Excellent camera capabilities for photography and videography.
The best software update support in the industry. Vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed very quickly.
Good battery life even with small capacity that is enough for casual usage.

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LCD screens on flagship devices in 2019 are unforgivable.
There are still multi-tasking issues after five updates are given.
Fast charger is not provided with purchase.
Camera bulge is too big.
Digital zoom is not as good as optical zoom.

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