The iPhone 11 Combination

The iPhone 11 combination of a large LCD screen that has a small battery when compared to comparable flagship devices gives the battery performance actually quite amazing. During the two -week review period, on heavy use the device can last up to 13 hours with SOT for only 7.5 hours. Battery life is increased to 22 hours with an SOT of around 9.5 hours on more moderate use.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max which has a larger battery is capable of providing an SOT that is only an hour longer and a usage time that is two hours longer. The iPhone 11 didn’t dominate the battery charts this year but is on par with other flagship Android devices with larger battery capacity. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ equipped with a 4300 mAh battery has a comparable device life.

The recharging period is around 90 minutes if using an 18W fast charger which needs to be purchased separately. To reduce the selling price of the Apple iPhone 11, Apple only provides a 5W charger with every purchase.


As the best flagship device, the iPhone 11 is well suited to be compared to the OnePlus 7T and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in the affordable flagship device segment.

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Why is this device the choice of the majority of Apple fans? First of all because it is the most affordable Apple flagship device on the market. It also offers excellent camera, battery and software capabilities. Some may say LCD screens are no longer suitable for 2019 flagship devices. We agree with this statement but for the majority of users who have never used an OLED screen device; the difference in screen description and HDR support will not be feel.

From our experience the camera and battery capabilities are much more important than the screen or audio. In this category the iPhone 11 passed with flying colors. After the Deep Fusion function was give through iOS 13.1; the pictures taken were absolutely stunning even just using a 12-Megapixel sensor. At the same time the iPhone still dominates the video recording capabilities; as there is no problem of uneven frame rate and even audio.

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