Update of the Smartwatch

For an update of the smartwatch, I can say Apple made a lot of changes albeit a bit limited due to the small screen size. Apple promises a more attractive user interface as well as a focus on health and sports.

Functions such as Apple Fitness and Apple Health are among those emphasized by Apple. In addition, Apple also introduced ‘a new way of messaging’ which allows you to type messages more easily using the Apple Watch. Forget qwerty, just write directly on the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch will detect your writing easily.

Apple also introduced the latest application, Breathe. An app that reminds you to breathe. Sorry, this is not sarcasm and was also mentioned in the Apple event. Breathe will remind you to take some time to take a deep breath so that users are always relaxed and healthy.

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Another interesting news for Nintendo fans, Pokemon GO will be present for the Apple Watch. Through this application, it will display the distance that needs to be traveled to hatch an egg.

Niantic also stressed that the use of Apple Watch will make you no longer need to look at a smartphone to find out Pokestop more easily.

For those of you who have an Apple Watch, the latest OS from Apple will find you on September 13.

Apple Watch Series 2

Faster processor, GPS and waterproof functions are among the latest on the Apple Watch Series 2. Like its operating system, the Apple Watch Series 2 also focuses on athletes where the latest smartwatch from Apple is perfect for swimmers.

Several applications are provided to help swimmers and runners to find out about some info.

If you feel the Apple Watch Series 2 is not ‘sporty’ enough for you, Apple has also introduced the Apple Watch Nike+. The combination of bright and sporty colors will show the user’s image as an athlete.

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